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Monday, December 31, 2012

Imagining a wonderful life!

I saw this photo on Tumblr and I know it looks like a real man having a glass of milk in his kitchen.

But my imagination tells me that this is a real man having a glass of milk in my kitchen! He has just pulled his 10-inch cock out of my superior wife's pussy and he got such a workout screwing her that he was so thirsty!

My superior wife, meanwhile, is still lying naked on the bed, panting heavily and still coming down from the greatest orgasm she has ever had. So much better that what this sissy wife can do with her tongue.

This man, after he is done enjoying this glass of milk, is going back to my superior wife's bed! She is going to hold him and cuddle him and kiss him deeply! She is going to start licking his body all over and suck his cock to attention again! She begs him for Round 2 and all the while she is telling him that she cannot live without him.

Where is this sissy wife in her imagination? Lying naked in her sissy bedroom. Sobbing because of what is going on in her superior wife's bedroom. But also sobbing tears of joy because her superior wife is getting so much pleasure from such a real man.

And waiting to be called by the happy couple to lick the superior wife's pussy clean and lick and suck the superior man's cock clean. And happy to have such a wonderful life!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Taking care of the superior wife's dainty things!

A sissy wife knows all about garter belts!
About once a week I hand wash the superior wife's dainty things. Her lacy bras and panties and her garter belts and stockings. Maybe her sweaters and slacks and dresses and skirts that cannot go in the washer, but really do not need to be sent out to be dry cleaned.

So what, you might say. That's not something only a sissy wife would do. Maybe a regular husband might take on that chore too. Maybe he is just a helpful guy. Maybe!

But the difference is that a sissy wife -- and this is true with me and I am sure you too -- will be hand washing her dainty things along with the superior wife's dainty things! The other day I was washing my lacy bras and panties and my lacy garter belts and stockings while I was taking care of the superior wife's things! A regular husband won't be doing that!

I have to make sure
the superior wife does
not leave home like this!
I had dainty things hanging all over the laundry room. My dainty things mixed in with the superior wife's. Then I folded her things really nicely and put them back in the proper drawers for her. She really appreciates me taking care of her undies! But I just love to do it so much!

And if I notice a run in her stockings or pantyhose, I will head to the store as soon as I can to buy her a replacement pair. I would get scolded -- or worse! -- if my superior wife was getting dressed for the office and she put on hose with a run in them! Woe to me if she actually did not notice the run and left the house that way! So I check her hose for runs at some point during my handling of them! I do, however, know how to repair a very small run so it does not spread! I will do that to my own hose, but for the superior wife I will buy her new hose!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A great sissy maid outfit!

Now this is what I call a great maid outfit!
A sissy wife would look great doing her
chores for her superior wife or for her man
in such an ensemble! Notice how it covers
the sissy clitty! No one really wants to see
the tiny useless thing anyway!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

What if your superior wife wanted this!

If your superior wife said she wanted this, how in the world
could you ever protest! I mean, look at it! Have you ever
seen anything more beautiful! And think of what
pleasure it would give her! And the pleasure it would
give you just knowing that!

Getting that angry look from the superior wife!

I know this look!
As a sissy wife you have probably seen this look of impatience from your superior wife! I know I sure have!

This is the look I get when the superior wife is waiting to be licked to her sweet orgasms and for some silly reason or another I am making her wait! I may be even doing something for her like getting a drink ready for her for after her ecstasy! My superior wife sometimes likes a glass of wine after I lick her so I get it ready for her and place it on the nightstand.

But there really is no excuse for not being there right away to lick her! So she will find me and say something like "What the fuck is taking you so long! My pussy is aching! Get the fuck moving." By the way, my superior wife never swears except when I have pissed her off! So I know exactly when I do so! Making her wait when she demands something is certainly a time when I piss her off!

But the nice thing is that I certainly make up for making her wait and getting her all perturbed! I will lick her to two or three orgasms and give her a nice massage and of course she may have that wine that caused all the trouble in the first place. In the end, she has her orgasms and is satisfied. And that is what it is all about, is it not!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Don't knock my sissy wife wallet!

I stopped at a convenience store today to buy some bread and milk. I had my wallet -- looking very much like the one at right -- in my hand and I went to the checkout.

The lady says something like "Oh your wife gave you her wallet today." Well I was taken aback! First of all, it's none of the clerk's business. Then I was thinking, of all the things she could have said to me -- about the weather, the price of milk, etc. -- she had to make a comment about my red wallet!

I have to say that that was the first time anyone has ever said anything about my red wallet. Most people at stores do not want to offend a customer, any customer.    Even a sissy or gay customer.

But I just responded with something like "yea my wife gave me her wallet today," pretty much repeating want the clerk said.

But being a sissy wife, I need a wallet like the one above and not a male wallet like the one at left. In addition to credit cards, I have to have my gift cards  -- often for Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret! -- and since I do the shopping for the superior wife, I have to have all my store savings/bonus cards. I am always carrying coupons because I am such a thrifty sissy wife!

Does any other sissy wife who looks in her use a feminine wallet like my red one as they should? Or do they still use a drab black male wallet?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Look over the whole blog please!

Yes, if you are new here please read all the previous posts! I do not write chronologically like some bloggers. This is really not a daily diary like some bloggers intend theirs to be. I post things that have just come up or some memory that popped into my head or some dream or fantasy I have have had recently. Really know rhyme or reason to it.

So, look back over the previous posts and make a comment. I would bet if you are a member here then you have had the same feelings and experiences that I have had. So here is a chance to tell others about them! And I am sure all the members will enjoy reading your comments just as much as I would love to hear from you.