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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Before and after her orgasms!

This is like my wife and me!
There is nothing like being (nearly!) as smooth as your wife and holding her and kissing her and caressing her and rubbing your smooth perfumed body up against hers both before and after licking her to several extremely pleasurable orgasms!

Don't you agree!

I willingly trade my own pleasure to concentrate only on my wife's pleasure. But, then again, my pleasure comes from her holding me like in the photo above and showing me how much she appreciates it!


  1. Stevie,

    You are so correct on this! i love our smoothness. Diane teases me about it all the time, but in a nice way!

    sissy terri

  2. So nice to cuddle and kiss; then after I give HER a cunt lick and SHE is satisfied, SHE then will put me down submissively under HER and do me.

  3. After I lost my job and she got hers, she has become so dominant. I love to be so submissive, soft, docile. She put me on a diet with hormones that is rapidly causing me to femulate.

  4. Stevie- your line "rubbing your perfumed smooth body up against her" is making me tent my panties, stop it! :)