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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I love the way we have sex!

Our sex consists of me kissing my wife ...

 As far as sex goes, we started out with me trying to penetrate my wife with me on the bottom from the very beginning of course.

... and then going down on her as in lesbian sex.
I remember how she would get frustrated trying to have an orgasm by grinding against my little thing because, well, it did not go very far in! She would grind and grind for a long time. She said it felt good. But she would give up after failing to have an orgasm and getting frustrated and she would tell me to eat her pussy to get her off. And of course I did that.

Now over the years I was able to spurt inside her and miraculously it went far enough up inside her that she was able to have two kids.

But as far as the sex it was me licking her to an orgasm, then she would grind for a bit on top of me and then I would lick her to another orgasm. Sometimes the grinding would make me spurt and sometimes it did not.

This is just the way it is sometimes for a sissy with a little thing. But she loves the oral pleasure! A lot! I think a lot of women don't get any of that! So gradually with gave up the penetration charade. So our sex began to consist of necking then me licking her to an orgasm, then cuddling with her or massaging her, then licking her to another orgasm. Then cuddling until she went to sleep. Sometimes, if she is  showered and all clean down there, she has me lick her asshole. She especially loves it as she drifts off to sleep after at least two oral orgasms.

And my little sissy thing, well we pretty much ignore it. She will tease me by playing with it or maybe giving it a little lick, but most of the time that is it.

At one point we re-introduced penetration into our sex, but that consists of me using a dildo on her as I pleasure her orally. It is pretty much lesbian sex, but I love it this way. Oh did I mention that I am shaved smooth all over like a girl except for my girlie V if you know what I mean.

Now this all evolved over a number or years. We just did not decide one day that this was how we were going to have sex. The ingredients were me being so little and her love for oral pleasure and then me being so submissive and her being so dominant.

Does this sound familiar to anyone who is looking in here? Do you have it this way? Or wish to have it this way?


  1. Your situation is not unlike my own with my sissy cuckold wife. It sounds like you are both content and fulfilled in this type of relationship. However, it's likely she wants, and deserves more.


  2. I am with you on this. I am olader than my spouse and she knew all of my history when we married. She announced early in our marriage ,very early That intercourse was over rated. Since then we have had glorious love fests almost daily. I do not waste my energy in "getting off" in fact I can have an internal orgasm and never squirt. She makes love to me and loves my breasts. She goes off to sleep at naight like a little baby. mmmmmmmmmm so peaceful. BTW to say that intercourse is over rated is under stated
    Love to all

  3. You can still have intercourse, silly, only you're the one who should be bending over for your wife's strap-on dildo. I LOVE fucking my girly husband like that!

  4. You must be a super wife Julie! Only we believe that sex is for the real woman's pleasure and since my wife has never expressed the desire to fuck me for her pleasure we do not do that.

    She does however find pleasure in tormenting my nipples by biting or pinching them and also in reddening my bottom, especially with a paddle!

  5. This simply amazes me that we are so alike. My Woman and I are very much the same as you both in that She ALWAYS comes first(no pun intended) and I am always on the bottom if and when She attempts to ride me which is rare. For the most part my O's come from a vibrator or just Her sucking on my breasts. It's very satisfying for both of us because I do as directed and Her pleasure IS my goal. Being Her Wife allows me to be on my back with her between my legs and just seeing my nylon clad legs and heels wrapped around Her sends me over the edge. Cindy

  6. This is the area where i really feel like a sissy wife. Early on my wife felt i didn't satisfied her with my "clitty". So my tongue became my way of trying to satisfy her. Over a period of time I thought i was doing the job then one day as I pleasured her with my tongue her pussy had a different taste. She told that she had taken a lover some time back and I was enjoying his cum.This led to her using a strap-on on me as she said that since I was living the female role that I should also be a female in sex. I have since sucked cocks and she reminds me what a good wife I am for sucking cock.

  7. I sometimes satisfy my wife through penetration I'm just about average and I feel for her in that way I'm pretty talented with my tongue and always bring her to o with it. I think she has a secret sissy fantasy for me as she always makes me(physically forces)to lick her but she refuses to suck me most of the time. She often begs me to wear a satin nighties and camis and lick and fuck her and I always oblidge as i love it, i secretly cross dress often and have a large collection of lingerie and always shaven all over. i just got her a double ended strap-on so she can experience a bigger cock and fuck me too, she asked for one before, i will surprise her soon with it, i think then she will want to sissify me more, i dream of a threesome her a sexy shemale and me one day maybe.

  8. she also makes me lick her out when I cum in her which i don't mind at all it does turn me on usually gets me hard for another go, when i look at it we are already in the dominant wife/sissy relationship in the bedroom anyway and I never saw it coming!

  9. After our wedding, SHE would typically get on top of me, saying she could get in better position; SHE would complain about my day old beard nubs, so I made sure I shaved very close every evening; then SHE started buying me cremes to soften my skin; next came skimpy unisex pajamas; I suspect she got me on estrogen aka vitamins. Now I am completely smooth, soft, docile and emasculated, wearing extremely sexy negligees that SHE gives me and lick HER to orgasms upon command while SHE tells me SHE wants to be fucked by a real man!

  10. Recently SHE met real man. He first came over to the house while I served them a gourmet five course dinner that I prepared all day. It was on a Friday evening after they came home from work. SHE had me wear a skimpy maid outfit to serve them. It was as if they were on a honeymoon and I was the hired help. After dinner, they went out to the opera while I stayed home and cleaned, and was told to spend the night in the guest house where I am now told to stay.

  11. Does it sound familiar? It's us exactly, except She likes to be penetrated often and deeply. I always get ready for bed by putting on my strap-on over my panties.

  12. We tried one of those hollow dildos for me to wear but it did not work out very well.

    First of all, I could not get an erection to fill the hollow thing so we could not get it to work right, It was too flimsy to actually work it in her beautiful pussy. And I had thought that was what she wanted.

    So she said she did not really care for it. She loves me eating her out and occasionally using a handheld dildo on her clitoris.

  13. fwiw, I feel more at home here than I ever have anywhere in the Sissy online world... I love women and know them to be my superior. I was the boy in high school who loved the company of the cheer leaders, three in particular, and they viewed me as their pet. I did not want to, I consider this word so vulgar, FUCK THEM, but rather to start at their feet and work my way up those wonderful smooth legs and be allowed to TASTE them... That was my dream and they teased me. I was still happy to be close to what I adored... I have NEVER been a man nor do I want to be. I adore DOMINANT WOMEN... I've never been about to penetrate one to orgasm in boy/girl sex which says a lot about me, however, it has not been for lack of trying. I never failed to give each of those girls as many orgasms as they wanted orally... I just asked that I be queened and that they hold my hands over my head. As long as SHE is dominant and I am servicing her I am in HEAVEN... It is my time, through so much pain in life, where I am in complete and total pleasure. I don't need, require, or even really want her to reciprocate... Just let me cuddle up to her slightly below her and I sleep like a baby... I am very oral and can please males and females, however, I feel a bit more natural with women even though I am anything but masculine. So much here makes me feel at home... Thank you.