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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Panties for you and your wife?

What kind of panties do you wear compared to what your wife wears?

My wife does wear sexy panties. Certainly not granny panties! But they are more of a conservative pair of sexy panties like the ones in the photo at right on top.

I mean, those are sexy. They don't cover up the belly button!

I know exactly what panties my wife is wearing because I am the one who launders them. I am also the one who buys them for her. I have bought really really sexy panties for her over the years and she does like to wear them. But for everyday wear she prefers the conservative sexy panties like the ones pictured.

Now me: I prefer panties like the ones in the bottom photo. I like string bikinis and I like thongs too.

I guess it suits me and it is appropriate for me to wear even skimpier panties than my wife because I am the submissive partner and she is the dominant one.

That also pertains to hose. My wife, like most modern-day women who work in an office, wears pantyhose. I would rather wear a garter belt and stockings. Pantyhose are sexy, but again, they are a conservative sexy. A garter belt and stockings are more suited for a sissy because they are ultra feminine and sexy!


  1. Stevie,

    I so agree with you.



  2. Stevie,

    Similar situation with my wife. Although her taste isn't conservative (she likes tasteful, sexy panties) there is a definite difference between hers and mine. Hers are usually from VS and very sexy. But for me she insists that I wear the sluttiest panties that can be found, usually from Frederick's. But of course I don't mind either...it's a prefect reflection of both of our roles. I'm definitely the slut in our relationship and she loves showing that off :)


  3. Yes, I wear the sexier panties in the family, too! My Wife loves those cotton thicker panties!
    I buy her some sexy ones.. but if she wants sexy ones, she just has to borrow Mine!!
    Yep, I do the washing too... tho that can be fun in a couple ways, no?
    Hugs, Sara

  4. She picks out and buys all the panties. She even lays out what to wear today and sometimes a chnge during the day. I have dozens of pairs . All frilly and sexy. All shapes and styles. She launders the panties except for the handwash which is my pleasant duty. All of the handwash that is.She folds and arranges all the panties all though we have seperate draws. Which makes perfect sense doesn't it?. I am 6'3" sissy but the panties do not reflect my build - (she loves my long legs) She is a cute little thing 5'2" and a grand figure. She is also 27 years younger than I. I love being her girlie gurl.