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Sunday, January 15, 2012

How things have changed!

I am certainly not a sociologist, but I would think that now more than ever it is the time for gender role reversal.

My mother was the submissive partner. In fact, I don't think I knew a single family where the mom was not the submissive partner. They were all like Mrs. Cleaver in Leave it to Beaver! But later, women became more like Maude in that show.

And the progression to dominant women grew and grew. And they found they liked this new power! At the same time, gay liberation grew and grew as did the way sissy males expressed themselves.

As someone who grew up a sissy I am lucky to be with a dominant woman. I did not fit into the gay lifestyle -- more on that later! Girls I knew growing up wanted to be my close friend. This went on all the way through college. They did not want to date me though. But I was lucky enough to eventually meet someone who did -- also more on that later!

I am a firm believer that if the wife is dominant there would fewer divorces. Sissies just do what they are told so everything works out fine! Strong-willed men who don't do what they are told just create problems.

Again, I was fortunate to find a woman who was tired of pushy men and enjoys the company of someone who is effeminate and submissive and puts making her life easier the No. 1 priority.

So that is my theory! What to you think?


  1. i think you are correct about there being fewer divorces, but i think that would equally be the case in a relationship where the man is completely dominant as well. There is minimal chance for the type of relationship splitting conflict if one partner makes all the decisions and totally runs the relationship. In the past this was almost always the man. Fortunately today there are Women more than willing, eager in fact, to take complete control of a relationship and i think that is a good thing as Woman are better leaders than the male of the species.Thank Goddess for the strong dominant loving Woman of today!

  2. I agree with submale in that people need to live the way they feel, as opposed to the way society thinks they should. There would be many more submissive "wife-like" men and in turn, far fewer divorces.

    Love your blog by the way and thanks for linking mine. I'll do the same. There are also a couple other blogs you might find interesting:

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    suzanne-allmine.blogspot.com Absolutely the best of the best!

    Again, I really enjoy your blog and look forward to more posts.


  3. I LOVE how you think Stevie! Women need to take the Dominant Role and put us males in our Proper feminine Places. The Strong Woman with the Effeminate Male is the way to a better Society!

  4. you're absolutely right, It's time for women to take on their natural strong and dominant role, and men NEED to be sissies. Oh ! how much I wish for a world where every man is a Sissy, it would definitely be paradise on earth !