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Sunday, September 23, 2012

A sissy shares her nail polish!

My mistress likes my taste in nail polish!
The other day the wife who is in charge came to me looking for some nail polish. She wanted both a clear polish and a color.

I have a little wicker basket in which I keep my nail polish and my manicure set. I must have over a dozen bottles of nail polish of various colors.

So of course I got my basket for her so she could pick out what she wanted.

Later on, I was thinking: How many women out there can go to their male partners  for nail polish? Not a great deal, I would imagine!

But it gets even better. The wife who is in charge at our house has also borrowed from me at various times lipstick and lip gloss as well camisoles and bras. Who said a sissy wife wouldn't come in handy for something other giving oral pleasure!

So I was wondering, if you are a sissy wife, do you also share things with your mistress? And what might those items be?


  1. Yes ,we share the same basket of nail polish. And so much more. Bath and Body products abound. We each have our fav,but they are free for each of us to use and we do.We are different size,however some times panties are too big for her and she passes them on.She does take care of my panty drawer and enjoys that.Same shampoo and other body products and shave cream "Skintimate"
    is intimate as is all with us
    Thanks again Stevie you are such a doll

  2. Oh Marilyn, I forgot that we also share the shower and shaving products as well as spray fragrances. Again, how special we must be to be in a situation where we share such things with a real woman!

  3. I don't have a wife but do have a female house mate and friends that share all sorts of things. The bestvin when they borrow clothes to go out in! Lol