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Monday, February 20, 2012

How was your Valentine's Day?

I massage my wife with lotion after her orgasms.

Valentine's Day was a success! That's because I know the secret:

Buy your wife a great dinner and flowers, but don't stop at that! It's the two or three oral orgasms you give her that will separate you from the lame guys who just provide the dinner and flowers.

A shopping trip for scents is fun.
So I pleasured my wife with my tongue -- well there is nothing new about that -- but she got the extra-special treatment as well as an asshole licking and a massage and lots and lots of cuddling.

As far as presents, we did not get around to getting that pretty apron for me -- just too busy I guess -- but she agreed that I should definitely have it. I got her some gift cards so she can pick something out for herself.

But what she did get me was some nice lotions! Some were from Bath and Body Works and some from Victoria's Secret! Well some of it is for me to use on her! We like to massage lotion on each other after I give her oral pleasure. That is usually my reward for pleasuring her, unless she is tired and she just wants to go to sleep.

I know this post comes a week past Valentine's Day. But I'm not kidding when I tell you that I do all the housework and household jobs like bill paying, etc., so I am always busy it seems. But I would still like to hear what you did for the holiday as a sissy wife or even if you are not in the lifestyle.

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  1. Getting her on her tummy so you can give her a good licking MMMMMMM,Love those soft cheeks on my face. Bath and Body. We were there again today. her fav for me to use is "Carried Away"
    Valentine,s Day everyday around here
    Thanks Stevie. Love this blog