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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

You have to evolve into being a sissy wife!

I love this cartoon! It has been all over the Internet, but I'm afraid I don't know who to credit.

Anyway, this is the way to live, isn't it! Those of you who live in a situation similar to this know what I am talking about!

But -- and this is a big BUT -- some sissies think they can tell their wife they want to do this and it will happen right away. It most cases, it does not happen that way! My life as a sissy wife has evolved over 25 years time!

Upon meeting me, my wife-to-be did like the way I was from the start because as a sissy I was gentle and meek and caring and submissive and she had just come out of a relationship where the guy was abusive. She said she swore that that would never happen to her again. Well, there was absolutely no danger in that happening with me!

What she especially liked was how I pleasured her pussy with no expectation of reciprocation, such as a blowjob. That's how I treated any girls that wanted to be around me in college. Believe me! Gals love that!

I did tell her how I liked to dress up in girls clothes and always had and she just said she was not surprised. That was a hurdle we did not have to get past, as some couples must.

So, after we got married things just fell into place -- over time. She ran the house while I performed the household duties. She ran what took place in the bedroom, while I performed the submissive duties. It always always always consisted me of pleasuring her pussy with my tongue and if she desired to be penetrated she would always be on top.

Let me stop here and say that I am so small that she required several oral orgasms before riding me because I could not bring her to orgasm that way. More on that later.

I'll talk about some of these things in detail as we go along, but my point right now is that you just don't tell your wife you want to be her submissive sissy. You have to be fortunate enough that SHE wants it that way and just let things evolve the way SHE wants it. I am so fortunate that it has worked out that way for me.

So how did it start or work out or evolve for you?


  1. I agree so much and identify with your sharing.I am married only 5 years and we are still getting to know each other totally. Recently I mentioned fantasy to her and her response was "You are my fantasy" She went on to say I am the ideal wife. always agreeable to her way, I do all the housework and cooking. I wait on her and and foot. I look for no staisfaction except to please her. Our sex life is outrageous in that she enjoys making love to me as a woman. There are no male parts recognized or sustituted. We shop together and the clerks usulaaly ask me if I would like to use the fitting room. I do not pass,nor do I try. I am a male in female attire obviously. She was my best friend prior to romance. I had shred all my secrets. The age differential is more than 25 years, I am the older, and it makes no difference at all.I have found that true intimacy takes not only trust and honest communication it also takes a deep undersatnding of the word Love.So yes "evolution" as individuals and a couple permits a grand Sissy Wife experience.
    Thank you for all you do for all of us,Stevie

  2. Love this post, very similar to my own life. My wife also came from an abusive relationship and jumped all over the idea of being in control. It has been a constant changing experience and she has over the last five years took more control and granted me less sexual pleasure from her. We are now moving into the cuckolding phase, she has a man toy now and has set me up with my own man also.

  3. Stevie
    This type of relationship is better know as a WLM, FLM, FLR. Wife led marriage, female led marriage or female led relationship. The wife is the Dominant (domme) and the husband is the submissive (sub). I'm sure that you have heard of this. We are never referred to as "sissy wives" in fact,alot of the wives understand that it takes quite a man to be in this type of a relationship. Its something in our make-up that just drives us to live this life style. Once in this lifestyle, we LOVE to do as our wives request, such as doing the housework, laundry, dishes, and we always want our wives to be very pleased when having sex...SHE is always the one we want to please even over ourselves. Women, after all, are superior to men and we make sure that we place her on a pedastool and worship her 24/7/365. But the word "sissy" never appears in these relationships.

  4. Good point Jellybean! I realize that real men do submit to their wives. And you are correct: they are not sissies.

    However, some of us are transgendered, effeminate and or sissies, or all of the above. So we are in a somewhat different lifestyle than what you described. I, for one, am pretty much always in female attire except when not appropriate, such as at work. (People there simply would not understand even though the company does support same-sex marriage and even offers same-sex spousal benefits).

    Couples like us prefer that not only is the marriage female led, but we have reversed roles as to who is the "wife." I love playing a feminine role in our marriage, well, in fact, we both love it.

    So I think we are talking about pretty much the same thing, but in my case and others the submissive partner really is a sissy or effeminate and really wants to be a female or at least be in that role.

  5. Hi Stevie
    You are right also. I think that in some ways, we are sissies also, because quite often our wives will put us into femme dress while doing our chores. Of course, it really depends on our Mistresses and what "they" decide what we should or should not wear.
    I had an on-line mistress and she didn't agree that I should wear femme clothes while doing housework. After awhile, she did change her mind a little, and told me to wear panties and bra.
    At any rate, you are so correct, we are really in the same lifestyle except a couple "small" differences.
    Does your wife spank you or punish you in any way??? Our mistresses, when they feel we deserve to be corrected will correct in any way they see fit, which could be a spanking, and or verbal correction, and sometimes even a whipping. This is without any question from the sub...if our mistress feels we need it..so be it.

  6. Jellybean: I wear female clothing voluntarily, you know probably since I was about 12 years old! That is not a factor in our relationship because it is just there anyway.

    But as far as spanking and punishment, yes I get spanked with the bare hand and also with a ping pong paddle. That is as far as my wife goes, but it is funny because sometimes when she sees a bull whip she will say something like "oh, wouldn't that be fun!" Now, I know I would love that for sure!

  7. Stevie
    Thanks for your answers, and your relationship with your wife sounds VERY SPECIAL. What a life you (and your wife) must have. The dressing in femme all of the time at home, sounds real pretty and sweet, I'm very sure that I would love to experience this tifestyle.
    Also, your blog is probably #1 in my mind, I love it. Thank you and PLEASE keep up the good work.

  8. Stevie...you and I are quite similar in that we both evolved into the relationship we now have with our Wives.I knew from the past not to try and hide who I am and so told her early on just to be honest with her. It worked and we have grown into our respective roles over the years as She became more comfortable with my femininity. She is not really very Dominant by nature but in the bedroom....oh my! She also loves the fact that I take care of the entire house and cooking and chores which leaves little for Her to have to do. I consider myself as a sissy wife also and it thrills me to my core.

  9. It evolved for me as well, though I desired it way before it happened.
    My wife has just started moving into discipline with me. No spanking but in lots of other ways. Like for example I messed up the finaces so she controls the money and gives me an allowance every month. If I forget to do something she wants me to do she will raise her voice, chew me out, and even belittle me and my penis size. Once recently she did swat me with a toy baseball bat, but she was furious that time.

  10. There was a dramatic shift right after we got married. Prior to marriage, it was I who was in control. I was dominant, hard charging, successful. She was quiet, shy and respected me.

    After marriage, she slow changed; took charge; sex on her schedule. She started to ask me if I wanted to wear her panties and bra and negliges, etc. I did not. Then when packing for an international business trip, at the last minute I discovered I had no clean underwear; so, she packed into my suitcase a batch of her sexy Victoria Secret panties - which I had to wear for two weeks.

    The rest is history. I lost my job while my wife is now firmly in her career and got a big promotion. Since then, I have become a sweet, docile, slim, and actually quite attractive female looking male wife. I do all the traditional wife chores around the house, do all the shopping; dress in really sexy female attire, my hair is long and styled, she got me NO NO to remove all body hair and I am really quite smooth and soft with the lotions she has me use. She has me hormones; my penis shrunk while my breasts now fill a B cup. We do our manicures and pedicures together and our sex is lesbian style. She is so good to me; I love her.

  11. Anonymous, you sound a lot like someone who should sign up here and be an active contributor!

  12. I can't wait to be 24/7 next july. i will become the sissy wife. i am already treated as a submissive and very girlie. She calls me her girl. Back in February this year she came into the bedroom, opened my undies drawer, took out all the male undies, put them in a bag and threw them out. Then she had me fill the drawer with my panties. She now buys all my clothes from the women's sections. All my clothes are unisex or female. Even work clothes point to the feminine side. She had her initial tattooed above my clit back in March.
    Last month she became my power of attorney for finances and health. She owns me and i love it.

  13. I told my wife all my secrets long before I even thought of a relationship. She did write to me though and said she had fallen in love with my essence(meaning Marilyn).She took ovrr right away and is very good at being my "hubby".She totally Pussified me> Like most she runs the bedroom and I do what old fashioned wives do I just love my life. Would not change places wth anyone I know or do not know. My first marriage was all about being a man and being responsible for income and power. I am quite older than my spouse , I lov everything about her

  14. I totally agree that submission has to evolve. If you suddenly say to your wife like I did that you liked to wear feminine clothes and be submissive it is then all about what you want. My wife's reaction was that she married a man and that's what she wanted. I didn't know or understand my sissy side when we got married despite dressing up as a girl when I was young using my mother's things. That was over ten years ago and sadly our relationship has not evolved at all. Perhaps I am becoming resigned to it never happening as it seems some wives just do not want it or can't handle it.

  15. So many crossdresser fantasize about dominant wifes or girlfriends taking the reins and force feminizing them. After all most of us were brought up in a world where it was humiliating and degrading for a man to be weak or submissive and any man who was caught wearing womens clothing was automatically thought to be a pervert. Who in their right mind would want to take the responsibility for feeling this way, wouldn't it be so much easier if we didn't have to take responsibility for feeling this way and could blame someone else and convince ourselves that the process was out of control.

    I know in my case though my wife found out I crossdressed early on the domesticating process developed over the years as I slowly took over repsonsibility for the domestic household chores. I was never forced feminized and can blame no one but myself for my feelings of femininty. But by accepting this I was able to move forward with my wife and take my feminity to new levels slowly over time to the point where we are today. And once I accepted my femininty I also accepted responsibility for the decision making process that accompanyed it, such as dressing, makeup, hormones, castration etc. because I was the sole person they reflected upon.

    No regrets.

  16. Yes Maggie, my story is similar to yours! My superior wife knew of my crossdressing very early as well. Knew of my feminine manner even before that so the crossdressing was not a surprise at all. Things evolved into my doing all the housework, submitting to her in almost all ways, her going out on dates, my orgasm denial and my being on hormones. No regrets whatsoever here as well!

  17. I am small and was not so succesful in career. where as she as a succesful finabce career woman was going up the ladder fast. She was finding it difficult to manage the house and she suggested that i help her and later it became my full responsibility and i had to leave the job and become a full time house husband. Gradully, power equation changed,SHE becoming Dominnt while i became submissive, It took 5 years for her to make me HER sissy. It was very gradual and it evolved automatically, without either of us expressing our fantasies.Now SHE is the one who wears pants and am so happy and contented submissive wife to my SUPERIOR WOMAN, since i dont need to worry about anything other than to serve andplease HER

  18. That's what I always tell fellow sissies! Don't shock the wife. If it is to be then the superior between you and your wife will surface. And if you are a sissy then it is not going to be you! If it happens like that, your superior wife will embrace it and you will live happily as the sissy wife!

  19. After reading your post I see a few similarities in how our respective relationship have evolved. When we met, I helped her see that she was in a relationship with a user that was married and was only looking for sex. After forcing him to finally admit to her his agenda, she looked at me and slipped saying I was like her best girl friend. Shortly after we married I finally allowed her to see me dressed in my lingerie. I had her put makeup on me and I told her that she seemed to be really turned on doing it even though she denied it.

    Jump ahead a few years, with me doing most of the housework, we had our first baby. I went through a sympathetic pregnancy right down to my breasts getting slightly bigger (I was already a full A cup) to a B cup. After the baby was born I became a full time stay at home wife/Mother. My wife/husband mentioned that the way I take care of the baby I was more of a woman then a man. She even mentioned that I could probably breast feed since she didn't want to. Yes I tried but couldn't produce milk (I cried so many times because of it). I think what pushed her into a FLM situation. She came home from work one day with bras, panties blouses and women's jeans for me to wear. That was the day that she decided that I needed to be more female.

    Now over 20 years later, I am her full time housewife, we love each other and refer to our relationship as a lesbian couple. I guess my point is that it took a few years for this relationship to come to fruition. For those that are just starting out, allow their spouses to set the pace and it will become a wonderful relationship.

  20. Because of different days and shifts that my superior wife and I work, I helped her with two babies and did many motherly duties. And I loved that so much! I was a diaper changer, nurse, tutor, etc. I represented us at school with the other mothers. Those other mothers accepted me as one of them, which was great! I was always the only person born male there!