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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gardening work is never done!

I have been very busy so far this summer as far as my wife having me do a lot of outside landscaping work just like the girl at right.

Oh, I work with my boobs hanging out like this girl but, alas, I don't have nearly what this gorgeous girl has! I wish!

But my wife tells me what to do as far as planting flowers and I also have to do the tough chores such as weeding and mulching and mowing and trimming.

While I am doing this, my wife relaxes by the pool with her book and a glass of wine. My reward for doing all these outside chores for her is to savor her delicious pussy juices after I am permitted a naked swim in the pool to cool off.

But she appreciates the work I do for her and the pleasure I give her!

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  1. The idea of wearing a bakini while doing this so you end p with nice tanlines is appealing