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Saturday, April 7, 2012

I am very fortunate and I know it! Are you?

I can honestly say that my breasts
are approaching the size of the girl
on the left! And I am so fortunate that
my wife appreciates them!
I never take for granted how lucky I am be in the situation I am in and how supportive my wife is. I mean, she loves the way I am submissive and even that I am transgendered. And how many t-girls or sissies or sub hubbies can say that!

For instance, last weekend we painted each other's toenails. I had painted her toenails and fingernails before, but she had never done mine. She painted my toenails red and my fingernails clear, which is what I would have done for myself. I did her toenails and her fingernails in red.

What great fun we had! And we drank wine and talked and kissed and cuddled while doing this and afterwards I licked her to two orgasms and we cuddled some more in bed.

Then earlier this week, she commented about by breasts, growing thanks to hormones. She had commented before, in a teasing way, but this time she's telling me how much she loves them while she's sucking on them and her exact words were that she "loves every inch of me!" We were both off work that day so we spent hours in bed -- during the day -- with much of that time with me between her legs pleasuring her.

Needless to say, when you hear things like that it can only make you happy! I have to say that the hormone thing did not go over that well when I first started -- not badly, but she was hesitant -- but like this whole situation it has been a process of acceptance and I am so fortunate that it turned out in a good way. Of course, you know that many wives have divorced their mates over the hormone issue and even the dressing issue.

If you have success story, too -- even small success -- please tell us about it!


  1. So happy things are going well for you hunni. I'm not a sissy hubby or anything but I do have a female house mate and girlfriends who I share these sorts of experiences with. I am at the beginning of my t-girl sissy adventure really and I'm starting to turn my thoughts to hormones etc

  2. i've often thought of how it might feel to be on hormonal therapy. Does it increase your submissiveness? i am blessed with very sensitive nipples, would hormone treatment male them larger and more sensitive (that would be so very nice!)i love the concept that your Wife enjoys sharing such wonderfully girly activities with you! Congratulations!

  3. Increased submissiveness, oh yes! Bigger nipples, most likely not, but more sensitive yes. Limp penis, most definitely and I have to say that suits me just fine!

  4. Congrats on the size of your breasts. I had just been noticing her smaller breasts in the picture when I read your words. I hope they are very sensitive.

  5. Very limp penis Mistress had my testes removed ten years ago and will not allow me to transition any further. 36C breasts (augmented) laser treatment and estrogen treatment complete woman with limp penis. Prostrate milking once a month for health reasons.

  6. Stevie...I would be very interested to know what kinds of hormones you are presently taking...estrogen or herbs? I have had some but not much success with herbs and was wondering what works for you? Cindy

  7. Like you I never ever take for granted how fortunate I am for having found such a wonderful Woman.I truly don't feel worthy of such a blessing but am sure glad we met.Like you my wife came from a big hairy guy who made all the decisions to someone like me who is her size and very submissive. It has worked wonderfully for us in so many areas. We too do each others nails and tonight I am to present myself completely en-fem. We will drink wine and I will massage her and listen about her day and we will make love and I will make her dinner. This is all quite normal except that I will be the one in a dress and heels and makeup! Love it! Cindy