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Monday, November 26, 2012

What kind of maid would you be?

Now this is something I would wear for my superior wife while doing the housework or cooking for her!

The website where it is available is listed on the photo. Lots of nice maid and sissy items there, so check it out!

My taste in a maid uniform is short! And this certainly is! My wife would have access to my behind if she wanted to give me a little smack as she sometimes does when I am in the kitchen!

Looks like this girl is wearing 4 or 5 inch heels, which would make you walk very gingerly as you were going around performing your domestic duties!

What are your tastes in a maid uniform to wear when you are going about your duties to make the superior wife's life so much easier?


  1. I like the kind with tons of ruffles, the wider it poofs the better.

  2. Unfortunately, Debbie's never asked me what my tastes are! I've learned to like what she likes :)


  3. I have one like this and I do wear it .She never asks. I just do it and it does get her attention

  4. a sexy maid and hard working one.
    ready willing to serve