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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Taking care of motherly duties!

Not me here, but I did the same.
I'm not sure where I found this photo of what appears to be a sissy wife with a couple's baby. I was sorting some photos of t-girls and it was a nice surprise!

That could have been me in the photo, at least until my wife and I had to put a stop to it. Because we work different hours, I was the main caregiver for our two kids during the day. No day care for them. I think our son was about 4 when one day he asked me why I was wearing momma's shoes! I said I was just borrowing them. I relayed this exchange to my wife and she agreed that the dresses and heels had to go when the kids were around and awake.

The boy is now a college grad and is certainly not a sissy. And as far as we know he is not gay. He always is dating pretty girls. I believe, as many do, that you are born both of those ways and it's not something you choose to be. The girl is in high school.

Anyway, I played a role in being a stay-at-home mom and it really suited me well because I have such maternal instincts because I am a sissy. I was very good at changing diapers!

And I tried to help the boy along with boy stuff but that was more by getting him signed up for Little League, etc., than me being able to help him with that stuff.

I loved taking care of our babies and still play a big role. The only thing that I regret is that I could not be pregnant and give birth and breastfeed.

Anybody else, as a sissy wife, enjoy doing motherly duties like me?


  1. I stayed at home when son was little, and my Wife traveled for work almost every week for a while. Yes, I did it all...
    But I can't say I was especially good at all the "wifely" child raising duties. I got it done. Only nearly burned house down once boiling those baby bottle nipples! :)

  2. i never experienced what you discuss here in real life. i have had those fantasies though, especially experiencing pregnancy! Embarrassed to even admit that!

    sissy terri

    1. omigosh, terri...I'd never considered preganancy! Ooh, must think on that! Sara

  3. The Photo is of Mary Jane. He is the husband of Chi. Thery live in the UK. She is an optomitrits. He is a Former Soldier in the Srmy. Isn't it wonderful to see how we men can transform ourselves into Pretty Feminine Creatures!!!