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Thursday, April 23, 2015

A picture is worth a thousand words!

I fantasize that this is me
with my superior wife's man!
Here's what I see when I look at this photo:

That is me on the left, ha ha of course! And that is my superior wife's man on the right!

My superior wife, who is away on a business trip, has ordered me to go to her man's house to take care of his needs.

She has me go over and clean his house and I am to prepare a nice dinner for him. And have a drink waiting for him as well for when he comes through the door.

My superior wife and her man mandate that I am on female hormones, of course, and present myself as a woman at all times! And when her man arrives home I am to greet him naked -- just like it is depicted in the photo above!

He has the drink that I prepared for him then, as directed by my superior wife, I begin to give him pleasure! I take his clothes off for him and push him back on the bed and immediately begin to devour his big black cock. The scent of his musky balls is intoxicating. Plus the fact that I want to please my superior wife as well because I know her man is going to give her a full report of my performance!

I eat his dick and balls and the whole time I am thinking how this huge black cock must feel in my superior wife's glorious pussy! I think about all the glorious orgasms this man gives her and how he shoots loads and loads of delicious black cum inside her! Of course, that is cum that I have eaten out of my superior wife's glorious pussy!

So I give pleasure to her man's cock for about 15 minutes, licking and slurping it and taking it deep into my throat! I eat it more hungrily when he starts to tense up and moan and I know he is close to blowing his load in my mouth! And when he does I eagerly eat that load just as much as my superior wife does!

When her man is done shooting gobs of cum into my mouth, I follow him into the shower and I bath him and find a robe for him. I serve him the dinner I have prepared for him and also more drinks as he settles in to watch some TV. 

When he says he is tired, I follow him into his bedroom and massage his strong, black muscular body, that body that my superior wife just cannot get enough of! We roll over and he pins down my weak sissy feminine body and he kisses me and thanks me for taking care of him! During this time, he has gotten extremely hard again, so I get on my knees, grab some lube out of the drawer and guide him into my sissy behind!

My superior wife's man proceeds to pound me hard and deep and I moan with pleasure! But it is his moaning that I adore most! And I get great pleasure from knowing that I am taking care of my wife's man in the way that she expects! He moans loudly as he deposits another load in me, this time in my sissy behind and he collapses with his full weight on top of me, pinning down my weakness.

His cell phone rings and it is my superior wife calling to see how things are going. Her man tells her what a great job I am doing taking care of him! Then my superior wife tells her man that she got tied up with business and will have to stay there a couple of more days. Her man looks at me and winks! My superior wife does not even ask to talk to me!

So my superior wife's man pulls me close to him and we cuddle through the night. I love how he holds my smooth weak feminine body in his strong arms, just how he how he holds my superior wife after he fucks her!

In the morning, I wake him up with a blowjob and prepare a nice breakfast for him and look forward to being naked for him and pleasuring him for several more days!

So, ha ha, that is my imagination running wild just by looking at the above photo! Well, what do you think!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Which wife does the cooking at your house?

I do much of the cooking at our house ...
... and I wish it would be like this!
I do much of the cooking in our house, mostly because I want to give my superior wife as much time to relax as possible. She will sit there with a glass of wine in the living room while I prepare dinner and she will tell me about her busy day and I will tell her what I did around the house.

However, she does enjoy cooking and baking as well because she is still, after all, the more feminine partner. Sometimes we will do this together and engage in girl talk while doing it!

And to show how much she appreciates everything I do for her, she will pack a delicious lunch for me to take to work. I do pretty much every other chore around the house so my superior wife can relax when she is at home -- she works some long hours as an exec. But it is comforting that she makes sure I have a nice lunch to take to work.

I know she especially loves to do it because of all the great orgasms I give her! Depending on what's going on -- whether she is tired or one of us is not feeling well, or maybe we are just busy with things -- I pleasure her with my tongue somewhere between 10 and 20 times a week! With no reciprocation 99 percent of the time, of course!

So, what is your cooking arrangement? Do you do the cooking and baking at your house if you are a sissy wife? Do you share it? Are you forbidden to do it (ha ha)?

Friday, April 10, 2015

I am the asshole licker, of course!

Of course, as a sissy wife I submit to my superior wife in just about every way. I do what I am told around the house and in her bed. I have no control over the remote!

I have given her all the orgasms as I should, well maybe 99 percent! You can just tell when we are out together or with friends who exactly is in charge of our relationship. It's just sort of a glow that surrounds us!

But one of the biggest displays of submission, in my humble opinion, depends on who is the asshole licker! Ha ha, of course, that is me! My superior wife would never ever lick my asshole, but I lick hers all the time!

There is the time after I have pleasured her glorious pussy with several orgasms and a slip down an inch to her puckered hole as lick her as she comes down from her latest orgasm.

But then sometimes she will sit her ass on my face and say "Lick" and I do it without complaint until she has had enough. As her submissive I enjoy giving her all the oral pleasure that she wants.

I might add here that not only I have I licked my superior wife's pussy and breasts and ass and asshole, I have licked her entire body on many occasions! Talk about being tiring on a sissy's tongue!

So do you lick your superior woman's or man's asshole? Do you feel that that is just something a sissy should be doing as another way to please her dominant partner? Let us know!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Reflections on pussy-eating poll

According to a poll on this blog, 88 percent of you who look in here give your dominant wives oral pleasure without any reciprocation on her part! 

That is so cool! I am so glad that there are others out there who do it the way we do, the way it should be done! I have to say I get great pleasure licking my superior wife to her orgasms. Especially when I have given her that third one interspersed with some cuddling or a massage, other things that my superior wife enjoys!

6 percent in the poll said they need to get off as well. I never ever ask for that. I know my place too well! About 4 times a year or so, my superior wife might pleasure my little sissy clitty to an orgasm and I swallow that little bit of cum. In addition, here and there she might give me a few licks to tease me. She really likes that! 

But do I desire her to reciprocate or do I ask for it? No way! I am submissive to her and it is her pleasure that we concentrate on. Not mine. Of course, I do get my pleasure in giving her those crazy orgasms! 

Why do I do it? Of course, I am submissive to her, but I just have always wished for so long that I had a pussy that I love pussies very much. I have been submissive to men and sucked their cocks, but that is more out of lust. Licking a pussy is more out of adoration, if that makes any sense!

The troubling thing is that 6 percent of you who look in here do not eat your superior wife's pussy! How can you be a sissy wife and not do it! Cmon. Do your sissy wifely duty!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

My superior wife owns me!

Last weekend, my superior wife and I were out to dinner with two other couples, seemingly regular couples, when my superior wife blurted out that she "owns me."

Of course they all laughed and joked "What do you mean?" She proceeded to tell them that she owns my money, she owns my possessions, she owns my time and she owns my body! Everyone had a good time with this.

I just sat there quietly shaking my head yes and finally said "yes, that is true" when it got quiet. The two other women there thought that was so cool. I think the two other guys there were getting worried!

But that is pretty much true. I have to go to work but my superior wife owns my time when I am not there. There's no doubt at all that she owns my money and my body. My possessions, well, she might not want all of them, but takes what she wants.

My reward is that she has kept me as a sissy wife who actually gets to live as a sissy wife! Who actually gets to dress as a sissy girl at home. Who actually gets to take hormones and have breasts. Who actually gets to worship her and give her immense pleasure with my tongue.

What sissy would not want to give up ownership for that!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Sissy friends from the past

Two of my sissy friends
growing up are in long-term
gay relationships! 
I have written here about how I found that as a sissy T-girl I did not fit into the gay scene and thus ended up being a submissive sissy wife to a woman.

But over the years, I have been curious to see what happened to my sissy friends that I had growing up. Thanks to Facebook I have been able to investigate and find out some things!

When I was a teen sissy, we used to "play house" and dress up and have boys over to give them blow jobs. My one sissy friend, I found out, is in a longterm relationship with another guy right now and, from looking at his photos, appears to not be transgender.

Another sissy who was just a close friend is also in a gay relationship right now, I have found out. He did not join us when we were dressing up in our mothers' and sister's lingerie and other things. Also is not transgender.

We had a sissy friend who had orange hair in high school. I ran across him on Facebook when he showed up as a friend of a friend. He appears to be single and still looks the same, except no orange hair!

I also know that one fellow sissy who was not really a close friend but who I had classes with was married to a woman. Ran into him at our class reunion two years ago. I remember that my superior wife and I decided that his wife was the dominant partner, for sure!

Some of the guys we sissies gave blow jobs to are still around our area and are married with kids. Chalk it up to raging teen hormones! I guess they wanted blow jobs even if they came from sissies!

Sadly, I found out through Facebook what happened to our town's most notorious sissy. He was not a friend, but lived in the neighborhood. He dressed in girls clothes openly and took a lot of abuse from bullies and even teachers because he acted totally like a limp-wristed lispy sissy. A post on Facebook said that he died of AIDS in the 1990s.

Lost touch with most of my college friends so I will have to think about them a little further. The same with two guys that I gave blow jobs to after college.

So, do you happen to know what happened to your sissy friends growing up?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

You have to evolve into being a sissy wife!

I love this cartoon! It has been all over the Internet, but I'm afraid I don't know who to credit.

Anyway, this is the way to live, isn't it! Those of you who live in a situation similar to this know what I am talking about!

But -- and this is a big BUT -- some sissies think they can tell their wife they want to do this and it will happen right away. It most cases, it does not happen that way! My life as a sissy wife has evolved over 25 years time!

Upon meeting me, my wife-to-be did like the way I was from the start because as a sissy I was gentle and meek and caring and submissive and she had just come out of a relationship where the guy was abusive. She said she swore that that would never happen to her again. Well, there was absolutely no danger in that happening with me!

What she especially liked was how I pleasured her pussy with no expectation of reciprocation, such as a blowjob. That's how I treated any girls that wanted to be around me in college. Believe me! Gals love that!

I did tell her how I liked to dress up in girls clothes and always had and she just said she was not surprised. That was a hurdle we did not have to get past, as some couples must.

So, after we got married things just fell into place -- over time. She ran the house while I performed the household duties. She ran what took place in the bedroom, while I performed the submissive duties. It always always always consisted me of pleasuring her pussy with my tongue and if she desired to be penetrated she would always be on top.

Let me stop here and say that I am so small that she required several oral orgasms before riding me because I could not bring her to orgasm that way. More on that later.

I'll talk about some of these things in detail as we go along, but my point right now is that you just don't tell your wife you want to be her submissive sissy. You have to be fortunate enough that SHE wants it that way and just let things evolve the way SHE wants it. I am so fortunate that it has worked out that way for me.

So how did it start or work out or evolve for you?