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Monday, November 5, 2012

Sissies make excellent bakers!

I love this photo of a sissy T-girl doing some baking! Looks like some yummy cupcakes!

She is obviously preparing a nice dinner for her man or her dominant woman!

You know, just the other day I baked peanut butter cookies. The superior wife at our house praised me for making them all exactly the same size! And of course I made the criss-crossed fork marks that you see on peanut butter cookies!

But I like to bake and that goes back to when as a young sissy girl I helped out when my mother and aunts baked!

And don't you just adore this girl's outfit for her domestic duties around the house!

Anyone else like to bake to please your man or your dominant wife?


  1. Who in the hell would be paying attention to the baking and what she's banking. What a WOMAN!!!!!
    The rest of you can have tha cup cakes, i'll take the ladie.

  2. i love baking for my Owner. we moved house recently and it didn't feel like we were properly at home in our new place until i had something baking in the oven. There is nothing better on a rainy day than baking something tasty for the one you love and adore.


  3. Yes,I bake cakes regularly and it is expected. I also bake birthday cakes for all of our friends. They all know I am the housekeeper. They all do not know I am full ttime wife.

  4. OMG!! I have just discovered your blog and love it!!!!

  5. Since I have no Mistress or Master I still love to bake. I spend the holidays by myself I am always dressed as a woman doing the cooking and baking for myself.

  6. Last evening, I cooked the superior wife a wonderful dinner of ham loaf, mashed potatoes, cream corn, cauliflower with a cheese topping and biscuits! I also did all of the cleanup while she relaxed with a glass of wine. She showed her appreciation later by getting into bed naked and letting me worship her pussy to several glorious orgasms! Earlier in the day I did the laundry, shopped for groceries, cleaned the house and paid the bills for her. I am such a wonderful sissy wife! And I love being one!