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Friday, June 29, 2012

Be cheerful when you do the laundry!

I take great pleasure
in folding laundry!
I am sort of surprised that only 71 percent of respondents to the housework poll say that they love to do it.

If you do not love it, then you are not being a very good sissy wife, are you? I mean, you should be submitting to the real woman since you are just a woman wanna-be. She has the pussy that you can only long for and dream about.

You should be worshiping her because you want to be like her, you want to BE her. You should want her life to be pleasurable. She should not have to do chores. You should love the fact that you do them for her. Am I not right!

You should make sure that things are done around her house so that she has time to socialize and do things that give her pleasure. Maybe she might want to go out on a date with a real man. If she elects to bring a real man back to her house, wouldn't you want him to see how nicely kept it is! Wouldn't you want him to compliment you on your nice housework as he carries your naked wife off to her bedroom! Wouldn't you want a stud of man to lay your naked wife down on nice-smelling sheets!

So make sure you have nice-smelling sheets just in case. And be cheerful about it while you do the laundry!


  1. Yes, yes and yes. And you get to wear a dress while you work!

  2. we share that chore as she wants to do the bulk of day wear. I do hand wash and sheets. I do all other chores.She gases the car takes it for maitenance. I arrange the weekly flowers and cook all meals.I am responsible for the condition of the home I treasure her every move. I am dedicated to her comfort and pleasure

  3. ... and that's why I'm just having a period with Her :)

  4. Thank you for the attitude adjustment, hon! :)

    And, much less painful than a spanking if I mis-behave and don't do it right... Mwwah

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