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Monday, January 30, 2012

A lovely apron I have to have!

Available at Flirty Aprons
I saw this apron in a post on the Married Sissy blog. And I just adore it! I am going to check it out.

I have several feminine aprons but nothing this feminine! I could not wear something like this when the kids are around. I just wear items that I can get away with. So when I prepare dinner I might be wearing my girlie shorts and top but nothing too over the top in front of the kids.

Now when its just my wife and me, it is a different story. Most of the time around the house when we are alone I will just wear a pair of panties and nothing else while I am doing my housework. And when cooking I have my aprons because, well, just because you need an apron! You can't have grease splash on your smooth skin or wipe your slimy hands on your panties!

But I am going to show her this and drop hints that it would make a great Valentine's Day present -- for me of course! I would love be be cooking for her and cleaning her kitchen in an apron as lovely as this one!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

How long have you lived the sissy wife lifestyle?

I posted a poll to see how long it has been -- if ever -- that readers who visit this blog have lived the sissy wife lifestyle.

I will be the first to say that for me it has been a nice long time!

Of course, the lifestyle is not for everybody so the poll answers reflect the fact that some readers don't want it or maybe have just fantasized about it. But I would have to believe that if you are reading this post, you probably are living the sissy wife lifestyle or at the very least you want to!

I'll keep the poll up on top, so when sissies like us look in here they can participate in it. Please also add your thoughts about how long and why so long or why not to the comments in this post!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The perfect family!

Drawing by Eve’s Rib
I don't know where I found this magazine cover so please let me credit you if it is yours.

But the cover is exactly what my life has evolved into. Now, I still work outside the home as well as inside the home, but my wife chose to have me to work a shift so that I could take care of our two kids so that my wife could fulfill her need to work. She is a top manager at a company. I have a lesser job as an office worker. If one of us were to give up our job, it would have been me. But she  decided that I should work odd hours so we could have the extra income and also a "mother" at home during the day for our babies.

I took care of our babies and I loved it! It was my feminine desire to do so! I fed them, burped them, changed them. Everything. Dressed them for school. Volunteered as a classroom mom with the other moms. Took care of the kids when they were sick. They only went to a sitter when I had an appointment to get to. But I loved being a mom and well I still am and I still do love it!

I also spend time with the moms who are real women! They include me in their school volunteering and lunches out and coffee at their houses. Maybe some yoga or tennis with them once in a while. My wife insists that I take part in these social things with these women! She says I should be friends and do things with these real women because certainly I don't have anything in common with men and would not fit it in. She is so right, as usual!

Does anyone else perform motherly duties like I have and still do?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Looks like a woman and her sissy wife!

I see in this photo a happy couple of a woman and a sissy wife, maybe waiting at the door to greet another couple like them!

The sissy wife has prepared a nice dinner for the two couples! Probably while the woman relaxed with a cocktail.

When the other couple arrived, I bet the two women sat and had some more drinks and talked about just how wonderful their sissy wives are! And how they would not have it any other way!

This is the ideal situation for a dominant woman and also for the sissy who wants to submit to her!

Hopefully more women and sissies will get together to enjoy this fabulous lifestyle!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

You hand wash undies, don't you!

From Female Domination at Home on Tumblr
I came across this caption on Tumblr and I just wanted to re-post it because it pretty much tells the story of the way we live if  you are one to look in here.

Wouldn't you want to be that woman's sissy wife!

Another reason I like it is because hand washing my wife's panties and bras is one of the chores I enjoy. She has cotton undies, sure, and they can go in the washer and dryer. But she also has very dainty bras and panties that have to be handwashed and air dried.

My wife will often blurt out in a social setting about how I take care of her by washing her undies! Do you think real men wash undies? I don't think so! I think that is a thing for us sissy wives to do!

Of course, you wash her wife's or girlfriend's or mistress's undies, don't you?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

How things have changed!

I am certainly not a sociologist, but I would think that now more than ever it is the time for gender role reversal.

My mother was the submissive partner. In fact, I don't think I knew a single family where the mom was not the submissive partner. They were all like Mrs. Cleaver in Leave it to Beaver! But later, women became more like Maude in that show.

And the progression to dominant women grew and grew. And they found they liked this new power! At the same time, gay liberation grew and grew as did the way sissy males expressed themselves.

As someone who grew up a sissy I am lucky to be with a dominant woman. I did not fit into the gay lifestyle -- more on that later! Girls I knew growing up wanted to be my close friend. This went on all the way through college. They did not want to date me though. But I was lucky enough to eventually meet someone who did -- also more on that later!

I am a firm believer that if the wife is dominant there would fewer divorces. Sissies just do what they are told so everything works out fine! Strong-willed men who don't do what they are told just create problems.

Again, I was fortunate to find a woman who was tired of pushy men and enjoys the company of someone who is effeminate and submissive and puts making her life easier the No. 1 priority.

So that is my theory! What to you think?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Welcome, and I hope you will join in!

Hello! I am taking a chance that you are out there! And that you would enjoy and take part in a blog about the sissy wife lifestyle.

One: You are married to a dominant, confident, take-charge, assertive woman. One of those attributes or if you are fortunate all of them!

Two: You are submissive, probably not just sexually, but going through your everyday life! You have no desire to be assertive or be a leader. You just plain do what you are told to do!

Three: You might be transgendered as well. You always have been and you have acted on it since you were 10 or 12 years old. You may have started by borrowing your mother's or sister's clothes!

Four: You were a sissy growing up! The boys didn't want you around because you were no good at sports. Your fathers didn't either because you did not want to hunt with them. Your idol was probably your mother! She taught you to bake and sew! Your friends were all girls and other sissies! The girls did not want to date you because you were a sissy, but they did want you as a close friend!

Five: You may have been attracted to men and maybe still are, but you were turned off by the gay lifestyle. (I found that men who wanted to be with T-girls were rare, despite what you see on the Internet.) So you gravitated to dominant women. You could live as a sissy and a submissive with a woman in what appears to be a normal husband-and-wife relationship. Only you are really the wife!

This pretty much says it about me! Did I strike a nerve with you? If so, join in and participate. I will be posting about what it is like with my wife (and I am not going to call her Wife with a capital W like you see in other blogs and forums.) I will also post opinions about things and fantasies.

This will be a place where you can do the same and we can comment on each other's experiences. So if you have searched for "male wife" or "sissy wife" like I have, then you have found this blog and I hope you will decide to stay and participate!