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Friday, July 20, 2012

Mistress gives sissy a nice treat!

Guess where I would be in this situation!
One thing my mistress and I have engaged in for quite some time is cum swapping or snowballing.

We both love it! She loves it because she does not like the idea of swallowing cum because it is not something that a dominant person does in her opinion.

She believes that only a submissive woman or a submissive sissy or submissive faggot would swallow cum. And she is certainly none of those!

I, on the other hand, am a submissive sissy who always wanted to be a submissive woman who grew up as a submissive faggot! I definitely have a role as a cum swallower! That has always been my place in life.

My mistress also simply does not like the taste of cum. I have always loved that taste! Ever since my first time as a cock sucking teen sissy, I have craved the taste of cum! I preferred to get it from the boys that I pleasured, but I also loved eating my own!

My wife ordinarily does not suck on my little pathetic sissy clitty. Or sex life normally consists of me licking her to numerous orgasms and then cuddling. But the other night she gave me a sympathy BJ. This happens only several times a year I would bet.

I guess I was so surprised and excited that it really didn't take long for me to spurt a small sissy-like amount of cum into her mouth. Not an amount like a real man would produce. But she came up right away and spit the sissy juice into my mouth during a hot cum kiss. And she laughed at me and said how she loves doing that.

But I love it too. If she is generous enough to give me a sympathy BJ and she does not want to swallow, well somebody has to. A submissive sissy faggot like me!

Does anyone else do this with their mistress as a submissive sissy wife?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sissy's do not make decisions

A sissy wife's job is to lick, not make any decisions.
Leeanne Montgomery, on her blog, Sissy Musings, said this on Saturday:

"I think we love following them (wife's rules for her sissy). I think we love not having to make our own decisions. I love being told what to do, how to do it, and when to do it."

That is so true! And so well said! 

Being a sissy wife is not an easy life. It comes with great sacrifice. When your purpose in life is to serve someone and concentrate on pleasuring her without reciprocation, you are giving up a lot of yourself.

So as Leeanne says, I also know that I love it when the decisions are handed down to me and I know what I am expected to do for my wife and how do it and when to do it so it meets her expectations.

For instance, I take care of my wife's bills and finances for her. But she decides what needs to be bought and then paid for. She decides what I need to pick up at the grocery store. She decides our social calendar. She chooses who we hang out with. She decides along with other wives where we go.

My role is to pretty much do what she says I need to do and to lick her pussy to great pleasurable orgasms for her! By not having to make decisions I can concentrate on her pleasure and keeping her house nice and keeping myself smooth and girlie for her.