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Saturday, January 28, 2012

How long have you lived the sissy wife lifestyle?

I posted a poll to see how long it has been -- if ever -- that readers who visit this blog have lived the sissy wife lifestyle.

I will be the first to say that for me it has been a nice long time!

Of course, the lifestyle is not for everybody so the poll answers reflect the fact that some readers don't want it or maybe have just fantasized about it. But I would have to believe that if you are reading this post, you probably are living the sissy wife lifestyle or at the very least you want to!

I'll keep the poll up on top, so when sissies like us look in here they can participate in it. Please also add your thoughts about how long and why so long or why not to the comments in this post!


  1. I've been in the sissy-wife lifestyle for more than five years. It began 11 years ago with a "slave contract" (for lack of a better word at the time) that detailed my responsibilities. I became her wife and since my early retirement, that lifestyle has become just our natural way of living. I am happier, and so is she.

    sissy terri

  2. The sissy Wife Lifestyle is Growing. i am Not married, but my Girlfriend Loves seeing me in Nighties and Nylons and leotards. i wear Legging all the time around the house. She was always with macho Men and now LOVES being with a Feminine Man. Male Femininity is Delightful!

  3. Hi Patti...it's lovely to keep bumping into you around the web. You were my first friend on EP. We have been experiencing with this lifestyle for some time but it really took off after i retired. It only seems natural since She is still working. My advice to many is start doing as many things as you can think of for your Wife and She will probably come round to enjoy it so much that She will Want you to continue to be HER wife. At least that's how it worked for us. She's the boss and She loves it!

  4. Well said, Marysgirl. My superior wife actually brags about the things I do for her and TO her. It is a different kind of relationship for sure. But many benefits for a dominant woman!

  5. By the way, Marysgirl, what is the EP site you mentioned?