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Friday, April 13, 2012

Keep those talented fingers in shape!

The other day my wife lectured me -- more like a stern reminder -- about keeping my finger nails extremely short so as to not scratch her when I am fingering her to an orgasm.

I do really really try to keep them short, but obviously finger nails grow without you noticing them! Of course I know that I cannot scratch my wife's pussy so I am always very careful. Now I guess I was not careful enough so I got in a little trouble. Was not the first time!

But my wife likes to just lie back and have me pay attention to her breasts. Kiss and lick all around them and spend a lot of time sucking her nipples. At the same time, she expects me to use my fingers to get her off.

Just like what is in the photo at right!

Thus, I must watch my fingernails!

Oh did I mention that my little sissy limp thing is always ignored. I know that I am really crazy, but that is how I want it to be. Please tell me there are others out there that are like me! I just believe that my wife is the pleasure receiver and I am the pleasure giver.

We have evolved to this state over the years. I wanted it and I am completely happy with it. My wife also has found this is the way she likes it. She loves how I worship her pussy. She loves the fact that I have given up my pleasure for her.

Actually I have not given up my pleasure at all. I get extreme pleasure by giving her the pleasure of numerous orgasms. Do you agree with that?


  1. I would not say you are crazy. Many submissive husbands give up their pleasure. They are fulfilled by pleasuring and pleasing their wife. I know I am.

  2. Dear Stevie,

    i agree with both you and mark that as a submissive there is something in our makeup (nature or nurture?) that gives us great pleasure in giving pleasure to our Superiors. i wouldn't be happy at all if the Woman i'm with wasn't satisfied despite not cumming myself. Its exciting for me to know Her satisfaction is paramount to both of us and my orgasm is entirely optional and under Her control.

  3. I also get chastised if I don't have my fingernails just right, or if I scratch my Wife!
    Now I do still like my pleasure, but now I don't need it every time....Wife's pleasure matters more. Often, she'll help me stroke as I wear my panties to take care of me, at the end.

  4. This is exactingly how i made love to a female friend of mine a while back. I fingered her and lick her breasts the whole time till she came,because i couldn't keep it hard long enough to put it in.
    She was very please, seems like she didn't mind whether i was using
    my clit or my fingers, she ask me in amazement where did i learned to do that? in the middle of it all she ask "how i was so wet?" maybe that was unusual to her for a male(or what she think i am) to be so wet. Actually i would rather humped her than putting it in, which i tend to go soft attempting to

  5. Reading your blog are making me to understand
    my own self even more. I think my natural place
    in making love to a woman is to do so as a lesbian, I was making love to this other female
    and she told me that i made love like a woman!the was i was licking her nipples so soft and tender
    instead of rough like a man would,she said that i used my body to make love instead of my dick/clit. At first i was laying on top of her,
    when i was putting it in, and reach about half way, she spin around dogy style and i just went soft, and then proceeded to licking her with my tongue till she came.I was staying at her place
    temporarily. She to me to sleep in the living room (from then on) while she brought other guys in her room, and continued to threat me nice i guest as a friend, and told me that when she need some lesbian type sex/love she will request me for that. Those nights when she decided not to bring no other guys in she let me sleep next to her on her bed, where we talk and laugh and enjoyed each others company

  6. This was what i intended to write:"i was licking her nipples softy and tenderly" and she commented
    that i was so gentle

    Instead of this:

    "the was i was licking her nipples so soft and tender"

  7. I used to be very concerned about my fingernails, but now we use my tongue or a dildo to pleasure HER, since SHE likes my nails long, tapered and polished all the time. SHE gets very upset if my nails are not perfect.