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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Don't knock my sissy wife wallet!

I stopped at a convenience store today to buy some bread and milk. I had my wallet -- looking very much like the one at right -- in my hand and I went to the checkout.

The lady says something like "Oh your wife gave you her wallet today." Well I was taken aback! First of all, it's none of the clerk's business. Then I was thinking, of all the things she could have said to me -- about the weather, the price of milk, etc. -- she had to make a comment about my red wallet!

I have to say that that was the first time anyone has ever said anything about my red wallet. Most people at stores do not want to offend a customer, any customer.    Even a sissy or gay customer.

But I just responded with something like "yea my wife gave me her wallet today," pretty much repeating want the clerk said.

But being a sissy wife, I need a wallet like the one above and not a male wallet like the one at left. In addition to credit cards, I have to have my gift cards  -- often for Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret! -- and since I do the shopping for the superior wife, I have to have all my store savings/bonus cards. I am always carrying coupons because I am such a thrifty sissy wife!

Does any other sissy wife who looks in her use a feminine wallet like my red one as they should? Or do they still use a drab black male wallet?


  1. I am with you on this.Comments only make me more proud to be the WIFE

  2. I am proud to be the wife too! The clerk should have just said something like: "Nice wallet, where did you find that?" That would have been better!

  3. Red is always better. With time you will likely say, sorry dear, it is mine.

  4. Proud owner of a small purse for loose change (skull and bones design) coupled with a leather wallet which is designed to look like a cats face i.e it has ears, eyes, a zip mouth and stitched whiskers...but sadly it is black


  5. Oh yes I forgot. I also have a matching red change purse that goes with my red wallet. I am pulling it out all the time when at vending machines at work, etc.

  6. You should have told the clerk it was your wallet and not your wifes.
    Since I am a part-time sissy as I do not have a spouse or any friends that will indulge in this side of me I will always carry my woman's billfold with me when out shopping. If anybody would say anything about the woman's billfold I will proudly tell them it is mine.

  7. Who cares, as long as the Wife is Pleased