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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A sissy 2nd wedding would be wonderful!

This is an example of
what I would wear to
renew my vows to
my superior wife!
I have read on some websites and blogs about how a superior wife and a sissy wife may renew their vows. Only this time they do it quite differently. They do it in the roles into which they have evolved.

And of course it is not a church or public ceremony. It is just for invited guests who know about the sissy wife lifestyle and probably also participate in that lifestyle.

But maybe some of the guests did not know this side of you! How revealing it would be to them! Maybe some of the guests would be your relatives or your wife's relatives. Maybe your wife's co-workers.

I was just wondering: what if my superior wife desired to have such a ceremony to affirm her dominance over me, to affirm my submission to her, to affirm how I am such a little worthless sissy whose only duty is to serve her!

If my superior wife came to me and told me that she wanted to do such a thing, I would be so delighted! Nervous! But delighted! What a great way to show my devotion to her! Not a big deal. Not like she demanded I have my sissy clitty removed or something like that! (Although, wait! I seriously would consider letting her do that too, but that is a subject for another post!)

A wedding day with other sissies
would be wonderful! All dressed in
wonderful wedding lingerie! And of
course it would be the superior
wives throwing the garter!
But back to the sissy wedding! What a great time that would be! Would be even great if it were a multiple wedding! A really sissy-fest!

Would you love to have a sissy wedding to renew your vows to your superior wife? Or maybe you already have? I'll have to google it, but I bet there are sissy wedding vows out there somewhere. I will try to find some!


  1. Personally should I ever get married again I would like to be the one wearing the wedding dress and to be the woman in a relationship. Or at the very least the sissy in a relationship.

  2. Uh, duh! Would I?! As if! I already own the lingerie and honeymoon nightie.



  3. I actually own such lingerie already too, Leeanne! I would bet most of us sissy T-girls do! So I am ready to go if the superior wife desires it!

  4. i would LOVE this too! Perhaps instead of a multiple wedding, it could be a single wedding. Instead of bridesmaids attending to the Wife, it would be Alpha Bull Studs. Instead of groomsmen, the sissy wife would either have other sissies at his side or even more Men for the Wife. Such a ceremony could be consumated in front of all invited guests with the sissy prepping and cleaning for the cheering crowd.