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Friday, July 3, 2015

How I ended up being a sissy wife!

Believe it or not, I did not aspire to be a woman's sissy wife! Did you?

Starting when I was about 12 and was "playing house" with a fellow sissy and some boys we knew, I wanted to be with guys in a big way! Older men that I would see in locker rooms would really turn me on too!

All the girls liked me as a close friend, but they would not date me. In college they would take a pleasurable pussy licking from me, but still they would not date me.

But things sort of changed after college. I took a job in small town and really nothing went on there. It was a conservative setting, as opposed to the liberal setting of a campus at a major university.

I wanted to be like this!

I did have some relations with a guy who lived in the same apartment house -- that's a story for another day -- but not much went on with me sexually unless it was on a visit back home.

There was a mid-sized city not far away and there were bars and clubs there but nothing as far as LGBT as far as I could see. This went on for a year and a half until I got an offer for a better job in the big city and I had to take it. It was actually in the same city as my university.

The gay scene there flourished. But the tranny scene really did not. So I would wear a pair of shorts and a tank top and sandals -- and smell really nice and feminine -- and go into a couple of these gay bars.

I just felt really unwelcome in those places. I felt pretty much ignored. Those guys in there were not looking for someone like me. They were looking for the same thing I was -- a hunky guy! Only the old guys would talk to me. But I was not that desperate yet!

I kept going though, but the last straw was when some men in there would say things like "what the fuck are you doing in here" or "get you pretty little ass out of here before we take turns filling it." Sometimes I would leave after not finishing my first drink.

So I did not find myself fitting into the ordinary gay lifestyle. I guess finding a man who wants someone who is a sissy or is transgendered is hard to do, no matter what you see on the Internet.

So, I ended up being with a woman after all. More to come. And oh, does this sound familiar to anyone else?


  1. For some reason, although i'm very, very attracted to Women with masculine traits and mannerisms, i've never been attracted to men. i did experiment recently with a very nice and very willing man around my age who allowed me to suck his cock ( a first for me) so i could experience that for myself. While i did enjoy orally pleasing him it wasn't nearly as enjoyable for me as orally serving a Woman. i continue my search for a Dominant Woman who would enjoy having a sissy wife of Her own to love and control. Love your blog!!

  2. I'll continue with my experiences when I get a little more time to write at length but let me say now that eventually I discovered about myself that I was just plain submissive, whether with guys or girls.

    I know it is strange but I always needed to be the weaker partner, the one who gave the pleasure and gained my own pleasure through that giving. Does that make much sense?

  3. It makes perfect sense. i feel the same way and suspect that many submissives, both men and woman, do also. For me its not only a desire to please and by serving receive my own pleasure, but its that incredible attraction to a Dominant take charge attitude in a Woman. It positively makes me swoon with delight and anticipation!!

  4. I don't have personal experience in the gay lifestyle, but your story is one I've heard before.

    I'm actually a little surprised, however, by your real story about being married to a woman! Stana at Femulate (http://www.femulate.org/2012/02/other-man.html) posted about this a little and it comports with my experience. Women I've met are generally accepting, but not if they were their boyfriend/husband!

  5. I'm afraid I did not get a chance to finish my story yet, but, briefly, when I met the woman who later married me she was at the end of an abusive relationship and she swore that that would never happen again. So she relished meeting someone who is submissive. She is quite happy with the arrangement.

    And yes, when I was a teen there were many girls who were accepting and would be my close friend, but certainly not date me. I was very fortunate the way it did turn out.

  6. Wonderful that you (and her) found happiness together!

  7. I just found this blog and after reading this post, I think back to my earlier life. I see similarities in what you experienced. In my teens, I was the slutty sissy that was satisfying many of the boys because the other girls were claiming to be saving themselves till they were married (I still laugh about that because I knew better). Many of my female friends would help me become more feminine so I could turn the guys on. They used me to keep from having to put out themselves.
    I was even fixed up with a guy that I dated for several months till he found a GG that he eventually married. I was devastated when he dumped me especially when I found out who he was with. His words "I don't want a substitute for the real thing".
    I tried hanging out with gay guys but like yourself found that they didn't want some effeminate near them.
    I did find a guy in my early twenties that I lived with as his wife for almost two years till he went back home and married his high school sweetheart. That's the day that I decided to only be with another woman. At least I felt that I could satisfy her in ways most guys could only imagine.

  8. Wow Michelle! Very similar story! And we are lucky there are women out there who wish to be married but also wish to be the dominant partner. Many dominant women end up with a dominant guy and it doesn't work out.

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  11. I am an effeminate, gay male. Your experiences resonate with me. I was a sissy as a child, and my parents forced me to "MAN UP!"

    I did act like a man in public, but I developed a fantasy life where I could live out the femme side of my personality. I ended up divorcing my wife because I could not hide my femme side anyone.

    Long story short, I cannot service enough men. I feel like I am try to make up for all of those years where I did not have gay sex.

    I do not present femme around men I want to have sex with. Presenting femme would make me unattractive! If I feel comfortable presenting femme in gay gay environment. For example, I wear super skinny jeans, a woman's silk top, a scarf, flats, a big handbag, and eye makeup.

    I am definitely not going get pick up by a gay guy, but I am not asked to leave.

    I think that if there were a bar in my city for Bisexual guys, I could present extremely femme, and meet a guy.

    How do you feel about bi guys?