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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bikini season!

The beautiful Chompoo looks
stunning in her bikini!
I forget what I was ordering the other day, but my wife and I were with some other people in a restaurant and I either ordered something really fattening or ordered too much of it.

So she says in front of the group: "You'd better watch. It's almost bikini season. You won't be able to fit into your bikini."

Well everyone had a good laugh. Some people knew about our relationship, and well, some people didn't. Some of the people have seen me in a bikini.

It's my wife who has me in the bikini, even though I have always worn them anyway except for swimming class at school. I wear the bottom and a tank top mostly because she doesn't really want me to have the tan lines that a bra top would give me. I personally would love to have the tan lines on top too, but I guess she is right about that for whatever reason.

We actually have our own pool so I can wear whatever I want, whether a bikini or go nakie, which happens a lot.

But she loves me in the bikini bottom and I have a nice collection, many purchased by her. Do you wear a bikini bottom too? Is it because your wife or girlfriend loves you in one and demands that you wear it?


  1. I don't have the body for a bikini, guess I eat too much or to fattening. So i wear a one piece. I went out the other day with what I thought was a heavy shirt. When I got home my wife said you know you can see your bra thru that shirt. Now I know why people where staring at me

    a spanked husband

  2. Haha! I have been there as well: Bra strap showing, thong underwear showing when I bent down, bra seen through shirt like what you experienced!

  3. Yes I wear a bikini bottom at the public beach.However I do not wear at the pool in the community where I live. It is an over 55 residence and they do pick up on everything. Many do know that I am the wife. She adresses me as Fraulien in front of most folks
    I do love it too.
    Hugs and thanks

  4. I love wearing bikinis...one-piece suits too.

  5. How embarrassing (and fun!) to be corrected like that while out!!
    We have a hot tub... I wear a one-piece (gold lame!) there... I'd like to wear my wife's bikinis (I do fit!!) but haven't gotten permission from Her!
    And yes, I'd love to have that tan-line on my top! Hopefully our Wives will decide it is right for us!!
    Hug, Sara

  6. My wife loves me in a bikini bottom and she buys them for me. But when we have company she would rather I wear the boy leg bottom because she does not want me to show the company too much. That is unless we are close friends then it is the bikini.