LOOKING FOR SIMILAR BLOGS: Do you know any other blogs about a sissy or T-girl being the real wife? Especially if it contains real-life stories, as opposed to just porn? And even better if if is from the female's point of view? Drop me an e-mail or add to a comment you might make!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Welcome, and I hope you will join in!

Hello! I am taking a chance that you are out there! And that you would enjoy and take part in a blog about the sissy wife lifestyle.

One: You are married to a dominant, confident, take-charge, assertive woman. One of those attributes or if you are fortunate all of them!

Two: You are submissive, probably not just sexually, but going through your everyday life! You have no desire to be assertive or be a leader. You just plain do what you are told to do!

Three: You might be transgendered as well. You always have been and you have acted on it since you were 10 or 12 years old. You may have started by borrowing your mother's or sister's clothes!

Four: You were a sissy growing up! The boys didn't want you around because you were no good at sports. Your fathers didn't either because you did not want to hunt with them. Your idol was probably your mother! She taught you to bake and sew! Your friends were all girls and other sissies! The girls did not want to date you because you were a sissy, but they did want you as a close friend!

Five: You may have been attracted to men and maybe still are, but you were turned off by the gay lifestyle. (I found that men who wanted to be with T-girls were rare, despite what you see on the Internet.) So you gravitated to dominant women. You could live as a sissy and a submissive with a woman in what appears to be a normal husband-and-wife relationship. Only you are really the wife!

This pretty much says it about me! Did I strike a nerve with you? If so, join in and participate. I will be posting about what it is like with my wife (and I am not going to call her Wife with a capital W like you see in other blogs and forums.) I will also post opinions about things and fantasies.

This will be a place where you can do the same and we can comment on each other's experiences. So if you have searched for "male wife" or "sissy wife" like I have, then you have found this blog and I hope you will decide to stay and participate!


  1. I guess the fact that I searched for this site pretty much confirms what I am, a male "wife". My dominant half is a lesbian, which I did not know when I married her. I had answered an ad in a singles column, and she pretty much took over the courtship when she found out my true nature, that of a submissive, effeminate male, or a "male lesbian" if you will. She made all the decisiions. There was no sex since I was too timid to initiate it. After we were married, she revealed her actual sexual orientation. We had sex, but there was no penetration and it was at her choosing. I was permitted to perform cunnilingus, which I love, and when we would finish, she would bring me to release manually. Since I felt it was what I deserved, I ultimately asked her to tie me up for this latter activity, which I find a tremendous stimulant and which she of course enjoys as well. I do all the housework as well as the grocery shopping. I am even pemitted to wear a dress in the house when I do my chores. I love my relationship and feel truly fulfilled as a "male wife"!

  2. would love to correspond with other male wives

  3. Will never forget trying om mommy's undies the first time.

  4. I love it . I love being a womans maid

  5. I just came across your site, it's nice to find a fellow sissy like me. I'm still young but I really really want a strong woman to take me as her Sissy Wife.