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Monday, April 30, 2012

Wife rules the remote control too!

I was reading today in the "A Married Sissy" blog, one of my favorites on the subject about how we are, and the sissy mentioned briefly about how she watches on television what her wife wants to watch.

I don't get to touch this a lot!
That's exactly how it is in our household! I do not dare touch that remote! That is unless there is something I want to record to watch later. Many nights I will lick my wife to her orgasm and when she is asleep, I will sneak out to watch a program that I recorded!

I definitely am not like real men who are always watching football and golf on their televisions. My wife reminds me that it is HER television! Now, she does like our local pro football team so we do watch those games together.

I have no problem with this arrangement. Because of my female-oriented brain I like to watch what she watches anyway. I have seen many "chick flicks" but I absolutely love them!

I know I am just a sissy wife, but I would have to think that many women who are dominated by men -- even if it's over who gets to watch what on TV -- would love to have an arrangement like my wife has with me. Or your wife with you, if you also are a sissy wife!


  1. We do as you do,However we do not watch much tv per se, we have several sitcoms from the past Frasier Will and Grace,etc. and we see only chick flicks. While we watch I usually give her a foot massage. I love my Sissy life

  2. What I want to watch is what gets watched in my house. However my bitch-boy uses the remote controls. It is not my job to operate the TV or HDD. It is bitch-boy's job to make sure everything I want recorded is recorded and to switch to whatever I want to watch.

  3. My wife also expects me to record "her shows." And I am expected to know which ones she means when she uses those words!