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Monday, December 31, 2012

Imagining a wonderful life!

I saw this photo on Tumblr and I know it looks like a real man having a glass of milk in his kitchen.

But my imagination tells me that this is a real man having a glass of milk in my kitchen! He has just pulled his 10-inch cock out of my superior wife's pussy and he got such a workout screwing her that he was so thirsty!

My superior wife, meanwhile, is still lying naked on the bed, panting heavily and still coming down from the greatest orgasm she has ever had. So much better that what this sissy wife can do with her tongue.

This man, after he is done enjoying this glass of milk, is going back to my superior wife's bed! She is going to hold him and cuddle him and kiss him deeply! She is going to start licking his body all over and suck his cock to attention again! She begs him for Round 2 and all the while she is telling him that she cannot live without him.

Where is this sissy wife in her imagination? Lying naked in her sissy bedroom. Sobbing because of what is going on in her superior wife's bedroom. But also sobbing tears of joy because her superior wife is getting so much pleasure from such a real man.

And waiting to be called by the happy couple to lick the superior wife's pussy clean and lick and suck the superior man's cock clean. And happy to have such a wonderful life!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Taking care of the superior wife's dainty things!

A sissy wife knows all about garter belts!
About once a week I hand wash the superior wife's dainty things. Her lacy bras and panties and her garter belts and stockings. Maybe her sweaters and slacks and dresses and skirts that cannot go in the washer, but really do not need to be sent out to be dry cleaned.

So what, you might say. That's not something only a sissy wife would do. Maybe a regular husband might take on that chore too. Maybe he is just a helpful guy. Maybe!

But the difference is that a sissy wife -- and this is true with me and I am sure you too -- will be hand washing her dainty things along with the superior wife's dainty things! The other day I was washing my lacy bras and panties and my lacy garter belts and stockings while I was taking care of the superior wife's things! A regular husband won't be doing that!

I have to make sure
the superior wife does
not leave home like this!
I had dainty things hanging all over the laundry room. My dainty things mixed in with the superior wife's. Then I folded her things really nicely and put them back in the proper drawers for her. She really appreciates me taking care of her undies! But I just love to do it so much!

And if I notice a run in her stockings or pantyhose, I will head to the store as soon as I can to buy her a replacement pair. I would get scolded -- or worse! -- if my superior wife was getting dressed for the office and she put on hose with a run in them! Woe to me if she actually did not notice the run and left the house that way! So I check her hose for runs at some point during my handling of them! I do, however, know how to repair a very small run so it does not spread! I will do that to my own hose, but for the superior wife I will buy her new hose!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A great sissy maid outfit!

Now this is what I call a great maid outfit!
A sissy wife would look great doing her
chores for her superior wife or for her man
in such an ensemble! Notice how it covers
the sissy clitty! No one really wants to see
the tiny useless thing anyway!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

What if your superior wife wanted this!

If your superior wife said she wanted this, how in the world
could you ever protest! I mean, look at it! Have you ever
seen anything more beautiful! And think of what
pleasure it would give her! And the pleasure it would
give you just knowing that!

Getting that angry look from the superior wife!

I know this look!
As a sissy wife you have probably seen this look of impatience from your superior wife! I know I sure have!

This is the look I get when the superior wife is waiting to be licked to her sweet orgasms and for some silly reason or another I am making her wait! I may be even doing something for her like getting a drink ready for her for after her ecstasy! My superior wife sometimes likes a glass of wine after I lick her so I get it ready for her and place it on the nightstand.

But there really is no excuse for not being there right away to lick her! So she will find me and say something like "What the fuck is taking you so long! My pussy is aching! Get the fuck moving." By the way, my superior wife never swears except when I have pissed her off! So I know exactly when I do so! Making her wait when she demands something is certainly a time when I piss her off!

But the nice thing is that I certainly make up for making her wait and getting her all perturbed! I will lick her to two or three orgasms and give her a nice massage and of course she may have that wine that caused all the trouble in the first place. In the end, she has her orgasms and is satisfied. And that is what it is all about, is it not!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Don't knock my sissy wife wallet!

I stopped at a convenience store today to buy some bread and milk. I had my wallet -- looking very much like the one at right -- in my hand and I went to the checkout.

The lady says something like "Oh your wife gave you her wallet today." Well I was taken aback! First of all, it's none of the clerk's business. Then I was thinking, of all the things she could have said to me -- about the weather, the price of milk, etc. -- she had to make a comment about my red wallet!

I have to say that that was the first time anyone has ever said anything about my red wallet. Most people at stores do not want to offend a customer, any customer.    Even a sissy or gay customer.

But I just responded with something like "yea my wife gave me her wallet today," pretty much repeating want the clerk said.

But being a sissy wife, I need a wallet like the one above and not a male wallet like the one at left. In addition to credit cards, I have to have my gift cards  -- often for Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret! -- and since I do the shopping for the superior wife, I have to have all my store savings/bonus cards. I am always carrying coupons because I am such a thrifty sissy wife!

Does any other sissy wife who looks in her use a feminine wallet like my red one as they should? Or do they still use a drab black male wallet?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Look over the whole blog please!

Yes, if you are new here please read all the previous posts! I do not write chronologically like some bloggers. This is really not a daily diary like some bloggers intend theirs to be. I post things that have just come up or some memory that popped into my head or some dream or fantasy I have have had recently. Really know rhyme or reason to it.

So, look back over the previous posts and make a comment. I would bet if you are a member here then you have had the same feelings and experiences that I have had. So here is a chance to tell others about them! And I am sure all the members will enjoy reading your comments just as much as I would love to hear from you.

Monday, November 26, 2012

What kind of maid would you be?

Now this is something I would wear for my superior wife while doing the housework or cooking for her!

The website where it is available is listed on the photo. Lots of nice maid and sissy items there, so check it out!

My taste in a maid uniform is short! And this certainly is! My wife would have access to my behind if she wanted to give me a little smack as she sometimes does when I am in the kitchen!

Looks like this girl is wearing 4 or 5 inch heels, which would make you walk very gingerly as you were going around performing your domestic duties!

What are your tastes in a maid uniform to wear when you are going about your duties to make the superior wife's life so much easier?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Superior wife wants more ass worship!

Out of the blue the other day, the superior wife was scolding me for NOT paying enough attention to her! Believe me, I think I pay a lot of attention to her! I am always giving her massages, caressing her, soothing her with body lotion, kissing and licking her all over, and of course constantly worshiping her pussy and also her asshole.

I always always always lick her ass crack and her asshole after licking her to several orgasms. I really do. I do this until she drifts off to sleep. I give up any attention to my sissy clitty to lick her ass!

So I asked her what else I could do for her? Well, it was the ass thing. She said I needed to pay more attention to her ass. I said MORE? She said I need to caress her ass more during the day, kiss it more, lick it more -- meaning at times when we were NOT in bed!

To show what she meant, she had me lie on the living room floor. I was already wearing just panties. She stripped and she sat on my face like in the photo above. Well, she had sat on my face plenty of times in the bedroom, but never like this. And the other times, it was after I pleasured her pussy several times.

She sat on my face, positioning her asshole over my mouth and told me to lick. I licked and tongued her asshole for about 15 minutes. She did not even cum. But when she had enough she told me how pleasurable it was.

She said she expected more of that! I just laughed and said of course you can have more of that -- what is the big deal? Her ass is just as nice as the gal's in the photo (and boy am I ever glad for that!) I do not know what brought on that episode. But as a sissy wife, I just sighed and we went about the rest of the evening.

Does your superior wife demand such off-the-wall things of you too?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Very similar to a lesbian wedding!

This photo is from a lesbian wedding, but I would
imagine the scene would be similar in a sissy wife
wedding! A pretty woman and a pretty sissy girl! Both
in white gowns -- unless the sissy is in just
lingerie, which would be quite appropriate too!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wish my wedding album was like this!

A sissy's wedding would end with pictures taken of course! Something
like this would be perfect. I love the Just Married panties! And the Superior
Wife would have something to show her friends of how pretty and dainty and feminine and sexy the sissy wife was on the sissy wedding day!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A sissy 2nd wedding would be wonderful!

This is an example of
what I would wear to
renew my vows to
my superior wife!
I have read on some websites and blogs about how a superior wife and a sissy wife may renew their vows. Only this time they do it quite differently. They do it in the roles into which they have evolved.

And of course it is not a church or public ceremony. It is just for invited guests who know about the sissy wife lifestyle and probably also participate in that lifestyle.

But maybe some of the guests did not know this side of you! How revealing it would be to them! Maybe some of the guests would be your relatives or your wife's relatives. Maybe your wife's co-workers.

I was just wondering: what if my superior wife desired to have such a ceremony to affirm her dominance over me, to affirm my submission to her, to affirm how I am such a little worthless sissy whose only duty is to serve her!

If my superior wife came to me and told me that she wanted to do such a thing, I would be so delighted! Nervous! But delighted! What a great way to show my devotion to her! Not a big deal. Not like she demanded I have my sissy clitty removed or something like that! (Although, wait! I seriously would consider letting her do that too, but that is a subject for another post!)

A wedding day with other sissies
would be wonderful! All dressed in
wonderful wedding lingerie! And of
course it would be the superior
wives throwing the garter!
But back to the sissy wedding! What a great time that would be! Would be even great if it were a multiple wedding! A really sissy-fest!

Would you love to have a sissy wedding to renew your vows to your superior wife? Or maybe you already have? I'll have to google it, but I bet there are sissy wedding vows out there somewhere. I will try to find some!

Monday, November 12, 2012

This is how I look in the kitchen!

If you snuck up on me at our house, this
is a lot like what you most likely would see!
Dressed a lot like this, including the frilly

 apron to protect my lacy lingerie. Preparing
something good to eat for the
wife who dominates!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sissies make excellent bakers!

I love this photo of a sissy T-girl doing some baking! Looks like some yummy cupcakes!

She is obviously preparing a nice dinner for her man or her dominant woman!

You know, just the other day I baked peanut butter cookies. The superior wife at our house praised me for making them all exactly the same size! And of course I made the criss-crossed fork marks that you see on peanut butter cookies!

But I like to bake and that goes back to when as a young sissy girl I helped out when my mother and aunts baked!

And don't you just adore this girl's outfit for her domestic duties around the house!

Anyone else like to bake to please your man or your dominant wife?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Something happened with the polls!

They have all been reset! I did not do it! Oh well, I guess there is nothing to be done about it. Blog viewers will just have to revisit the polls and vote again!

Friday, October 26, 2012

What I wish for my dom wife!

This is something I wish for for my wife! Well, as a sissy, I am being selfish because I crave the humiliation of being a cuckold and I also wish so much that I could be in that gal's position too!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

A full day of being a sissy wife!

This was me today cleaning my dominant wife's bathroom and kitchen!

I wasn't in handcuffs like the girl in the bottom photo, but that is nice touch and I will have to bring that up with the superior one!

But I was naked and on my hands and knees cleaning her toilet and all around it with a sponge. You have to use a sponge or a rag because a mop just does not get the job done.

Cleaning naked is a good idea because you don't risk getting your nice things dirty. I jumped in the shower when I was done so I would be nice and feminine and sweet-smelling for my superior wife when she got home from the office.

I dressed in a short white dress and panties and heels, though I did change out of the heels for awhile because I was going up and down the stairs so much. I continued doing some other housework like vacuuming and getting rid of clutter, then it came time for me start preparing my wife's dinner.

I also found time to make some peanut butter cookies! And I got some wine ready so she could have a glass when she got home and while I was putting dinner on the table.

After dinner I put on some coffee and we watched a little TV -- she wanted to watch the baseball game! -- and then she said she was tired. So I licked her to just one orgasm and licked and kissed her body, especially her ass, as she fell asleep.

I went out and made sure things around the kitchen were all cleaned up before I could sit down again and watch a little more TV. I actually had a day off work from my job, but as you know doing your household duties is work too! But I enjoy it because it make life easier for my superior wife who allows me to serve her as a sissy.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Our different taste in panties!

The superior wife's panties:
mostly black
I was folding the laundry Sunday afternoon and as I was going along I was folding our panties and it was like this:

black = wife's
black = wife's
pink = mine
light blue = mine
black = wife's
black = wife's
pink = mine
light green = mine
black = wife's

I had to laugh when it occurred to me that there was a pattern there! In the basket was a pile of half a dozen black panties. All belonging to the wife who rules. My pile of panties were all pastel colors like I noted: pink, blue, green!

The sissy wife's panties:
mostly pink and
other pastels
It also occurred to me that that color trend also was true with our bras. The wife who is superior wears mostly black bras, while I like pink bras mostly.

But I guess that makes sense for the dominant wife to wear black panties and bras and the submissive sissy wife to wear pink and other pastels for their bras and panties.

I just thought it was funny as I was folding our undies that her growing pile continued to be black, all black. And mine was all pastels!

How does that work with your superior wife if you are a sissy?

Monday, September 24, 2012

A pathetic sissy watches

This is pretty much like
what I saw through
the window.
As I have written on this blog and my other blog, I had a very mixed up period of being a sissy teen and young adult. I had crushes on boys and gave oral pleasure to boys. I wanted to be a girl. But because of social pressures of a teen boy being with another teen boy, I thought that I should maybe strive to be with a girl.

But that was easier said that done if you are a sissy. Girls wanted to be my good friend and that was about it. They would go out with me to do stuff as a friend but it was not a "date." In college, there were girls that I gave oral pleasure to, but they were not girlfriends. Just special friends. I bet you know what I am talking about.

I would have feelings for these girls, even though I knew it would probably not go anywhere than me giving them oral pleasure. Then, during college, this one particular girl -- a pretty blonde -- came along. We were really close, closer than just friends, or so I thought. Spent a lot of time together, talked all the time. I thought maybe we were a couple. Would have been a first for me, because as I said, girls wanted to be only good friends with a sissy like me.

So things were going along -- and as I said I thought we were a couple and she had even said that -- when one evening I went to drop in on her at her place unexpectedly. I happened to notice the car belonging to a male friend of mine from high school parked outside. I thought WTF! I went up on the porch and before I knocked on the front door I looked in the picture window.

There she was, naked on the couch sucking, licking, devouring his cock! I was so hurt, as you can imagine. I kept watching from the shadows until he started cumming and she swallowed it! I stayed there as they cuddled and kissed and caressed after the BJ. My head was spinning by then, so I got out of there.

I was very very sad for a while because I knew that was just the way it was going to be. I should have known better to think that the girl and I were actually going to be a normal couple.

The other thing was that I had seen this guy's dick in our high school locker room and I have to say it was magnificent, a lot like the cock pictured above. So much more magnificent than my little thingy. I would have enjoyed pleasuring it over and over myself! Deep down, I could not blame her. And it would become hers to pleasure over and over and take deep inside her. They actually ended up dating and getting married.

I did not say anything to her nor to him about me seeing anything. We just grew apart and it was mostly because of her new-found love. She had no time for me anymore. I graduated from college and moved to another state for a job and found myself wanting to be with guys again until that also soured -- I told you I was always mixed up!

And here's the real kicker: After a good while, I actually found that episode to be exciting to me. As someone who also loved cock, I actually thought it was arousing as I replayed that night in my mind, seeing a girl I believed was my girlfriend pleasuring this beautiful cock while I stood on the porch as a pathetic sissy watching.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A sissy shares her nail polish!

My mistress likes my taste in nail polish!
The other day the wife who is in charge came to me looking for some nail polish. She wanted both a clear polish and a color.

I have a little wicker basket in which I keep my nail polish and my manicure set. I must have over a dozen bottles of nail polish of various colors.

So of course I got my basket for her so she could pick out what she wanted.

Later on, I was thinking: How many women out there can go to their male partners  for nail polish? Not a great deal, I would imagine!

But it gets even better. The wife who is in charge at our house has also borrowed from me at various times lipstick and lip gloss as well camisoles and bras. Who said a sissy wife wouldn't come in handy for something other giving oral pleasure!

So I was wondering, if you are a sissy wife, do you also share things with your mistress? And what might those items be?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Starting the day off right!

This is what I have for breakfast!
So on days when getting up for work does not get in the way I will crawl out of bed before the superior wife does to go into the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee for me and a kettle of tea for her.

When I go back into the superior wife's bedroom what I normally see is like what is shown in the photo above. She has tossed and turned and somehow thrown off the covers. But she's still asleep. I stop and marvel at her glorious ass.

Now, I am both sad and happy. Sad because I envy her so much! I wish that it was me naked and totally feminine in the bed in front of me. If you are a sissy reading this -- and most likely you are -- then you know what I am talking about.

On the other hand I am quite content that she has allowed me to love and serve her. I am not making it up when I say that my superior wife is even built like the gal in the photo above. She really is. And because she is so sexy, that makes me even more envious and sad and even more happy that she allows me into bed and into her life. It's really a roller coaster of emotions!

But when I return to her bedroom and after I marvel at what is in front of me, I can't help wanting to worship her ass. I caress it and kiss it all over and lick it, even up and down her crack. She loves to be awakened in this manner. Inevitably, after a few minutes she will roll over and I will worship her pussy until she has a powerful orgasm to start her day off right.

We will cuddle for a little bit while she thanks me for such a great start to the day, but the smell of coffee and the whistling of the tea kettle makes me crawl out of bed again and head back to the kitchen. While she showers, I will make her a nice breakfast -- she likes toast or bagel and fruit -- and be a good sissy wife for her.

Monday, September 10, 2012

As the dominant one drifts off to sleep ....

This is another depiction of what the dominant one at our house looks like after I have licked her pussy to a couple of glorious orgasms and then she has rolled over for me to worship her delicious asshole!

She loves for me to lick her crack until she drifts off to sleep like the gal in this photo. She loves for me to keep kissing and licking and caressing and massaging her all over as well. She says I am to do this until I am sure that she is asleep and she is no longer feeling and enjoying my attention.

I lick her all over all the time. I have kissed her all over as well. That's a lot of work to lick your owner's entire body! Well, mostly like what you see in this photo, anyway. All the back parts! I have also covered her with sweet-smelling body lotions as well, and that is fun too.

I am awfully lucky in that my dominant wife's body is similar to that of the gal in the photo. She works out to stay in shape, but she has a nice bum like the one above and not a skinny one! A nice bummy for me to enjoy!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An act of submission and devotion!

As the sissy wife, after I lick the boss wife's beautiful and delicious pussy to two or three glorious orgasms I am presented with what is pictured at right!

I am not allowed to penetrate her, of course, and there really isn't any reciprocation as far as her returning oral sex. The reason I am not allowed to penetrate her is because what a waste of time it is when a sissy clitty is involved. So we just skip it. The boss wife rarely rarely performs oral sex on the little thing, and when she does the sissy has to dispose of the little mess by swallowing it, of course! The boss wife and I have agreed that we will concentrate ONLY on her pleasure!

So I am presented with what is shown at right. It is my reward for being such a great pussy licker! My duty is to lick up and down her crack and to lick out and fuck her asshole with my tongue until I am directed to stop. My boss wife says it is pleasurable, but it does not make her cum. Still, she loves it because it shows the dominance she has over me. I mean, how many people out there lick other people's assholes? It is really an act of submission and devotion! It is just part of that devotion: I do her laundry, do her grocery shopping, clean her house, eat her pussy and give her great orgasms ... and I lick her asshole!

What sissy wife would not do that for the wife who is boss!

Monday, August 13, 2012

A sissy has to sort the panties!

I put my little sissy clitty in
panties like Ashley is wearing here!
As I was doing laundry today and folding panties, something occurred to me:

How many males have to look at the tag on the underwear in the laundry basket to check the size in order to separate their underwear from those of the woman in the house! I bet not that many!

But that is what we sissy T-girls who are the real wives in the relationship have to do, don't we? There are only panties in our laundry as far as underwear goes. My mistress and I have some panties that are matching. So I have to carefully look at the tags sometimes to make sure that my panties don't end up in her lingerie drawer and her panties don't end up in mine! She wears size 6 panties and I wear size 7. So there is not that much difference.

Now, some panties are obviously hers. Being a business executive she wears a sharp woman's suit to work and underneath she will wear very nice quality panties and bras and stockings like the gal in the picture below. She rarely will wear thong undies or string bikinis, which is what I am more likely to wear like Ashley George in the photo above. But as far as middle of the road panties such as bikini panties, we both wear them and we have many panties that are the same and it is my job to make sure they end up in the correct lingerie drawer after I launder them!

My mistress wears lingerie
like this under her business suits.
But back to the original point, it is a special feeling to be sitting there sorting out the panties between those of your mistress and your own, isn't it? I would bet most regular men don't even go near the laundry, let alone fold their wife's panties for her even if they do not have their own sissy panties.

My mistress had told people how nice it is that I do all the laundry and of course they know that I have to fold her panties and hand wash her bras and stockings. Some women have even responded that they wish their men -- who are not sissies -- would do that for them and that my wife is so lucky to have me!

Then again, I have been wearing panties since I was 12 years old and they have become just another item of clothing. Though that is not how it was a first and I am sure you know that as well. When I first started wearing my sister's undies, it was a big thrill! But panties over the years became just what I wore, just became my underwear, the underwear that suited me.

But just remember when you are sorting the panties between yours and your mistress's what a sissy faggot you must be to have to do that. Only a sissy faggot would have to take time to find their panties among those of a real woman. It is just another time when we are so far away from being men. But it is the way we are -- not necessarily the way we have chosen -- and we love it either way.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Mistress gives sissy a nice treat!

Guess where I would be in this situation!
One thing my mistress and I have engaged in for quite some time is cum swapping or snowballing.

We both love it! She loves it because she does not like the idea of swallowing cum because it is not something that a dominant person does in her opinion.

She believes that only a submissive woman or a submissive sissy or submissive faggot would swallow cum. And she is certainly none of those!

I, on the other hand, am a submissive sissy who always wanted to be a submissive woman who grew up as a submissive faggot! I definitely have a role as a cum swallower! That has always been my place in life.

My mistress also simply does not like the taste of cum. I have always loved that taste! Ever since my first time as a cock sucking teen sissy, I have craved the taste of cum! I preferred to get it from the boys that I pleasured, but I also loved eating my own!

My wife ordinarily does not suck on my little pathetic sissy clitty. Or sex life normally consists of me licking her to numerous orgasms and then cuddling. But the other night she gave me a sympathy BJ. This happens only several times a year I would bet.

I guess I was so surprised and excited that it really didn't take long for me to spurt a small sissy-like amount of cum into her mouth. Not an amount like a real man would produce. But she came up right away and spit the sissy juice into my mouth during a hot cum kiss. And she laughed at me and said how she loves doing that.

But I love it too. If she is generous enough to give me a sympathy BJ and she does not want to swallow, well somebody has to. A submissive sissy faggot like me!

Does anyone else do this with their mistress as a submissive sissy wife?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sissy's do not make decisions

A sissy wife's job is to lick, not make any decisions.
Leeanne Montgomery, on her blog, Sissy Musings, said this on Saturday:

"I think we love following them (wife's rules for her sissy). I think we love not having to make our own decisions. I love being told what to do, how to do it, and when to do it."

That is so true! And so well said! 

Being a sissy wife is not an easy life. It comes with great sacrifice. When your purpose in life is to serve someone and concentrate on pleasuring her without reciprocation, you are giving up a lot of yourself.

So as Leeanne says, I also know that I love it when the decisions are handed down to me and I know what I am expected to do for my wife and how do it and when to do it so it meets her expectations.

For instance, I take care of my wife's bills and finances for her. But she decides what needs to be bought and then paid for. She decides what I need to pick up at the grocery store. She decides our social calendar. She chooses who we hang out with. She decides along with other wives where we go.

My role is to pretty much do what she says I need to do and to lick her pussy to great pleasurable orgasms for her! By not having to make decisions I can concentrate on her pleasure and keeping her house nice and keeping myself smooth and girlie for her.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Be cheerful when you do the laundry!

I take great pleasure
in folding laundry!
I am sort of surprised that only 71 percent of respondents to the housework poll say that they love to do it.

If you do not love it, then you are not being a very good sissy wife, are you? I mean, you should be submitting to the real woman since you are just a woman wanna-be. She has the pussy that you can only long for and dream about.

You should be worshiping her because you want to be like her, you want to BE her. You should want her life to be pleasurable. She should not have to do chores. You should love the fact that you do them for her. Am I not right!

You should make sure that things are done around her house so that she has time to socialize and do things that give her pleasure. Maybe she might want to go out on a date with a real man. If she elects to bring a real man back to her house, wouldn't you want him to see how nicely kept it is! Wouldn't you want him to compliment you on your nice housework as he carries your naked wife off to her bedroom! Wouldn't you want a stud of man to lay your naked wife down on nice-smelling sheets!

So make sure you have nice-smelling sheets just in case. And be cheerful about it while you do the laundry!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gardening work is never done!

I have been very busy so far this summer as far as my wife having me do a lot of outside landscaping work just like the girl at right.

Oh, I work with my boobs hanging out like this girl but, alas, I don't have nearly what this gorgeous girl has! I wish!

But my wife tells me what to do as far as planting flowers and I also have to do the tough chores such as weeding and mulching and mowing and trimming.

While I am doing this, my wife relaxes by the pool with her book and a glass of wine. My reward for doing all these outside chores for her is to savor her delicious pussy juices after I am permitted a naked swim in the pool to cool off.

But she appreciates the work I do for her and the pleasure I give her!

Panties for you and your wife?

What kind of panties do you wear compared to what your wife wears?

My wife does wear sexy panties. Certainly not granny panties! But they are more of a conservative pair of sexy panties like the ones in the photo at right on top.

I mean, those are sexy. They don't cover up the belly button!

I know exactly what panties my wife is wearing because I am the one who launders them. I am also the one who buys them for her. I have bought really really sexy panties for her over the years and she does like to wear them. But for everyday wear she prefers the conservative sexy panties like the ones pictured.

Now me: I prefer panties like the ones in the bottom photo. I like string bikinis and I like thongs too.

I guess it suits me and it is appropriate for me to wear even skimpier panties than my wife because I am the submissive partner and she is the dominant one.

That also pertains to hose. My wife, like most modern-day women who work in an office, wears pantyhose. I would rather wear a garter belt and stockings. Pantyhose are sexy, but again, they are a conservative sexy. A garter belt and stockings are more suited for a sissy because they are ultra feminine and sexy!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Don't you just love this gal!

I am not this fortunate! My wife will spank my sissy behind. Sometimes use a paddle on me too. A ping pong paddle is something very common that delivers a nice sting!

But wouldn't you love it if your wife was like the gal pictured at right! She's dressed for the part! And she has a delightful instrument to allow her to show who is the boss!

What sissy wife would not present her sissy behind to a woman as dominant as this!

Is anyone reading this more fortunate than I am as far as maybe being flogged or whipped or caned! My wife has expressed the desire to try a whip but I am still waiting!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I admit I have a sissy maid fantasy!

from http://www.strappedinsilk.com
I admit I have a sissy maid fantasy -- like most sissy wives!

I do not have an elaborate maid's outfit, but I will serve my wife in various items of lingerie or just in my panties or nakie wearing just an apron!

I would love to serve her friends like in this great cartoon that was on strappedinsilk.com!

The neat thing would be the fact they were would be four "girls" in the room. All shaved smoothed, all smelling nice, all wearing makeup and lipstick, all in sexy clothes, all extremely feminine creatures!

But the torture would be that only three of the "girls" have a pussy and the one "girl" that does not have a pussy would be you! The three with the pussy have decided that you will serve them since you are the one who is different and lacking that treasure!

On the other hand, I would love to serve three beautiful real girls as their maid -- or men too for that matter -- and that would include giving them oral pleasure, of course!

Does anyone have any experience dressing as a maid while you serve your wife or significant other?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Before and after her orgasms!

This is like my wife and me!
There is nothing like being (nearly!) as smooth as your wife and holding her and kissing her and caressing her and rubbing your smooth perfumed body up against hers both before and after licking her to several extremely pleasurable orgasms!

Don't you agree!

I willingly trade my own pleasure to concentrate only on my wife's pleasure. But, then again, my pleasure comes from her holding me like in the photo above and showing me how much she appreciates it!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Housework certainly does not humiliate me!

Sometimes my wife will buy me a
nice dress or lingerie
or other girlie item for being
such a good housewife!
I read on another blog the other day that a sissy was humiliated by having to do all the housework for her wife! Nothing could be further from the truth for me!

I love doing housework! I have loved it ever since I helped my mother as a young sissy! I learned cooking and baking and cleaning and sewing and crafts from her! I learned about lingerie from watching her! I learned about how to act like a girl from my mother and my two older sisters!

Humiliated about housework: not me! I enjoy doing all the housework for my wife because it makes her life easier, gives her more time for her pleasures and hobbies.

To me, if I can clean the house for my wife, run all her errands, launder her clothes and hand wash her dainties, take care of all of her bills and financial matters, cook her a nice dinner, bake a nice dessert, clean up after dinner, fix her a glass of wine, lick her to a couple of orgasms, give her a nice full-body massage and worship her asshole -- then I feel that I have put in a wonderful wonderful wonderful day!

What about you? Do your days go as wonderful as that?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Mrs. Slocombe's Pussy and my wife's pussy

Mollie Sugden as Mrs. Slocombe
Mrs. Slocombe's Pussy

There's an old British comedy series called Are You Being Served? And it is extremely funny. We have a DVD box set of them. The funniest character is Mrs. Slocumbe and if you watch those You Tube clips via the link above you will see why.

So why do I mention it? Well, when my wife and I are out with another couple or couples and she is ready to go home, she will look for an excuse. Instead of saying she has to get up early or she is not feeling well, she will say something like "Stevie wants to go home and play with his pussy"  or "Stevie has to put his pussy to bed" or "Stevie has to go home and wash his pussy" !

We actually do have a pussy cat and this is our inside joke! But the other couples may or may not know that. They think she is calling me a pussy and they get a good laugh out it at my expense because, well, they know that I really am a pussy and I am pussy-whipped.

And my wife will run with it and call me a pussy in front of everyone, mostly "C'mon pussy, let's go home." But she has fun with it so I am not even humiliated. I am a pussy and always have been.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bikini season!

The beautiful Chompoo looks
stunning in her bikini!
I forget what I was ordering the other day, but my wife and I were with some other people in a restaurant and I either ordered something really fattening or ordered too much of it.

So she says in front of the group: "You'd better watch. It's almost bikini season. You won't be able to fit into your bikini."

Well everyone had a good laugh. Some people knew about our relationship, and well, some people didn't. Some of the people have seen me in a bikini.

It's my wife who has me in the bikini, even though I have always worn them anyway except for swimming class at school. I wear the bottom and a tank top mostly because she doesn't really want me to have the tan lines that a bra top would give me. I personally would love to have the tan lines on top too, but I guess she is right about that for whatever reason.

We actually have our own pool so I can wear whatever I want, whether a bikini or go nakie, which happens a lot.

But she loves me in the bikini bottom and I have a nice collection, many purchased by her. Do you wear a bikini bottom too? Is it because your wife or girlfriend loves you in one and demands that you wear it?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Taking care of motherly duties!

Not me here, but I did the same.
I'm not sure where I found this photo of what appears to be a sissy wife with a couple's baby. I was sorting some photos of t-girls and it was a nice surprise!

That could have been me in the photo, at least until my wife and I had to put a stop to it. Because we work different hours, I was the main caregiver for our two kids during the day. No day care for them. I think our son was about 4 when one day he asked me why I was wearing momma's shoes! I said I was just borrowing them. I relayed this exchange to my wife and she agreed that the dresses and heels had to go when the kids were around and awake.

The boy is now a college grad and is certainly not a sissy. And as far as we know he is not gay. He always is dating pretty girls. I believe, as many do, that you are born both of those ways and it's not something you choose to be. The girl is in high school.

Anyway, I played a role in being a stay-at-home mom and it really suited me well because I have such maternal instincts because I am a sissy. I was very good at changing diapers!

And I tried to help the boy along with boy stuff but that was more by getting him signed up for Little League, etc., than me being able to help him with that stuff.

I loved taking care of our babies and still play a big role. The only thing that I regret is that I could not be pregnant and give birth and breastfeed.

Anybody else, as a sissy wife, enjoy doing motherly duties like me?

Monday, April 30, 2012

Wife rules the remote control too!

I was reading today in the "A Married Sissy" blog, one of my favorites on the subject about how we are, and the sissy mentioned briefly about how she watches on television what her wife wants to watch.

I don't get to touch this a lot!
That's exactly how it is in our household! I do not dare touch that remote! That is unless there is something I want to record to watch later. Many nights I will lick my wife to her orgasm and when she is asleep, I will sneak out to watch a program that I recorded!

I definitely am not like real men who are always watching football and golf on their televisions. My wife reminds me that it is HER television! Now, she does like our local pro football team so we do watch those games together.

I have no problem with this arrangement. Because of my female-oriented brain I like to watch what she watches anyway. I have seen many "chick flicks" but I absolutely love them!

I know I am just a sissy wife, but I would have to think that many women who are dominated by men -- even if it's over who gets to watch what on TV -- would love to have an arrangement like my wife has with me. Or your wife with you, if you also are a sissy wife!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don't ask to be dominated! Please!

Don't abruptly ask your wife
or partner to do this!
Someone asked me in an e-mail to explain how my wife and I got to where we are today. So here goes and it may take a few posts:

No. 1 thing: Don't all of a sudden go tell your wife you want her to dominate you and that you want her to spank you! That will kill your goal right away! In fact, you had better be sure that your wife has dominant tendencies before you even bring up the idea. I would have to think that if she does -- like mine does -- she will embrace the idea of being the dominant partner. I believe that many women would love to be in that situation. This is not the 1950s, after all! Most women today are more like Maude than Mrs. Cleaver!

In my case, I was lucky. I grew up a sissy and I was going to be submissive whether I ended up with a man or a woman. I was always happy to submit to girls and guys by giving them oral pleasure all the way through college and a little after and up until I met my wife-to-be.

My wife-to-be had just gotten out of a bad relationship where the guy was the total opposite of me. According to her, he was possessive, controlling and dominating. She did not like that and wanted out. We actually met each other when this relationship was still going on and close to its end. He wanted her to move to another state with him and she said no.

At the same same, she found that I was gentle and giving and attentive to her in the short time we knew each other. And she really liked that! What was funny was that after all those years of junior high and senior high and college -- when girls wanted me to be their close friend but not date me because of my being a sissy -- heer was a very attractive woman who wanted to partner up with me.

I know I was fortunate to be in the right place and the right time, but like I said, there are women out there who want to be with a sissy or a t-girl or a submissive guy. Heck, there are women out there who want to be with other women of course. Why? Well, they must have a desire to eat pussy! But they also want a partner to treat them gently as only another woman can. They want their world to be an all-feminine world. But heck again, sissies and t-girls offer that kind of world and if you think about it, a women who latches on to a sissy or t-girl can have the best of both worlds!

Well, this is becoming an essay, so I will call this Part 1 and continue with my experience in another post!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Keep those talented fingers in shape!

The other day my wife lectured me -- more like a stern reminder -- about keeping my finger nails extremely short so as to not scratch her when I am fingering her to an orgasm.

I do really really try to keep them short, but obviously finger nails grow without you noticing them! Of course I know that I cannot scratch my wife's pussy so I am always very careful. Now I guess I was not careful enough so I got in a little trouble. Was not the first time!

But my wife likes to just lie back and have me pay attention to her breasts. Kiss and lick all around them and spend a lot of time sucking her nipples. At the same time, she expects me to use my fingers to get her off.

Just like what is in the photo at right!

Thus, I must watch my fingernails!

Oh did I mention that my little sissy limp thing is always ignored. I know that I am really crazy, but that is how I want it to be. Please tell me there are others out there that are like me! I just believe that my wife is the pleasure receiver and I am the pleasure giver.

We have evolved to this state over the years. I wanted it and I am completely happy with it. My wife also has found this is the way she likes it. She loves how I worship her pussy. She loves the fact that I have given up my pleasure for her.

Actually I have not given up my pleasure at all. I get extreme pleasure by giving her the pleasure of numerous orgasms. Do you agree with that?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I am very fortunate and I know it! Are you?

I can honestly say that my breasts
are approaching the size of the girl
on the left! And I am so fortunate that
my wife appreciates them!
I never take for granted how lucky I am be in the situation I am in and how supportive my wife is. I mean, she loves the way I am submissive and even that I am transgendered. And how many t-girls or sissies or sub hubbies can say that!

For instance, last weekend we painted each other's toenails. I had painted her toenails and fingernails before, but she had never done mine. She painted my toenails red and my fingernails clear, which is what I would have done for myself. I did her toenails and her fingernails in red.

What great fun we had! And we drank wine and talked and kissed and cuddled while doing this and afterwards I licked her to two orgasms and we cuddled some more in bed.

Then earlier this week, she commented about by breasts, growing thanks to hormones. She had commented before, in a teasing way, but this time she's telling me how much she loves them while she's sucking on them and her exact words were that she "loves every inch of me!" We were both off work that day so we spent hours in bed -- during the day -- with much of that time with me between her legs pleasuring her.

Needless to say, when you hear things like that it can only make you happy! I have to say that the hormone thing did not go over that well when I first started -- not badly, but she was hesitant -- but like this whole situation it has been a process of acceptance and I am so fortunate that it turned out in a good way. Of course, you know that many wives have divorced their mates over the hormone issue and even the dressing issue.

If you have success story, too -- even small success -- please tell us about it!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The art of toenail painting!

Surely, if you are a sissy wife to a woman, you are always painting her toenails like the girl at right!

We have found it is a fun time for us! One day some time ago, my wife out of the blue said she wanted me to paint her toenails. And I have become quite good at it and even giving complete manicures to toenails and fingernails. I studied up on the Internet and practiced on myself.

Most of the time, I will kneel nakie for my wife while I paint her toenails. Sometimes, we will do it like the girls above. She does not do mine much, although she did at first. However, she does make sure that I am using a color that is the same as hers.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I ended up serving a female, what about you?

I wanted to be like this ...
I hope you find the new poll to be interesting! I was just wondering this because I myself have switched who I wanted to serve from a man to a woman.

I grew up needing to be submissive period, but mostly to other guys and men. But as I wrote in a previous post, somehow -- and I don't know if this is true for all T-girls and sissies -- I did not fit into the gay lifestyle.

... but ended up being like this!
So when a dominant woman came into my life, well I thought, gee, I can still be submissive and it would definitely be an easier lifestyle even in this day and age. I think the main thing is being able to live as a submissive if you are a sissy and that is what I have. I am a sissy wife to an assertive, confident and dominant female.

Do I still think about men? Oh yes! You betcha! For sure!  I still have dreams and fantasies of being a man's wife and being submissive to him in all ways. I still think about what it would be like to take care of gorgeous man's house and cook for him and suck his cock every day and present my ass to him for his pleasure! Well, it did not work out that way.

But I do have a dominant female whose house I take care of and who I cook for and who I lick to many orgasms -- without reciprocation of course! This is not a bad lifestyle for a sissy to have. And I don't know if I would have ever found a man to serve anyway. It looked like it was not going to happen.

And heck, nowadays, many strong women in the workplace  would love to have a sissy to take care of all their needs instead of a man who has  to be out on the golf course all the time or drinking with his buddies.