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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Taking care of her period!

So my wife calls me at home from her office and tells me I need to go to the drug store for her. It's her time of month!

She doesn't just sugarcoat it by saying she needs me to get some feminine products for her as a regular wife would do for a regular man. And a real man probably would be too embarrassed to do it anyway.
She knows that I know exactly what to buy for her time of month. She tells me to get over there and pick up her Kotex Gentle Glide tampons and Kotex Lightdays pantyliners. She must have been in short supply because she called me again about a half hour later -- when I was in the drug store -- to make sure I was getting her her tampons and pads!

I even went to the store with a coupon for each product! I am a very frugal wife! I always take a pile of coupons to the grocery store too!

But no way am I ever embarrassed to go to the store and pick up tampons and pads and take them to the checkout. The other day a man was checking out at the drug store. That does not even phase me. Although one time I was in Wal-Mart and a couple of teen girls were pointing and snickering at me when I was looking through the feminine products aisle!

I have been buying maxipads for myself since I was teenage sissy. Never really saw the rationale behind a sissy using a tampon. Although I have to admit that I have done it and I think it is just the idea that you are using a tampon that is the turn-on. Only a flaming sissy T-girl would put a tampon up her sissy ass, but then again that is what we are, are we not! There is also the feeling of that tampon  filling your sissy asshole, which I have to admit can be quite pleasurable.

I started using maxipads in my panties when I was a teen. The boys used to say that girls were "on the rag" and I wanted to pretend I was too because I wanted to be like the pretty girls in school!

So my wife was quite pleased that I got her "her supplies" as she calls them. She gave me a nice hug and kisses. And later in bed instead of licking her she was content for me to just hold her and caress her. Although sometimes she will have me lick her asshole when it is her time of month.

Oh I forgot to mention: Yes, my wife will have me use a maxipad during her time of month. I have a Kotex in my panties as I type this. But she is not adamant about it. She will kiddingly "make sure" that I have it in. I do it during that week anyway. And as I said, I have been using a maxipad since I was a teen sissy. Do you do the same?

Do you take care of your wife or girlfriends as far as when it is her time of month?


  1. If I had a lady friend or wife yes I would. Like you I have been using sanitary napkins since I was in my teens. I also use feminine douche as a enema and will insert a super plus tampon to hold it in. I do like using tampons along with my sanitary napkins when I am dressed as a woman, for me they make me feel more feminine.

  2. OMG, Sharon - I thought I was the only one who used tampons that way!

    Like yourself, Stevie, I've been wearing pads since I was a young sissy. When I have the chance, I love wearing used pads, since I find the feel and the smell stirs something deep within me.

  3. I'm a regular user of feminine products and am on a regular period schedule set by my wife Diane.

    I'm also responsible for the purchase of all feminine products in our household.

    sissy terri

  4. My wife and I are on the same cycle which makes it easy to remember.But I purchase them when I do the shopping. She said from the start of my training I can,t be a real sissy without having a period.

  5. When we pretend to have a period, well of course we do not menstruate, do we! I really really wish I did menstruate though! Don't you?

    I think the thing with me is that using a maxipad in my panties or a tampon in my sissy hole are just other ways of wishing so much that I were a girl. I need to emulate them! Whether it is shaving my body smooth or wearing makeup, etc., I have just always wanted to do girlie things!

    And going through a sissy period is just another thing, am I right?

  6. I love to wear tampons, and buy them what could be better than that constant reminder in your bum

  7. Nice story,I just started useing tampons a few weeks ago, I use the xl playtex tampon,oh my gosh,what a wonderful feeling,having a woman's tampon inserted up me,the more I get wet while dressed as a sissy the more snug the tampon gets in my sissy hole,& it makes me feel so much more femine,& seeing just the tiney white string hanging out,makes my little clitty leak into my underpants,love sissybobby

  8. Yes, I love the little string hanging out! Too bad you could not be in a men's shower, say at the public pool, and have your tampon inserted in your sissy pussy with the string hanging out. Do you think most men would even catch on to that?

  9. Live to see my string coming out of my ass/pussy

  10. It doesn't bother me to go to the store and purchase feminine douche, tampons and/or sanitary napkins. No more then buying my makeup and hair remover lotion, sometimes I wish a woman would say something about it.