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Monday, December 31, 2012

Imagining a wonderful life!

I saw this photo on Tumblr and I know it looks like a real man having a glass of milk in his kitchen.

But my imagination tells me that this is a real man having a glass of milk in my kitchen! He has just pulled his 10-inch cock out of my superior wife's pussy and he got such a workout screwing her that he was so thirsty!

My superior wife, meanwhile, is still lying naked on the bed, panting heavily and still coming down from the greatest orgasm she has ever had. So much better that what this sissy wife can do with her tongue.

This man, after he is done enjoying this glass of milk, is going back to my superior wife's bed! She is going to hold him and cuddle him and kiss him deeply! She is going to start licking his body all over and suck his cock to attention again! She begs him for Round 2 and all the while she is telling him that she cannot live without him.

Where is this sissy wife in her imagination? Lying naked in her sissy bedroom. Sobbing because of what is going on in her superior wife's bedroom. But also sobbing tears of joy because her superior wife is getting so much pleasure from such a real man.

And waiting to be called by the happy couple to lick the superior wife's pussy clean and lick and suck the superior man's cock clean. And happy to have such a wonderful life!


  1. Geez...I had the same thoughts, Stevie!
    Happy New Year, Hugs, Sara

  2. i have read most of your posts, and I'm wondering if your superior wife has ever had sex with another since you've been married. It seems to be appropriate and something you want...so, if it hasn't happened, i'm wondering why it hasn't.

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