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Friday, March 2, 2012

It would be great to wear matching dresses!

I saw this photo on Tumblr! It is supposed to be a brother and sister in the exact same dress!

But whether or not that is the case this photo is how it should be between a woman and her sissy wife, don't you think!

Who knows if the woman in the photo is really the sissy's sister or just a model, but doesn't the sissy look just adorable wearing the same dress as her!

People would sure know the situation if they saw this sissy dressed the same way as this real girl! But I could go for that! Wouldn't it just be super if we sissies could really do that in public as a normal way of life!


  1. Lovely. I think it would be awesome to wear the same dress as my wife. I always thought little girls dressed the same way as their mother was also very cute!

  2. My spouse and I enjoy matching outfits. She does not wear dresses so It is usually pants and tops. Yesterday Sunday we went out to lunch and some shopping. We both had on trouser jeans, matching red sweaters (it was chilly here ,unusually) and both had same brand different size (LOL) denim jackets.
    Same color nails and eye shadow. We had a great time . Caught a few glances as well.
    Thanks again Stevie. Love this blog

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  4. Although my wife and I have never worn matching dresses out in public like the pair pictured, we do have a number of matching items that we wear around the house. That would be things like matching bra and panty sets, matching chemises and slips, matching shorty PJs. That sort of thing.

    Oh and we also have matching bikini swimsuit bottoms. I do not wear the top due to the tan line issue -- although I really wish that I could! Maybe someday! -- but I wear the same bottom that she does, which is really fun.

  5. i would love to go out with matching outfits

  6. I have seen these two photos - and they are great. Do you know if there are more? Of if there was a story associated with it? Would love to see/read more of these two.

    Stevie - that's pretty cool that you and your wife do wear the same around the house! Sounds fun.

  7. Sorry to burst the fantasy but the girl in the photos is Victoria Justice from the kid's show 'Victorious'

  8. Wow, really! Wonder what the topic of that episode was!

  9. an episode about a stunt double

  10. Love his fem skinny arms, beautiful hair great legs too! Really sweet. They really should wear lipstick, get their nails done, wear some nice jewelry. My WIFE has me on a diet, exercise and hormone plan; I am now very fem.