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Thursday, March 20, 2014

You have to evolve into being a sissy wife!

I love this cartoon! It has been all over the Internet, but I'm afraid I don't know who to credit.

Anyway, this is the way to live, isn't it! Those of you who live in a situation similar to this know what I am talking about!

But -- and this is a big BUT -- some sissies think they can tell their wife they want to do this and it will happen right away. It most cases, it does not happen that way! My life as a sissy wife has evolved over 25 years time!

Upon meeting me, my wife-to-be did like the way I was from the start because as a sissy I was gentle and meek and caring and submissive and she had just come out of a relationship where the guy was abusive. She said she swore that that would never happen to her again. Well, there was absolutely no danger in that happening with me!

What she especially liked was how I pleasured her pussy with no expectation of reciprocation, such as a blowjob. That's how I treated any girls that wanted to be around me in college. Believe me! Gals love that!

I did tell her how I liked to dress up in girls clothes and always had and she just said she was not surprised. That was a hurdle we did not have to get past, as some couples must.

So, after we got married things just fell into place -- over time. She ran the house while I performed the household duties. She ran what took place in the bedroom, while I performed the submissive duties. It always always always consisted me of pleasuring her pussy with my tongue and if she desired to be penetrated she would always be on top.

Let me stop here and say that I am so small that she required several oral orgasms before riding me because I could not bring her to orgasm that way. More on that later.

I'll talk about some of these things in detail as we go along, but my point right now is that you just don't tell your wife you want to be her submissive sissy. You have to be fortunate enough that SHE wants it that way and just let things evolve the way SHE wants it. I am so fortunate that it has worked out that way for me.

So how did it start or work out or evolve for you?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Small-penis humiliation!

I resemble this girl down below and
well, she is a lot prettier though!
I have read various blogs and websites that talk about sissies being humiliated for their tiny penises -- our "sissy clitties" as we even call then ourselves!

And why do I read those blogs and sites? Well, that is me they are talking about, of course! Is that you too?

Now, my wife, when talking among friends, or even at social gatherings where she just met another woman, will talk about how tiny my clitty is. But that does not make me sad. It is a fact of my life.  Sometimes she does it to humiliate me, but as you know that can be exciting if you are submissive like we are.

But on the other hand, my wife will also talk about how I have such a talented tongue -- even if I do say so myself! She brags about how wonderful I am to her and how I put her orgasms first and foremost. She talks about how I do all the housework and cook for her.

And you know what: She actually sometimes has these other women feeling really envious. Because their husbands may worry about getting off and rolling over and going to sleep. While sissy wives like us worry about our female partners getting off -- several times -- until THEY wish to drift off to sleep.

So, anyway, my wife has no concern about my sissy clitty. She thinks it is cute, but she ignores it. It is my tongue that she loves! What about you?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Knowing my proper way around the kitchen!

This is normally how I am in the kitchen! 
This is often how I am preparing dinner for my superior wife! 

She does tease me, however, about getting burned by grease spatters on my little sissy clitty, but then she will laugh and say what difference would it make anyway if that happened! 

Well, she is right! It isn't like my clitty is of any use except for tinkling!

Nevertheless, she will permit me to use a girlie apron so that does not happen, but I normally end up serving her and cleaning up nakie. 

I will serve her wine after our dinners and cuddle up nakie to her as she decides what she will watch on TV -- Oh I never have control of the remote!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Little sissy clitty does not even stir!

That's would be like me on the left,
doing what I do best for my
superior wife! Over and over!

Before things went sour with my superior wife's father, we had a taken a weekend road trip. It was probably one of the last happy times we had before the more than three-month hospital ordeal began for her father and for all of us as well.

So, we had a hotel room. I brought some wine and we had that. We cuddled nakie and and I gave my superior wife a nice back rub that she loves so much.

Then I got to work giving her even more great pleasure! I licked her to three glorious orgasms. I had her going wild! Between them, we cuddled and I sucked on her breasts, then got back to work.

After the third one, she was exhausted -- as was my tongue! She rolled over and I massaged her some more and as she drifted off to sleep I licked her asshole.

If you are also a sissy wife, you might be saying, "So what! That is just what a sissy wife does for her superior wife! My dominant wife and I do it that way all the time!"

But a couple of things were special. My superior wife did not touch my little sissy clitty at all. Did not pay any attention to it. Treated it as though it was not there. Which is the way I prefer! That's coming from a sissy girl who has always wished it was not even there.

The second thing was -- and it was the first time that it ever happened -- my little sissy clitty did not even give a single little hint of getting erect. Actually, I should say it did not even stir, because only men get erect. So I shall say that it did not even stir! That is what female hormones will do to a sissy girl!

My superior wife ignores my little sissy clitty 99 percent of the time anyway, but now that she really doesn't even have to ignore it is a really great feeling. We can concentrate on glorious orgasms one after another for her, which is what we both want!

In case you are wondering, I am extremely happy being this way! That night in the hotel room, after I ate my superior wife's pussy and licked out her asshole and sucked on her breasts and massaged her body, I was so content to cuddle with her as she slept, just knowing the pleasuring I had given her!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The ideal married couple!

Being like this is why
all couples would
be happy!
I found this photo on Tumblr and it jumped out at me: This is the way all marriages should be! The world would be a much nicer place!

Get rid of testosterone! Femininity and estrogen should rule! Maybe if all males were  feminized then there would be peace in the world!

I would rather the world would be a sissy, faggy place than the crazy, militaristic, deadly place it is today!

On a much more minor scale, our household is tranquil because my superior wife is in control and I am feminized and I submit to her. Our household is a gentle, loving place because I never ever raise my voice to my superior wife! I trust in her decisions and I am meek and I do what I am told.

I have relatives -- regular couples -- who are divorced because they were already at odds with one another. I have many more friends who are like that too. People that I know where the male is a feminized sissy wife, well, they have great marriages. That's because the sissy wife is putting out 400 percent effort to make the marriage work, putting the superior wife's needs and comfort and, especially, her sexual pleasure first and foremost!

So wouldn't it be great if all couples could be like the one in the photo!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Are you a man's sissy wife?

I wanted to be in a relationship
 like this couple!  Are you a sissy
 wife to a man?
I have been in love with guys and girls. I have submitted to and pleasured guys and girls. For a while, I wanted to be a man's sissy wife.

As I have written, I did not find my place in the gay world. I got the feeling that most gay guys want to be with a real man just like most sissies and t-girls want to be with a real man. So the pickings for sissies and t-girls are slim.

So, I ended up with a dominant woman, which in some respects is the best of both worlds. I can be submissive and feminine, but much of the time we carry on as a normal couple.

But I was wondering if anyone who looks in here is serving a man as his sissy wife?  I would love to know about your lifestyle. I know I had my ideas about how I would have wanted it and I still fantasize about it!

Also, does anyone know of any blogs about a sissy or t-girl serving as man as his wife?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A sissy wife who is appreciated

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. My superior wife's father is severely ill and has been in the hospital going on three weeks now. I have been very busy driving my wife's mother to the hospital about 30 minutes away and also keeping our house up so my wife can visit as well. I also have my job to go to so I have not been playing on the computer much lately.

But one thing I have to mention: My superior wife thanked me for being the way I am and how I have stepped up to help her and her mother. In addition to driving my mother-in-law around, I have been cooking meals and cleaning and doing all my regular sissy wife duties. My superior wife really appreciates it and that makes me happy.

I have not been between my superior wife's legs because she has just been tired and sad and not in the mood, but she asks me to hold her and rub her shoulders and she appreciates that too.

I will be posting on topic because life goes on, but I wanted to explain to my couple of loyal followers where I have been.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My wife and I would both enjoy him!

I wish that were me on the
left and my superior wife
on the right after we met
this beautiful man at
 the beach and were
about to enjoy him!