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Thursday, January 19, 2012

You hand wash undies, don't you!

From Female Domination at Home on Tumblr
I came across this caption on Tumblr and I just wanted to re-post it because it pretty much tells the story of the way we live if  you are one to look in here.

Wouldn't you want to be that woman's sissy wife!

Another reason I like it is because hand washing my wife's panties and bras is one of the chores I enjoy. She has cotton undies, sure, and they can go in the washer and dryer. But she also has very dainty bras and panties that have to be handwashed and air dried.

My wife will often blurt out in a social setting about how I take care of her by washing her undies! Do you think real men wash undies? I don't think so! I think that is a thing for us sissy wives to do!

Of course, you wash her wife's or girlfriend's or mistress's undies, don't you?


  1. Of course real men don't hand wash their partners sexy undies. As a sissy I hand wash all mine and often my house mate will throw hers in for me to wash. Funny how I don't ever remember her washing mine! lol

  2. Yes I ddo all ,what we call the handwash. That would also include ,not only pantie and bra (both mine and hers) also many soft frily things tops etc that we both have.I usually do that on Wednesday and I do all the ironog on Thursday, So fun to be the wife
    Love to you all

  3. My dear sissy does all of the laundry around the house, and while her folding can use a little correcting from time to time, it is delightful having someone else to handle a task like that.

    Mistress Aimee

  4. That is what we are here for Mistress Aimee

  5. I do all the laundry this includes hers and my delicates by hand and I do all of her lovers laundry as well.

  6. I am washing panties of my wife from first day of the marriage.I have to also wash undies of any female member who comes to our house.Which includes her friends and Sisters.Everybody knows that I am her sissy slave maid servant.I am serving her from last 25 years.

  7. In my case, I even wash her undies because she only use undies to humiliate me further. Even if I did not like, she would force since it is stronger than me. Good that I like, because the spankings that she me applies becomes more pleasurable.

  8. I love to wash panties of my wife.I am washing her under garments from last 20 years and I don't remember she has washed any time after the marriage.She and my sister in law both spanks me and enjoy according to their wish.