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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don't ask to be dominated! Please!

Don't abruptly ask your wife
or partner to do this!
Someone asked me in an e-mail to explain how my wife and I got to where we are today. So here goes and it may take a few posts:

No. 1 thing: Don't all of a sudden go tell your wife you want her to dominate you and that you want her to spank you! That will kill your goal right away! In fact, you had better be sure that your wife has dominant tendencies before you even bring up the idea. I would have to think that if she does -- like mine does -- she will embrace the idea of being the dominant partner. I believe that many women would love to be in that situation. This is not the 1950s, after all! Most women today are more like Maude than Mrs. Cleaver!

In my case, I was lucky. I grew up a sissy and I was going to be submissive whether I ended up with a man or a woman. I was always happy to submit to girls and guys by giving them oral pleasure all the way through college and a little after and up until I met my wife-to-be.

My wife-to-be had just gotten out of a bad relationship where the guy was the total opposite of me. According to her, he was possessive, controlling and dominating. She did not like that and wanted out. We actually met each other when this relationship was still going on and close to its end. He wanted her to move to another state with him and she said no.

At the same same, she found that I was gentle and giving and attentive to her in the short time we knew each other. And she really liked that! What was funny was that after all those years of junior high and senior high and college -- when girls wanted me to be their close friend but not date me because of my being a sissy -- heer was a very attractive woman who wanted to partner up with me.

I know I was fortunate to be in the right place and the right time, but like I said, there are women out there who want to be with a sissy or a t-girl or a submissive guy. Heck, there are women out there who want to be with other women of course. Why? Well, they must have a desire to eat pussy! But they also want a partner to treat them gently as only another woman can. They want their world to be an all-feminine world. But heck again, sissies and t-girls offer that kind of world and if you think about it, a women who latches on to a sissy or t-girl can have the best of both worlds!

Well, this is becoming an essay, so I will call this Part 1 and continue with my experience in another post!


  1. Dear Stevie,

    Thanks for sharing your story! i guess there is hope for us sissies who are searching for a Dominant Woman to take us as Their obedient, attentive boi-wife. i'll keep looking for Her and hoping! Eager to read about more of your experiences!

  2. Stevie- Yes, thank you for sharing that!
    You are very right about not going too quickly. Although Wife takes control of things by nature, the sexual domming has been a slower process. Going slow has been "right" for us, even if I would have liked things faster! It is She that has to be comfortable, right?