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Friday, December 26, 2014

I just adore this outfit!

I would have to think that my wife would love to see me doing my housework in something like this! It is much prettier than a black and white french maid's uniform.

You know, I will do my housework in heels like those shown here unless I have to go up and down the stairs a lot like when I am doing laundry in the basement. And I do quite well in heels -- I have had a lot of practice!

But even if I was wearing flats with this outfit -- so I didn't break my neck on the stairs! -- it would still be such a pretty outfit to wear around the house when doing my daily duties!

I will have to look into getting this -- as well as that pink apron. Do you think the main item came from a dance store! Almost looks like a tutu! I already have the hose and shoes.


  1. Yes - that is absolutely perfect.. Now, about the voting. Hmmm I clicked that I am a regular guy as I don't consider myself effeminate in any way. However, I wear pink panties and I would love to be dressed in that outfit. Now - that is a conundrum and a dichotomy isn't it :)

  2. Gawd, you are so right!! Where did you find this beauty!?
    (gee, I used to look at hot girls...now I'm looking at their sexy outfits!)

  3. My WIFE says SHE would not wear this because SHE says I would look better in it and SHE wants to get it for me! I would love to do my chores wearing it of course.

  4. I would love to have something that pretty to clean my wife's house

  5. I would love my wife to make me clean the house!

  6. My wife has me wear a similar outfit when she has friends over for small parties. I serve them graciously and well. Often she will get compliments from one of the women on how well behaved I am. She has helped one of the girls to sissify her husband and the four of us often go out together to dinner or to "Girl's" clubs. It is so wonderful to be out in public as one of the girls!! Just hearing all our stilettos clicking along at the mall is a rush!

  7. Sandi, I would bet there are many women out there just like our superior wives who would rather have a sissy wife than have to be submissive all the time to a dominant man! My superior wife has it pretty good and she knows it! I know she would not have it any other way! Which makes me pretty fortunate!

  8. Girls get to be so flirty
    Passing a pretty girl on the sidewalk, do You think ' I wish I was with Her' or ' I wish I was a pretty girl'
    for me, 90 % it's the 2 nd.

  9. PlainTalk: i have both thoughts, but my first one is, "oh, I wish I looked that good" and "I wonder where she got that and if I can find in size 12T?" Then I have my male thoughts. That's been a big change!