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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Is there reciprocation in your sex life?

Giving the wife pleasure is the top priority, right?
When my wife and I have sex, it consists of me licking her to orgasms as in the top photo and then I come up to cuddle with her as in the bottom picture.

My reward is to be cuddled by an appreciative wife!
I do not enter her. Ninety-nine percent of the time, she does not go down and orally pleasure me and I do not expect her to. We believe that sex is for the woman's pleasure and at this stage of our lives she just wants to be licked and not entered and so that is what our sex life consists of.

She also loves to be cuddled and caressed and kissed as she is coming down from her orgasm. And the subsequent orgasms!

My greatest pleasure is giving her those orgasms. And her telling me how great they were! Even if I do say so myself, I have always been quite good at bringing gals -- and guys -- to incredible orgasms with my lips and tongue! And the great majority of those times, it was without reciprocation. In college, there was a bunch of girls that I licked without reciprocation and that will be subject of another post!

Do you go through the same thing with your wife?


  1. I am so glad I found your blog! This entry is what brought me here and we seem to share a lot! My wife and I are also exactly like this photo, except that I am usually dressed in lingerie! We have evolved to this as you stated before, after being married for many years. She always knew about my crossdressing and always loved it. Earlier in marriage I would keep a balance of sometimes being girly but sometimes being a macho stud. I guess it was only natural that over time we would both gravitate towards me just being her wife. I love giving her oral pleasure and she almost never touches my cock, which I for some reason enjoy. The only difference between us I think Stevie is that I love to be fucked and my girl is gracious enough at time (if I am lucky) to fuck my lights out!

  2. We do much the same Stevie...but as with Jamie i am ALWAYS in lingerie. After my Wife orgasms i am usually so excited. She then has me slide up her body and straddle her loin and we grind like any two lesbians and i erupt with such intensity that i almost pass out. Other times She may just use a vibrator on me and like any "girl" i will scream to a complete climax!

  3. I like the idea and I'm really happy for you but as a Sissy I would like my wife to completely ignore my "thing" because it has no sexual importance in a marriage between a Woman and a Sissy. What I'd really like is for her to use a dildo or a strapon on me.