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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Taking care of the superior wife's dainty things!

A sissy wife knows all about garter belts!
About once a week I hand wash the superior wife's dainty things. Her lacy bras and panties and her garter belts and stockings. Maybe her sweaters and slacks and dresses and skirts that cannot go in the washer, but really do not need to be sent out to be dry cleaned.

So what, you might say. That's not something only a sissy wife would do. Maybe a regular husband might take on that chore too. Maybe he is just a helpful guy. Maybe!

But the difference is that a sissy wife -- and this is true with me and I am sure you too -- will be hand washing her dainty things along with the superior wife's dainty things! The other day I was washing my lacy bras and panties and my lacy garter belts and stockings while I was taking care of the superior wife's things! A regular husband won't be doing that!

I have to make sure
the superior wife does
not leave home like this!
I had dainty things hanging all over the laundry room. My dainty things mixed in with the superior wife's. Then I folded her things really nicely and put them back in the proper drawers for her. She really appreciates me taking care of her undies! But I just love to do it so much!

And if I notice a run in her stockings or pantyhose, I will head to the store as soon as I can to buy her a replacement pair. I would get scolded -- or worse! -- if my superior wife was getting dressed for the office and she put on hose with a run in them! Woe to me if she actually did not notice the run and left the house that way! So I check her hose for runs at some point during my handling of them! I do, however, know how to repair a very small run so it does not spread! I will do that to my own hose, but for the superior wife I will buy her new hose!


  1. I do all of the same excet.... she likes to fold and stack my paties. She picks out what she wants me to wear.We both love panties

  2. What a wonderful telling of a joyful duty.

  3. Sigh... so nice!
    My Wife and I both wash panties... Hers get better treatment, of course.
    Sometimes she'll make comments when we fold them together... IF she wishes to join me in that task.
    Happy holidays, hon!