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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A sissy wife's jobs are never done!

I of course do not use a washboard!
One of the many tasks I perform with great pleasure for my wife is laundering her dainty clothing items. I bet you thought that I was going to say licking out her pussy! But I am talking about tasks now!

Anyway we have a place in the laundry room where she puts her dainty panties and bras and chemises and hose and if I see something there I know that I am to carefully hand wash the items for her and get them back to her ASAP.

This is the type of lingerie my wife wears!
My wife wears mostly silky and lacy undies -- she has the same taste as I have! Imagine that -- a sissy and a woman liking the same styles of lingerie. She will only wear cotton undies when she is working out at the gym, then of course it will be a sports bra and some sort of sports brief. Other than that her undies are lace and nylon and silk and it is my job to make sure they are taken care of and absolutely never ever ruined in anyway.

This is a big responsibility that I do not take lightly and of course it is something that a real man would not do and probably could not do properly. My wife really appreciates it, along with all the other chores that I do so she can relax. Not to mention my cooking and baking!

But anyway: do you take care of your wife's dainty things for her?


  1. Yes, I do all of the hand laundry as we call it here. Not only the undies, yes the gym clothes ,sports bras and whatever she puts in that container. My panties and bras go in there as well and we change often (She has provided me with over four dozen panties and insists I change often as she does check em out). All of my tasks as a wife have become a pleasure and grateful I can be of service to her needs.We do wear frilly nighties and these of course are in the "hand wash"
    Hugs to all you wives out there

  2. Yes Marilyn, you are so right about it being a pleasure to hand wash the wife's undies and do other things for her to make her life easier! And like I said before, my wife appreciate these things so much. I bet her friends' partners do not take care of their wives like that! Or at least not that we know of !!

  3. Oh and we always have a laugh when I accidentally place some of my dainties in with hers or vice versa after washing them! My wife wears size 6 panties and 34B bra. I wear size 7 panties and 38B bra. So they are close enough to get mixed up. And I can fit into a size 6 panties.

  4. es lo mas lindo ,. y lo mas atento que podes hacer como sissy marica .,.justamente ayer al medio dia me puse a lavar todas sus lencerias vestidos a mano frente a sus vecinos jejje ,lastimosamente lo hice con ropa de hombre puesta ,.pero fue muy lindo luego colgar toda esa leceria ,..frente a sus vecinas .,

  5. I can't believe that more sissies and T-girls who look in here do not hand wash their wife's or girlfriend's dainty things! I would think that is an automatic thing to do daily, just like pleasuring her pussy with your tongue!

  6. Stevie,

    As you already know, i hand launder my wife's, my own, and often her sister's lingerie on a regular basis. It really is an everyday thing now. i consider it part of my routine, and somewhat of an honor.


  7. She likes me to do the laundry... but my wife always likes those dreadful cotton panties!
    Mine are way sexier... :)