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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An act of submission and devotion!

As the sissy wife, after I lick the boss wife's beautiful and delicious pussy to two or three glorious orgasms I am presented with what is pictured at right!

I am not allowed to penetrate her, of course, and there really isn't any reciprocation as far as her returning oral sex. The reason I am not allowed to penetrate her is because what a waste of time it is when a sissy clitty is involved. So we just skip it. The boss wife rarely rarely performs oral sex on the little thing, and when she does the sissy has to dispose of the little mess by swallowing it, of course! The boss wife and I have agreed that we will concentrate ONLY on her pleasure!

So I am presented with what is shown at right. It is my reward for being such a great pussy licker! My duty is to lick up and down her crack and to lick out and fuck her asshole with my tongue until I am directed to stop. My boss wife says it is pleasurable, but it does not make her cum. Still, she loves it because it shows the dominance she has over me. I mean, how many people out there lick other people's assholes? It is really an act of submission and devotion! It is just part of that devotion: I do her laundry, do her grocery shopping, clean her house, eat her pussy and give her great orgasms ... and I lick her asshole!

What sissy wife would not do that for the wife who is boss!


  1. The very top of my list. The sub feeling and pleasure giving is recieved by me the giver. I love you Stevie for these posts

  2. yes...most people do NOT lick and kiss assholes...but as sissies....it's part of our duties!

  3. Oh, yes. My wife is having me worship her ass all the time. It puts me in my place. I love your blog.

  4. Hello Stevie,

    My feelings about worshiping her ass are very much depending on the situation. I enjoy to touch her with my lips and tongue, but she has a way to humiliate me. that's when she doesn't show any sign of sexual arousal - sometimes she just shows me, that I lick her to clean her - that's what I hate (but enjoy as sissy slave). When she shows that she actually sexually likes my licking, than I have great pleasure in pleasing her.

    Great blog,