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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dressing in our proper role!

My wife and I appear like this a lot!
A lot of times when my wife and I are out -- and this is especially true in the spring or fall when my wife might be chilly and choose to wear jeans -- we will look like the couple at right.

I pretty much wear short shorts in public from May through October. And most likely a tank top from June through August. So I will be dressed like the girl at right during the hot summer months.

My wife, on the other hand, will wear jeans or capris in the spring and fall and even when she wears shorts they are never as short as mine!

So, of course, this gets us some interesting looks as you might imagine or you might experience yourself! This is not true as much when we attend an arts and crafts show or festival because there are mostly women there and any guys there are pussy-whipped and are holding their wives' or girlfriends' purses and purchases!

But when we attend some event where there are mostly men -- like a farm show or auto race or ballgame -- then my role as the sissy partner is amplified as you might imagine. We certainly get looks and I -- not my wife -- may get some comments. And you know what they can be like!

So my question is: Do you dress as your role of the sissy partner? Or do you hide that fact all the time or most of the time?

I don't go out in a dress with my wife, although I wish I could! But I do wear girls clothing even if that means shorts or jeans or a sweater or sandals. Or even carrying a purse -- but that is a subject for another post!

What do you wear when you are out with your wife or girlfriend?


  1. Yes and I do get comments. We sometimes wear matching outfits. Jeans and tops. I do wear shorts often and most of my clothes are girls or ladies
    I do not wear dresses out, I too would like to.
    I carry my own purse and at times hers too.I reaaly do not care abut the looks. I am proud to be hers. She sometimes calls me across the store"fraulien". Yes I got tired of hiding out.
    This area is pretty much ok with so many different lifestyles. I seldom notice the looks,especially when I am buried in the sale racks at the Macy's
    Thanks again Stevie, great topic
    Wife must do what she will,and what she is supposed to.

  2. Love you post... and it must be great dressing like you two do in the summer!
    (like Marilyn's matching outfits, too!)
    No, I haven't dressed much out with Wife. Sometimes a bra and short shorts... probably a good case of VPL, ha, and very rarely a bra (not too noticeable)

  3. I just discovered your blog and love it! For years when we went out I dressed as feminine as I thought I could without causing too much notice. Women's shorts..some tops..bracelets and rings and of course all the the underpinnings.Sometimes times I went somewhat overboard with makeup but never heard a comment. The family however was and is a different matter and I prefer to not push it especially with all the guys there. We very often dress alike mostly because we have the same taste in clothes and share many items. My Wife has always commented that when She married me She doubled her wardrobe (but so did I)smiles. Cindy

  4. Marysgirl- Hee, my wife loves how her wardrobe has expanded, too...especially those trashy panties! :)

  5. Sadly I am too much of a coward to display my true sissy self at home and my wife is totally unsupportive. Most of my dressing is done while I am away traveling which is pretty much 4 to 5 days a week. But I prefer short shorts or skinning jeans that ride up about 6 to 8 inches on my calves. I was recently in Chicago over the weekend and when I got up that Saturday morning I put on a pair of my skinny jeans a pair of strappy canvas sneakers and a light weight puffed sleeved vneck floral blouse. With a hint of clear lip gloss, a bit of mascara and eye shadow I pulled my hair up in a high ponytail and went to CVS. I purchased a pack of virginia slim 120's and a copy of Rachel Rays May issue, grabbed a latte from Starbucks and took the train downtown to Millenium Park where I walked around finding a bench to read my magazine. Got a few looks but the feeling of freedom was remarkable. Wish my wife was as open as yours.