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Friday, March 17, 2017

Small-penis humiliation!

I resemble this girl down below and
well, she is a lot prettier though!
I have read various blogs and websites that talk about sissies being humiliated for their tiny penises -- our "sissy clitties" as we even call then ourselves!

And why do I read those blogs and sites? Well, that is me they are talking about, of course! Is that you too?

Now, my wife, when talking among friends, or even at social gatherings where she just met another woman, will talk about how tiny my clitty is. But that does not make me sad. It is a fact of my life.  Sometimes she does it to humiliate me, but as you know that can be exciting if you are submissive like we are.

But on the other hand, my wife will also talk about how I have such a talented tongue -- even if I do say so myself! She brags about how wonderful I am to her and how I put her orgasms first and foremost. She talks about how I do all the housework and cook for her.

And you know what: She actually sometimes has these other women feeling really envious. Because their husbands may worry about getting off and rolling over and going to sleep. While sissy wives like us worry about our female partners getting off -- several times -- until THEY wish to drift off to sleep.

So, anyway, my wife has no concern about my sissy clitty. She thinks it is cute, but she ignores it. It is my tongue that she loves! What about you?

Monday, July 11, 2016

Growing up in a female world!

Giving credit to the sissy wife's mother!
There are several explanations on how I ended up being a sissy wife, but I think it had to start way back when I was a young sissy.

This may be the same thing that happened to you. I was in a female dominated household. Not that my mother dominated my dad; she definitely did not. It's just that my dad was not around much. He worked shifts and he'd rather spend time in bars than at home, if you know what I mean.

So my mother was the one who influenced me starting when I was in grade school. When my dad was home, he saw that I was a sissy who had no interest in sports or hunting or cars or other manly things. So he had very little to do with me.

Now my mother! I hung around her a lot and she's the one who taught me about cooking and baking and sewing and how to do the cleaning and the laundry and ironing. I loved doing these things alongside my mother when I was a young sissy! Like the sissy wife in the drawing at right I still love doing all those things for my wife.

Add to this the fact that I had two older sisters. So I did things with them and of course I wanted to be like them and dress like them -- as you probably well know if you are reading this. I lived in a neighborhood where I had aunts right down the street or around the corner. I spent time with them and helping them do womanly things. Just by coincidence, their children were also girls so I spent time with my female cousins doing things with them as well.

So as you can see I grew up in a female world. But I fit right in and I loved it! My things were preparing food and doing housework as opposed to playing football and doing boy things! More on that to come.

We were born to be submissive!

I know I was born to serve like this girl!
You just do it because you were born a submissive sissy!
sissy terri, commented on my mentioning how I need structure in my life, so I have more to say about that!

I have always been submissive in all ways, always a follower but never a leader. Always waited to be told what to do. But that is the way I was and still am.

I was the sissy in high school along with the other sissies who emptied the trash from the trays of the alpha boys just because they told you to do it!

I was the sissy who, because they were not good at any sport, would be the equipment manager whose duties included collecting and laundering the boys' jock straps.

I was the sissy who, once it got around that you gave blowjobs, were expected to do it anytime the alpha boys demanded it.

I was the sissy college intern at the office who was told to go for coffee or pick up the carryout order for the real men, something I still do to this day.

And now I am the sissy wife for a woman who is much more superior than me. I fit right in following and submitting to her.

But that is the way it has always been! I was born to be submissive and to serve and to be nurturing of men and women superior to me. I have to say there have been times when I felt like such a loser, but generally I have accepted the way am and have been happy with it! Never really had a choice about who I am!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Scolded for my breast size!

I am so fortunate that my superior wife accepts me as a sissy wife! I know from reading others' stories on the internet that that is not commonly the case.

But I get in trouble sometimes:

Maybe for not doing my chores or not doing them properly enough to suit my superior wife.

Maybe for complaining -- which she really hates!

Maybe for not putting 150 percent into eating her beautiful pussy because I might be tired or something. But that is absolutely not the case!

But the latest thing that got me in trouble is sort of funny:

My superior wife is very athletic. She has muscles where I don't. She also does not have big breasts. Enough to suit the French, but not that big.

One night after I pleasured her glorious pussy several times and I was denied of course, we were cuddling with our breasts together and she says, "Your breasts are bigger than mine!"

She goes on: "What the fuck! That's not fair!"

I thought uh oh. But I know that she loves me the way I am and I am so good to her! We sucked and licked each other's nipples and breasts and the moment passed. 

She does love my breasts and my smooth girlie body, but I can see where she was coming from. She has repeated that feeling but I know that she is just messing with me.

Oh, I forgot. My superior wife is a 34B and I am a 38B, for the record.

Is there anyone else out there who is a sissy wife who has breasts issues with their superior wife!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Drinking a superior woman's pee !

I am not going to brag that I am some sort of toilet slave, because that is not the case at all. But, having said that, I have drank my superior wife's pee probably a couple dozen times over the years! 

As a submissive sissy, I would do it more and whenever told to, but my superior wife is not especially into peeing in my mouth!

Still, she has done it and liked it! Probably a dozen times I was giving her such intense oral orgasms that she just totally lost it and began peeing and I of course clamped my mouth down on her beautiful pussy and drank it all in! She felt embarrassed the first time she let loose and I told her I was perfectly fine with it! So she was not so embarrassed the next times she did it that was for sure!

Then there was the first time that she actually did use me as a toilet. I was about to start worshiping her beautiful pussy as I always do and she said to wait a minute because she had to pee really bad. I said to her to let me take care of her need. So she moved up and sat on my mouth and peed in my mouth until she was done! I continued sucking and licking her pussy until she had a wonderful orgasm! And she found that to be so hot! So we have done that probably many times as well!

An especially great time is when my superior wife has to pee in the morning and she will say she is so tired and doesn't want to get out of bed and so I will take care of her need to go!

In addition to that, I will lick my superior wife's pussy clean the times after she has crawled out of bed and gone to the bathroom then crawled back into bed. I told her how much I need to taste her and she has grown to love it!

But I love to submit to my superior wife is all ways! And drinking her pee is just one of those things that make us both happy!

So, have you drank the pee of a superior woman or even a man if that is who you are with?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Superior wife wants more body worship!

So, yesterday, my superior wife tells me that I need to lick her naked more! 

I said, "What! I lick you every day and many times more than once!"

She said yes, that is great, but she wants it more! Actually she said she wants me to lick her whole body more and not just her pussy and breasts and asshole, and more kisses all over and also more massages! She wants me to kiss and lick her legs and back and arms and, well, just all over!

I have done all that before, of course! And as a submissive sissy wife, I am really happy to comply, but it's just the matter of finding the time and fitting in those wonderful times when I worship her body. We both work, so there already is that limitation.

So, my question today is, does any other sissy wife worship their superior wife's body all over with licks and kisses? Not just here and there, but on a regular basis, I mean? How do you find the time to do it, above and beyond the regular worshiping of our superior wives' pussies that we all love more than anything in the world?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

No sissy friends, but close!

A loyal follower of this blog asked me recently if I had any sissy friends to interact with. Unfortunately, I have to say, I do not. I have really not had a regular sissy girlfriend since college.

The reason for that probably is that I don't really have a lot of friends period. I have my family and my superior wife's family and I have my co-workers. I have my superior wife's friends. But because of my work duties and the duties I have worshiping and serving my superior wife, I just don't have a lot of friends to call my own anymore.

However, I am happy to say that I do have an alternative to having sissy friends. I meet regularly with ladies who live in our neighborhood. We meet over coffee and maybe do crafts or gardening. We talk about fashion and our spouses, of course. Sometimes we will go shopping or for lunch. My superior wife encourages my visits with the neighbor gals!

What's funny is that the husbands of these gals have no problem with it! They know the way I am -- I am harmless, of course -- and they know my situation with my superior wife.

But these visits with the neighborhood gals remind me of how as a young sissy I would spend such quality time with my mother and sisters and also my aunts and female cousins. That is how I learned how to cook and bake and sew and do other girlie things.

Also as a young sissy I had a sissy friend I would "play house" with. We would dress up, of course, and give blow jobs to boys who would come around! It would be wonderful to have such a friend today, but sadly that is not the case. 

I have my superior wife to serve and worship and that takes most of my time, so I am happen to get a break and spend some time with the gals in my neighborhood who treat me like one of the girls!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Just a recap for the new followers!

I am still here and like I said my superior wife has been keeping me busy. We have a swimming area behind the house and she desires that I keep the pool nice and patio area so she can go for a nice swim and sit out there and drink her wine!

So, to the couple of new people that posted recently, I really do plan to keep writing about being a sissy wife and thanks for taking an interest in the lifestyle. I always say that I wish I would find more sissies like me read about!

But for the new people who are following this blog I just wanted to briefly recap what I am all about:

* I have always been a sissy and have always wanted to be a girl. Just as far back as I can remember. Started actively dressing like a girl at about age 12. "Played house" with another sissy friend.

* I played around with boys growing up, especially giving blowjobs, but found no place in the gay scene for some reason because those gay guys were looking for masculine partners!

* I had crushes on both boys and girls, but never really had a girlfriend -- or boyfriend for that matter -- until college. But, as during high school, these were actually more like close friends who were girls as opposed to real girlfriends. If you are sissy reading this, then you surely know how hard it is to find a real woman to want you as a partner.

* I have shaved my body since junior high school, much to my embarrassment.

* I grew up with a sister who is (still!) just a year older than me. I got caught borrowing her stuff and she actually started giving me things she no longer wanted like undies and short dresses! She was one of the most popular girls in school.

* Most of my close friends were and still are female and growing up I spent most of my time with my sister, mother, female cousins and aunts because that is just where I fit in.

* I was fortunate to meet my superior wife after she had broken up with a guy who was trying to control her life. She definitely did not want that. She took to me because I was willing to submit to her, let her control her life, let me make her life easier and pleasurable. She loved the fact that a sissy T-girl was willing to do all that for her as opposed to being with a manly man who wanted her to submit to him.

* In the bedroom, it is all about my superior wife's pleasure. It did not just always be that way, but it evolved to that. Because I am so tiny, it was a waste of time for me to try to get her off with the little thing. So from the start I was licking her to orgasms and was quite good at it so she decided that that was what we would do and we would not worry about my little thing anymore.

* So our sex life is me pleasuring my superior wife's glorious pussy with my tongue and I would not have it any other way. Even if I do say so myself, I am very good at getting her off and numerous times too! Every day at least once; sometimes three times!

* Most of the time, my superior wife just ignores my little thing and accepts the pleasure I give her and does not reciprocate. Well pretty much all of the time. But not really always. Being the loving superior wife that she is, she will "once in a blue moon" as they say, suck on my little thing just to torture me. And if she sucks me to an orgasm, she will have me swallow the little bit of cream that comes out.

* And oh ya, the most important thing, about 10 years ago now, she decided that I should take estrogen and in addition to appearing more female as far as my hair and skin and shape, I have B-cup boobies and an even smaller little thing and sack down below that are even more useless because I really can't get it up much anymore. (Which is so awesome, by the way, because I always hated erections.)

* So in bed we are about as close as you can get to being two girls without being born that way.

* Do I present myself as girl in everyday life? No, not really. I wear female clothing that I can get away with wearing in public. So that pretty much means just not dresses and skirts. I will wear female shorts and tops for sure.

Oh, I should stop there! I just wanted to let the followers who have commented very recently know what I am all about in case they have not read too far back. To let them know that this is for real and not a fantasy and though it may be difficult to achieve a sissy wife lifestyle at least I can tell you that I am living it. I can assure you that I have not made anything up unless I have written about a fantasy that I have.

So, please comment on or ask about anything that I have rehashed here today!