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Monday, October 1, 2012

Our different taste in panties!

The superior wife's panties:
mostly black
I was folding the laundry Sunday afternoon and as I was going along I was folding our panties and it was like this:

black = wife's
black = wife's
pink = mine
light blue = mine
black = wife's
black = wife's
pink = mine
light green = mine
black = wife's

I had to laugh when it occurred to me that there was a pattern there! In the basket was a pile of half a dozen black panties. All belonging to the wife who rules. My pile of panties were all pastel colors like I noted: pink, blue, green!

The sissy wife's panties:
mostly pink and
other pastels
It also occurred to me that that color trend also was true with our bras. The wife who is superior wears mostly black bras, while I like pink bras mostly.

But I guess that makes sense for the dominant wife to wear black panties and bras and the submissive sissy wife to wear pink and other pastels for their bras and panties.

I just thought it was funny as I was folding our undies that her growing pile continued to be black, all black. And mine was all pastels!

How does that work with your superior wife if you are a sissy?


  1. Dear Stevie,

    This is so true. The colors and patterns differ... my wife doesn't even have a thong any more... all mine... simple rule: if it is simple and comfortable: it's not mine. If it is "girly", pink or "just for the looks" - it's mine.

    Hugs and kisses,

    PS: I totally love your blogs!

  2. Both my wife and I have an assortment of colors but her's are all cotton and I never wear cotton.

  3. Amazing similarities in this household. However she buys me panties every week ( well almost every week)
    When we married I was wearing old ladies style,she changed that in a hurry. All my panties are pretty and she continues with black,boring black.Well she is the husband and it is only proper that she should have it her way.

  4. Ha ha! Pretty true! :)
    Mine are more colorful than my wifes! She likes black.. but also white. And, also boring cotton panties...mine are much sexier and frillier to boot! :)