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Friday, June 29, 2012

Be cheerful when you do the laundry!

I take great pleasure
in folding laundry!
I am sort of surprised that only 71 percent of respondents to the housework poll say that they love to do it.

If you do not love it, then you are not being a very good sissy wife, are you? I mean, you should be submitting to the real woman since you are just a woman wanna-be. She has the pussy that you can only long for and dream about.

You should be worshiping her because you want to be like her, you want to BE her. You should want her life to be pleasurable. She should not have to do chores. You should love the fact that you do them for her. Am I not right!

You should make sure that things are done around her house so that she has time to socialize and do things that give her pleasure. Maybe she might want to go out on a date with a real man. If she elects to bring a real man back to her house, wouldn't you want him to see how nicely kept it is! Wouldn't you want him to compliment you on your nice housework as he carries your naked wife off to her bedroom! Wouldn't you want a stud of man to lay your naked wife down on nice-smelling sheets!

So make sure you have nice-smelling sheets just in case. And be cheerful about it while you do the laundry!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gardening work is never done!

I have been very busy so far this summer as far as my wife having me do a lot of outside landscaping work just like the girl at right.

Oh, I work with my boobs hanging out like this girl but, alas, I don't have nearly what this gorgeous girl has! I wish!

But my wife tells me what to do as far as planting flowers and I also have to do the tough chores such as weeding and mulching and mowing and trimming.

While I am doing this, my wife relaxes by the pool with her book and a glass of wine. My reward for doing all these outside chores for her is to savor her delicious pussy juices after I am permitted a naked swim in the pool to cool off.

But she appreciates the work I do for her and the pleasure I give her!

Panties for you and your wife?

What kind of panties do you wear compared to what your wife wears?

My wife does wear sexy panties. Certainly not granny panties! But they are more of a conservative pair of sexy panties like the ones in the photo at right on top.

I mean, those are sexy. They don't cover up the belly button!

I know exactly what panties my wife is wearing because I am the one who launders them. I am also the one who buys them for her. I have bought really really sexy panties for her over the years and she does like to wear them. But for everyday wear she prefers the conservative sexy panties like the ones pictured.

Now me: I prefer panties like the ones in the bottom photo. I like string bikinis and I like thongs too.

I guess it suits me and it is appropriate for me to wear even skimpier panties than my wife because I am the submissive partner and she is the dominant one.

That also pertains to hose. My wife, like most modern-day women who work in an office, wears pantyhose. I would rather wear a garter belt and stockings. Pantyhose are sexy, but again, they are a conservative sexy. A garter belt and stockings are more suited for a sissy because they are ultra feminine and sexy!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Don't you just love this gal!

I am not this fortunate! My wife will spank my sissy behind. Sometimes use a paddle on me too. A ping pong paddle is something very common that delivers a nice sting!

But wouldn't you love it if your wife was like the gal pictured at right! She's dressed for the part! And she has a delightful instrument to allow her to show who is the boss!

What sissy wife would not present her sissy behind to a woman as dominant as this!

Is anyone reading this more fortunate than I am as far as maybe being flogged or whipped or caned! My wife has expressed the desire to try a whip but I am still waiting!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I admit I have a sissy maid fantasy!

from http://www.strappedinsilk.com
I admit I have a sissy maid fantasy -- like most sissy wives!

I do not have an elaborate maid's outfit, but I will serve my wife in various items of lingerie or just in my panties or nakie wearing just an apron!

I would love to serve her friends like in this great cartoon that was on strappedinsilk.com!

The neat thing would be the fact they were would be four "girls" in the room. All shaved smoothed, all smelling nice, all wearing makeup and lipstick, all in sexy clothes, all extremely feminine creatures!

But the torture would be that only three of the "girls" have a pussy and the one "girl" that does not have a pussy would be you! The three with the pussy have decided that you will serve them since you are the one who is different and lacking that treasure!

On the other hand, I would love to serve three beautiful real girls as their maid -- or men too for that matter -- and that would include giving them oral pleasure, of course!

Does anyone have any experience dressing as a maid while you serve your wife or significant other?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Before and after her orgasms!

This is like my wife and me!
There is nothing like being (nearly!) as smooth as your wife and holding her and kissing her and caressing her and rubbing your smooth perfumed body up against hers both before and after licking her to several extremely pleasurable orgasms!

Don't you agree!

I willingly trade my own pleasure to concentrate only on my wife's pleasure. But, then again, my pleasure comes from her holding me like in the photo above and showing me how much she appreciates it!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Housework certainly does not humiliate me!

Sometimes my wife will buy me a
nice dress or lingerie
or other girlie item for being
such a good housewife!
I read on another blog the other day that a sissy was humiliated by having to do all the housework for her wife! Nothing could be further from the truth for me!

I love doing housework! I have loved it ever since I helped my mother as a young sissy! I learned cooking and baking and cleaning and sewing and crafts from her! I learned about lingerie from watching her! I learned about how to act like a girl from my mother and my two older sisters!

Humiliated about housework: not me! I enjoy doing all the housework for my wife because it makes her life easier, gives her more time for her pleasures and hobbies.

To me, if I can clean the house for my wife, run all her errands, launder her clothes and hand wash her dainties, take care of all of her bills and financial matters, cook her a nice dinner, bake a nice dessert, clean up after dinner, fix her a glass of wine, lick her to a couple of orgasms, give her a nice full-body massage and worship her asshole -- then I feel that I have put in a wonderful wonderful wonderful day!

What about you? Do your days go as wonderful as that?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Mrs. Slocombe's Pussy and my wife's pussy

Mollie Sugden as Mrs. Slocombe
Mrs. Slocombe's Pussy

There's an old British comedy series called Are You Being Served? And it is extremely funny. We have a DVD box set of them. The funniest character is Mrs. Slocumbe and if you watch those You Tube clips via the link above you will see why.

So why do I mention it? Well, when my wife and I are out with another couple or couples and she is ready to go home, she will look for an excuse. Instead of saying she has to get up early or she is not feeling well, she will say something like "Stevie wants to go home and play with his pussy"  or "Stevie has to put his pussy to bed" or "Stevie has to go home and wash his pussy" !

We actually do have a pussy cat and this is our inside joke! But the other couples may or may not know that. They think she is calling me a pussy and they get a good laugh out it at my expense because, well, they know that I really am a pussy and I am pussy-whipped.

And my wife will run with it and call me a pussy in front of everyone, mostly "C'mon pussy, let's go home." But she has fun with it so I am not even humiliated. I am a pussy and always have been.