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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The perfect family!

Drawing by Eve’s Rib
I don't know where I found this magazine cover so please let me credit you if it is yours.

But the cover is exactly what my life has evolved into. Now, I still work outside the home as well as inside the home, but my wife chose to have me to work a shift so that I could take care of our two kids so that my wife could fulfill her need to work. She is a top manager at a company. I have a lesser job as an office worker. If one of us were to give up our job, it would have been me. But she  decided that I should work odd hours so we could have the extra income and also a "mother" at home during the day for our babies.

I took care of our babies and I loved it! It was my feminine desire to do so! I fed them, burped them, changed them. Everything. Dressed them for school. Volunteered as a classroom mom with the other moms. Took care of the kids when they were sick. They only went to a sitter when I had an appointment to get to. But I loved being a mom and well I still am and I still do love it!

I also spend time with the moms who are real women! They include me in their school volunteering and lunches out and coffee at their houses. Maybe some yoga or tennis with them once in a while. My wife insists that I take part in these social things with these women! She says I should be friends and do things with these real women because certainly I don't have anything in common with men and would not fit it in. She is so right, as usual!

Does anyone else perform motherly duties like I have and still do?


  1. Twenty plus years ago, if our relationship was like it is now, there's little doubt that I would have the motherly duties. My wife is also an executive with a large organization, but wasn't at the time. She insisted I retire early since we could afford it. She now has the luxury of a full-time, stay-at-home wife.

    sissy terri

  2. Original picture your can find at wonderful Eve’s Rib blog.