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Monday, June 4, 2012

Housework certainly does not humiliate me!

Sometimes my wife will buy me a
nice dress or lingerie
or other girlie item for being
such a good housewife!
I read on another blog the other day that a sissy was humiliated by having to do all the housework for her wife! Nothing could be further from the truth for me!

I love doing housework! I have loved it ever since I helped my mother as a young sissy! I learned cooking and baking and cleaning and sewing and crafts from her! I learned about lingerie from watching her! I learned about how to act like a girl from my mother and my two older sisters!

Humiliated about housework: not me! I enjoy doing all the housework for my wife because it makes her life easier, gives her more time for her pleasures and hobbies.

To me, if I can clean the house for my wife, run all her errands, launder her clothes and hand wash her dainties, take care of all of her bills and financial matters, cook her a nice dinner, bake a nice dessert, clean up after dinner, fix her a glass of wine, lick her to a couple of orgasms, give her a nice full-body massage and worship her asshole -- then I feel that I have put in a wonderful wonderful wonderful day!

What about you? Do your days go as wonderful as that?


  1. I quite agree. Wholeheartedly.



  2. I did learn how bake, cook and to sew from my mother. Caught to many times borrowing some items from my two older sisters I was also forced to dress as a young girl and taught how to do housework. Now the only way I can do my dusting or vacuuming is to be dressed as a woman. Just wish I had someone to serve as a housewife.

  3. I just love keeping our home. I learned too as a little boy. Mom was often sick and I was the chief oook and bottle waher.Grandma taught me to bake and sew. I taught these things to my first wife. She really did not learn that well. In my current marriage I am the housewife and love it.She does appreciate all the little things like fresh flowers on her dressing table as well as other rooms in the house. SHe thanks me everyday for the meals I prepare and I too get lots of frilly things,cosmetics, lotions and potions to keep my body soft and smelling girly. I love my life.

  4. I too, have done all of the housework...dishes, dusting, vacuuming,cleaning the toilets and baths (which I hate, but oh well)
    and do all of the laundry and hand wash my wife's undies. (love it)

    I have voluntered to do her nails and toes, but so far....no.
    Oh well, one of these days