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Friday, February 7, 2014

Are you a man's sissy wife?

I wanted to be in a relationship
 like this couple!  Are you a sissy
 wife to a man?
I have been in love with guys and girls. I have submitted to and pleasured guys and girls. For a while, I wanted to be a man's sissy wife.

As I have written, I did not find my place in the gay world. I got the feeling that most gay guys want to be with a real man just like most sissies and t-girls want to be with a real man. So the pickings for sissies and t-girls are slim.

So, I ended up with a dominant woman, which in some respects is the best of both worlds. I can be submissive and feminine, but much of the time we carry on as a normal couple.

But I was wondering if anyone who looks in here is serving a man as his sissy wife?  I would love to know about your lifestyle. I know I had my ideas about how I would have wanted it and I still fantasize about it!

Also, does anyone know of any blogs about a sissy or t-girl serving as man as his wife?


  1. I dream of being a sissy wife but that darn reality gets in the way.

  2. Sigh, if only I could be so lucky . . .

  3. I'm with sissy Shannon, I often fantasize about being a sissy wife to a man but reality comes back into play.

  4. I am wife to a Gg who is reaaly a man.Inside ,in her brain. I am a woman in my brain and soul. Before I married 5 years ago I had a BF. We did not live together .He was amrried . I saw him once a week for sex.He was a black treasure and so sweet too.I would have kept on had I not realized what I found. She (husband ) is only lovingly dominant. I like it the way it is
    She makes love to me as a woman. Using only the equipment she has naturally.
    I am soooo happy and content. I deserve what I ahve
    Hugs to all

  5. Luv your blog hun... makes me feel all creamy inside....
    anuway... hehehe, try this blog : http://ctownsubboi.tumblr.com/ she's not quite a wife... more like a live in sissy / cumdump. I dont know if its true, but i want to believe... she's real faggy and luvs cock... can't get enough. It's quickly becoming one of my favs. Enjoy!

  6. being a sissy wife to male as well as Woman would please me

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  8. I am now and have been a sissy wife to a man that is completely male, dominent and has become a good friend. I have been used by him every morning for the past four years as his sissy wife and he claims he still loves my granny tranny fanny as much as the first time we were together. Yes it is true an everyday crossdressing sissy, tranny girl met a real man (he is sooooooo male) that dates trannies exclusively. He is 61 and i am 59 years old. I met him, of course, on the internet and we spoke off and on for several years. We finally decided to meet and i dressed in a short yellow knit dress with nude hightop stockings, a white garterbelt and see-thru panties and white 4in heels.
    His first words to me were "oh this is going to be soooo great". On the way to my house he was feeling me up and kissing the side of my face and petting me so much i almost drove into a tree. That was over four years ago. Just this morning i was dressed as i normally am in my babydoll nitey and heels. i was in route to make coffee and he came up behind me a so softly rubbed my fanny and told me that he loves mine more than any trannygirl or genetic that he has been with. i said "oh come on" and he insisted that it is "velvet smooth and he loves how i much i love being with a real man. The reader can translate that i am sure. i don't know how graphic i can be on this site. Well my sister trannies... it can happen, this is the true story of my sissyhood. I am frankly so sissified that it feels completely normal to just be me now. Some of the experience is difficult to describe as my writting skills are limited. my boyfriend is not exactly a rich, handsome prince charming type. But he is handsome to me and i still love to make him happy (wink).

  9. Absolutely LOVE the picture.

    What a dream.....to be either one of them!!!

  10. I am a sissy wife to a very Dominant man. I told him right at the start of our dating that I was a sissy and would relate to him only as a female. Physically I am still male but do have breast implants so I pass routinely as female. I cannot ever imagine not being a sissy for this man. I perform as a woman sexually and do all the normal submissive things, care for him, the home and do the house wife thing as well. He is and always will be the very dominant male and head of house. I will always be his submissive wife and sissy and I know I was meant to be such. This has been going on for at least 10 years now and only deepens our relationships in all ways.

  11. You are very very fortunate Jinian Victoria!

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  13. Very few know that I am genetically male. Our neighbors, friends, co-workers, know me only as a woman :) Eventually we will take a vacation overseas and soon after we get back home he will finally be able to take my "virginity".

  14. She isn't too demanding..mostly serving her snack and meals...oh then there is the Dishes and the Laundry.....We haven't had sex in years...I suppose that's the main reason I've got a Nice Boy Friend on the side. He's been around for a few years now.

  15. Although I am lucky enough to have a Domme, I often fantasize about her putting me into a skimpy/sexy mockery of a Bridal Outfit and "marrying" me to a guy!