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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I admit I have a sissy maid fantasy!

from http://www.strappedinsilk.com
I admit I have a sissy maid fantasy -- like most sissy wives!

I do not have an elaborate maid's outfit, but I will serve my wife in various items of lingerie or just in my panties or nakie wearing just an apron!

I would love to serve her friends like in this great cartoon that was on strappedinsilk.com!

The neat thing would be the fact they were would be four "girls" in the room. All shaved smoothed, all smelling nice, all wearing makeup and lipstick, all in sexy clothes, all extremely feminine creatures!

But the torture would be that only three of the "girls" have a pussy and the one "girl" that does not have a pussy would be you! The three with the pussy have decided that you will serve them since you are the one who is different and lacking that treasure!

On the other hand, I would love to serve three beautiful real girls as their maid -- or men too for that matter -- and that would include giving them oral pleasure, of course!

Does anyone have any experience dressing as a maid while you serve your wife or significant other?


  1. Stevie - this has, for many years, been my top fantasy - the one I drift off to sleep with, if you know what I mean. If it ever happens I will be sure to tell you :)

  2. Oh Yes! That would be soo cool.I have told her that I would love to serve her friends.We are both fanatics about fidelity though. Iwould however love to be the maid among the gathering. I ahve done it in the past but with only one close friend participating.Mistress feels that with my occupation being sensative that 'Coming Out" like that would have an effect on too many folks.A full time wife yes. When it comes to business I must try to be a man UGH!
    My name is Marilyn and it is my turn.
    Thanks Stevie Ireally love this topic

  3. yes, i am often dressed as a maid and do all the household chores. It is only for my wife but she likes to tease me that she will let others see me all dressed up

  4. I like the maid outfits, but some have way too much clothing. Cover too much. Mine would have to be really skimpy and sexy! I feel the same way about bridal. Gowns are great, but mine would have to be very revealing!

  5. No, no experience serving others, Stevie.
    Looks sooo exciting..if totally humiliating! :D
    Yes, can't have too much coverage, hee hee

  6. Like @spankedhusband i am responsible for housework, and am often told to wear my uniform. I have been exposed to others - we go out often, but my owner has not yet had me go out as in uniform... though i have done it in previous relationships.

    It's deliciously humiliating and extremely erotic, I think... and I love when She requires me to do things that might seem humiliating.

  7. Friday say my wife i am sissy and i like dresses and maid uniformes. I say she i like by a maid. My wife at today no more words about.

    Yes, Stevie, i like and i dream for a situation like a picture.


  8. I prefer tight skirts and slutty tops, but there is something so sissified about mincing around with a full petticoat under my maid uniform. Mistress loves to humiliate me, and one of her favorite forms is "maid crissi" serving all of her friends. I love it!


  9. YEa Sort of. It started out with me just doing the house work, then on my days off I often would just stay in my night shirt, or night gown and do house work in that. Then it progressed from that to wearing more femme sleepwear, I still wore guy clothes mostly, but occaisonally stayed dressed in nightees and panties doing house work. Wife seems to like it. or maybe she is just humoreing me.

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  11. i would love being in a maid outfit and serving the women....in my dreams. Would i really love doing it??? i think that i would, but lets face it....i never have done this in real life, so could i????

    i would sure love to try.

  12. I love it . I have done this with more than one woman numerous times . I love it and women love it too

  13. I saw your photo as a maid, Dawn! Very nice!

  14. Hi I am very happy to be my master husband little sissy maid housewife. So now I do all the house work and take care of my master husband and so I love having great sex with my master husband