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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Superior wife wants more ass worship!

Out of the blue the other day, the superior wife was scolding me for NOT paying enough attention to her! Believe me, I think I pay a lot of attention to her! I am always giving her massages, caressing her, soothing her with body lotion, kissing and licking her all over, and of course constantly worshiping her pussy and also her asshole.

I always always always lick her ass crack and her asshole after licking her to several orgasms. I really do. I do this until she drifts off to sleep. I give up any attention to my sissy clitty to lick her ass!

So I asked her what else I could do for her? Well, it was the ass thing. She said I needed to pay more attention to her ass. I said MORE? She said I need to caress her ass more during the day, kiss it more, lick it more -- meaning at times when we were NOT in bed!

To show what she meant, she had me lie on the living room floor. I was already wearing just panties. She stripped and she sat on my face like in the photo above. Well, she had sat on my face plenty of times in the bedroom, but never like this. And the other times, it was after I pleasured her pussy several times.

She sat on my face, positioning her asshole over my mouth and told me to lick. I licked and tongued her asshole for about 15 minutes. She did not even cum. But when she had enough she told me how pleasurable it was.

She said she expected more of that! I just laughed and said of course you can have more of that -- what is the big deal? Her ass is just as nice as the gal's in the photo (and boy am I ever glad for that!) I do not know what brought on that episode. But as a sissy wife, I just sighed and we went about the rest of the evening.

Does your superior wife demand such off-the-wall things of you too?


  1. Wow. Lucky you. I am only allowed to worship my wifes ass during the heat of sex.

  2. My favorite place to be .To give to her that is.On my knees or her on the bed either or. Just such a pleasure.
    Thanks Stevie

  3. Yes Ms Jackie refers to me as Her "PAL" Personal Ass LIcker. Same deal I'm expected to random times jsut as I do with her foot worship