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Monday, August 13, 2012

A sissy has to sort the panties!

I put my little sissy clitty in
panties like Ashley is wearing here!
As I was doing laundry today and folding panties, something occurred to me:

How many males have to look at the tag on the underwear in the laundry basket to check the size in order to separate their underwear from those of the woman in the house! I bet not that many!

But that is what we sissy T-girls who are the real wives in the relationship have to do, don't we? There are only panties in our laundry as far as underwear goes. My mistress and I have some panties that are matching. So I have to carefully look at the tags sometimes to make sure that my panties don't end up in her lingerie drawer and her panties don't end up in mine! She wears size 6 panties and I wear size 7. So there is not that much difference.

Now, some panties are obviously hers. Being a business executive she wears a sharp woman's suit to work and underneath she will wear very nice quality panties and bras and stockings like the gal in the picture below. She rarely will wear thong undies or string bikinis, which is what I am more likely to wear like Ashley George in the photo above. But as far as middle of the road panties such as bikini panties, we both wear them and we have many panties that are the same and it is my job to make sure they end up in the correct lingerie drawer after I launder them!

My mistress wears lingerie
like this under her business suits.
But back to the original point, it is a special feeling to be sitting there sorting out the panties between those of your mistress and your own, isn't it? I would bet most regular men don't even go near the laundry, let alone fold their wife's panties for her even if they do not have their own sissy panties.

My mistress had told people how nice it is that I do all the laundry and of course they know that I have to fold her panties and hand wash her bras and stockings. Some women have even responded that they wish their men -- who are not sissies -- would do that for them and that my wife is so lucky to have me!

Then again, I have been wearing panties since I was 12 years old and they have become just another item of clothing. Though that is not how it was a first and I am sure you know that as well. When I first started wearing my sister's undies, it was a big thrill! But panties over the years became just what I wore, just became my underwear, the underwear that suited me.

But just remember when you are sorting the panties between yours and your mistress's what a sissy faggot you must be to have to do that. Only a sissy faggot would have to take time to find their panties among those of a real woman. It is just another time when we are so far away from being men. But it is the way we are -- not necessarily the way we have chosen -- and we love it either way.


  1. Stevie,

    I do our laundry and face the same issue. The first time I did our panties together, I got such a rush out of doing that for my wife, at her request. Now, it is simply expected. And I still get a rush out of it



  2. I love to do all the laundry for HER and put things away. I also help HER dress for work and social occasions. SHE didn't like me as a sissy for the first few months, but now she wouldn't have it any other way!

  3. Stevie,

    you found the perfect words! thank you!


  4. odd I am sure,but she loves to do the panties . Sorts em wahes em(Except for the hand wash,I do those( Folds them and places them neatly in my panty drawer. Some days she pics out what to wear for me.I get to do all of the ironig and the heavy wash.
    We both enjoy it this way. I am willing to do anyway she likes. After all she is the Mistress and I only Maid Marilyn

  5. OMG this hits so close to home it is unbelievable. My wife and I wear matching panties EVERY day. Even if one of us is traveling, we call each other in the morning to coordinate panties. So I definitely have to check the labels to sort them. We are the opposite of you in that I am size 6 and she wears size 7. I sort them before washing as I the place them in separate lingerie bags for washing and then it is easier to fold them into neat littles stacks when they are done. I do, of course, wash both of our stockings, pantyhose, and other hand washables and hang or lay them to dry. She has also had friends tell her how lucky she is to have a husband wo is willing to hand wash her pantyhose. If they ony knew... Nicole

  6. Nicole, my wife is always bragging about what a great little housewife I am! And, like you say, she often hears back about how lucky she is to have me! As I have written before, I don't just launder our undies, I also clean and cook and bake and grocery shop and raise kids and be the mom at school functions, etc.

    1. I did a lot of those things too. Changed more diapers than she did but our kids are grown now. I still do most of the cooking cleaning, etc.

  7. It is a great way to be! I have never had any complaints whatsoever because I have that female brain inside my head!

    1. Doing housework is not a "female" trait. It is a societal norm. There is nothing female about doing laundry and cleaning up.

    2. I agree, but traditionally things like laundry, cooking, baking, changing diapers, etc., have fallen to the female in the relationship. That is changing, of course, and we sissies are leading the way.

  8. Stevie- Thank you for this post!
    Yes, I lvoe sorting the panties! Fortunately, my Wife does not require me to fold them. She's a bit bigger than me, and likes cotton, while I like nylon. So many are "obvious" but you're right, some need "checking" !

  9. Stevie-

    You can't tell your panties from those that belong to your Mistress without checking size?

    Around here it's pretty simple: mine are the femmy, frilly confections that tend to be pink...Hers are usually black.

    But your point is well taken: this girl does the laundry for Mistress, no question.

  10. Sissy Chrissie: We have pairs of panties that are the exactly the same and those are the ones that I have to check for the size most often. If they are different styles, then I know which ones are mine and which are hers.