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Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm the one who does the taxes!

This has been me over the past week!
I have been busy the past week doing the taxes for my wife. She loves that she does not have to waste her time doing them. I sort everything out and do the forms and explain to her what it all means. Luckily we are getting a refund!

I do not spend all my time pleasuring her pussy with my tongue! I do those taxes and take care of most of the other finances such as the bill paying so my wife can relax. I make the appointments to have the cars taken care of or the furnace tuned up.

Like me doing the taxes!

This is all in addition to the regular housework to make the house nice and clean for her. If you are like me you put in a full day of maintaining the home. And oh, did I mention, I also have an office job as well! I know that stay-at-home moms say how tough they have it -- and they do have it tough -- but I pretty much do what they do -- except I have not given birth -- and I also work a full-time job!

But getting back to the taxes -- what a colossal pain in the behind! I admit that I do NOT use tax software because I want to know all the tax rules and reasons behind the math. And I have never taken my taxes to a tax preparer. So I guess I am a glutton for punishment, but I'm glad I know the tax rules and laws I need to know.

And this was me afterward!
The federal taxes are done but I still have the state and local forms to do. Those are pretty much straight percentage taxes and pretty easy to do.

And the wife appreciates so much that I take care of this for her! I know she will give me some extra pussy time as my reward.

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