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Monday, July 11, 2016

Growing up in a female world!

Giving credit to the sissy wife's mother!
There are several explanations on how I ended up being a sissy wife, but I think it had to start way back when I was a young sissy.

This may be the same thing that happened to you. I was in a female dominated household. Not that my mother dominated my dad; she definitely did not. It's just that my dad was not around much. He worked shifts and he'd rather spend time in bars than at home, if you know what I mean.

So my mother was the one who influenced me starting when I was in grade school. When my dad was home, he saw that I was a sissy who had no interest in sports or hunting or cars or other manly things. So he had very little to do with me.

Now my mother! I hung around her a lot and she's the one who taught me about cooking and baking and sewing and how to do the cleaning and the laundry and ironing. I loved doing these things alongside my mother when I was a young sissy! Like the sissy wife in the drawing at right I still love doing all those things for my wife.

Add to this the fact that I had two older sisters. So I did things with them and of course I wanted to be like them and dress like them -- as you probably well know if you are reading this. I lived in a neighborhood where I had aunts right down the street or around the corner. I spent time with them and helping them do womanly things. Just by coincidence, their children were also girls so I spent time with my female cousins doing things with them as well.

So as you can see I grew up in a female world. But I fit right in and I loved it! My things were preparing food and doing housework as opposed to playing football and doing boy things! More on that to come.


  1. Hi,
    I am a white male in Lancaster PA who is in my early 50s. i just read your blog and found it very interesting as i too am excited about being a man-wife to a dominant woman! Unfortunately for me i am still searching, without much luck, and i congratulate you on finding your ideal relationship! i am well educated and physically fairly attractive. i would definitely welcome any suggestions or comments you may have for me. i will follow your blog with great interest!

  2. I am wife to my GG spouse now 5 years. Never dreamed life could be so beautiful.I handle all the chores,cooking cleaning, with the exception of some laundry. She prefers to wash our panties and delicates. She likes to fold and store in my drawer allowed for these intmates. She selcts what I am to wear daily and what is appropiate for the occassion.
    We shop together and often wear matching outfits.
    I am her girl and she is proud of the transformation.

  3. Stevie I too grew up in a strong Female setting and that's why I feel so submissive to Women. I just plain admired them more and still do. Women were the ones who held the family together and took care of the children while the Dads were working or drinking or both. Women cared about the kids upbringing and only deferred to dad when some disciplinary action was needed. My Mom was FAR stronger emotionally then my dad although I dearly love him. Maybe I got my submissive tendencies from him I don't know. I do know that his Mother started me off with girls clothes as punishment when she watched me. Perhaps she did the same to my Dad. I feel fortunate to have experienced femininity at such an early age and will be forever in her debt.

  4. My mother and sister were always supportive of me. (sometimes I do wonder if my mom did start me on hormones at a young age, for if she did I have to tell her Thank You) They helped me dress as a girl should and my mother raised me as her daughter and ever since they knew what was in my mind I was always a younger sister and of course even wore hand me downs.

  5. Well I think the enviroment is kind of a factor to become a sissy the nice way.

    I didn't have that support at home. We were 2 brohters in an average home. I grew doing boy things, but that didn't come always as i wanted.

    I mean I didn't look like I was a sissy boy, but, my father encouraged us to do boy things like sports wich we didn't like it.

    I must say my father was an alcoholic and sometimes I wanted to be far from home when he was drunk doing noise and giving a hard to my mother (domestic violence).

    Keeping it short I like being a sissy when on my 30's , after I was married with children. I remember I liked pantys and stockings since I was 13.

    So bottom line when you are a sissy you are a sissy, no matter were do you grow or how they grow you.

  6. I am a 60 year old who at 55 went from being the man of the house, to the wife of the house. I love it and will never go back! I too was raised in a female family. My dad died when I was 13 months old, so I was surrounded by my mom, sister, grandmother, aunts and girl cousins. I grew up cooking, gardening, learned to knit and sew. I have a major in art education and a masters In interior design. I taught art at the high school level for 33 years. Once I retired, I became the wife of the household. Nancy and I have been married now for 25 years. Too bad I didn't make this decision at the beginning of our marriage.

  7. Oh how I wish that I had made the decision to tell my wife before I got married. Didn't have the guts.

  8. I would just love to be a woman's stay at home housewife.

  9. I would just love to be a woman's stay at home housewife.

  10. Stevie, nice writing and to the point. I grew up in a house full of women. I never did play sports or other things that boys do and my dad never forced me to. My mother was against me playing sports afraid I would get hurt. My grandmom, mom, and aunt were always willing to teach me how to cook. My mom like for me to help her bake and she taught me how to sew, iron, and do laundry. She particularly liked that I often wore her jewelry and shoes as a very young boy. I know my mom was the lead in the house and I think she convinced dad that she was going to teach me everything I needed to know to be a lady. It was my mom and sister who first dressed me as a girl for a Halloween party. The boys had their fun groping my ass al night and I had fun dripping in my sister's panty, which she noticed once I came home and changed. I a sure she shared that with mom. As I entered my mid-teen years My sister started me wearing her panties more and more when mom was not around. She like seeing me wet them from being excited as my little boy dick was hard and dripping cum like crazy. My sister would touch my hard on in her panty and I would cum. For my 21st birthday my mom bought me my first panty and she had me open the box in private in her bedroom. I held them up and she asked how I liked my present. I told her I thought they were cool. She had me try them on. When I went to my grandmom's and aunt's my mother had told them about the present because my grandmom asked me if I liked them. I was embarrassed but she insisted that I show them to her. It felt odd lowering my pants in front of my grandmom and aunt. My grandmom had a big smile on her face. My little dick didn't even get hard.
    Later in life I got married to a woman who appreciates a sissy who does house work and summits to pleasing her.

  11. Oh Sissy Mishel, what a wondering upbringing and a wonderful life to at least live and act like a girl even though we were not born that way!