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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Taking care of her period!

So my wife calls me at home from her office and tells me I need to go to the drug store for her. It's her time of month!

She doesn't just sugarcoat it by saying she needs me to get some feminine products for her as a regular wife would do for a regular man. And a real man probably would be too embarrassed to do it anyway.
She knows that I know exactly what to buy for her time of month. She tells me to get over there and pick up her Kotex Gentle Glide tampons and Kotex Lightdays pantyliners. She must have been in short supply because she called me again about a half hour later -- when I was in the drug store -- to make sure I was getting her her tampons and pads!

I even went to the store with a coupon for each product! I am a very frugal wife! I always take a pile of coupons to the grocery store too!

But no way am I ever embarrassed to go to the store and pick up tampons and pads and take them to the checkout. The other day a man was checking out at the drug store. That does not even phase me. Although one time I was in Wal-Mart and a couple of teen girls were pointing and snickering at me when I was looking through the feminine products aisle!

I have been buying maxipads for myself since I was teenage sissy. Never really saw the rationale behind a sissy using a tampon. Although I have to admit that I have done it and I think it is just the idea that you are using a tampon that is the turn-on. Only a flaming sissy T-girl would put a tampon up her sissy ass, but then again that is what we are, are we not! There is also the feeling of that tampon  filling your sissy asshole, which I have to admit can be quite pleasurable.

I started using maxipads in my panties when I was a teen. The boys used to say that girls were "on the rag" and I wanted to pretend I was too because I wanted to be like the pretty girls in school!

So my wife was quite pleased that I got her "her supplies" as she calls them. She gave me a nice hug and kisses. And later in bed instead of licking her she was content for me to just hold her and caress her. Although sometimes she will have me lick her asshole when it is her time of month.

Oh I forgot to mention: Yes, my wife will have me use a maxipad during her time of month. I have a Kotex in my panties as I type this. But she is not adamant about it. She will kiddingly "make sure" that I have it in. I do it during that week anyway. And as I said, I have been using a maxipad since I was a teen sissy. Do you do the same?

Do you take care of your wife or girlfriends as far as when it is her time of month?

Monday, March 26, 2012

The art of toenail painting!

Surely, if you are a sissy wife to a woman, you are always painting her toenails like the girl at right!

We have found it is a fun time for us! One day some time ago, my wife out of the blue said she wanted me to paint her toenails. And I have become quite good at it and even giving complete manicures to toenails and fingernails. I studied up on the Internet and practiced on myself.

Most of the time, I will kneel nakie for my wife while I paint her toenails. Sometimes, we will do it like the girls above. She does not do mine much, although she did at first. However, she does make sure that I am using a color that is the same as hers.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I ended up serving a female, what about you?

I wanted to be like this ...
I hope you find the new poll to be interesting! I was just wondering this because I myself have switched who I wanted to serve from a man to a woman.

I grew up needing to be submissive period, but mostly to other guys and men. But as I wrote in a previous post, somehow -- and I don't know if this is true for all T-girls and sissies -- I did not fit into the gay lifestyle.

... but ended up being like this!
So when a dominant woman came into my life, well I thought, gee, I can still be submissive and it would definitely be an easier lifestyle even in this day and age. I think the main thing is being able to live as a submissive if you are a sissy and that is what I have. I am a sissy wife to an assertive, confident and dominant female.

Do I still think about men? Oh yes! You betcha! For sure!  I still have dreams and fantasies of being a man's wife and being submissive to him in all ways. I still think about what it would be like to take care of gorgeous man's house and cook for him and suck his cock every day and present my ass to him for his pleasure! Well, it did not work out that way.

But I do have a dominant female whose house I take care of and who I cook for and who I lick to many orgasms -- without reciprocation of course! This is not a bad lifestyle for a sissy to have. And I don't know if I would have ever found a man to serve anyway. It looked like it was not going to happen.

And heck, nowadays, many strong women in the workplace  would love to have a sissy to take care of all their needs instead of a man who has  to be out on the golf course all the time or drinking with his buddies.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Staying on the small penis subject!

This is just my opinion, but I find the idea of a sissy T-girl with a big cock to be a bit of a contradiction. What do you think?

I mean, I see pictures and videos of girls that are popularly known as "shemales" fucking not only real girls, but also guys! They do this because they have such big cocks!

I guess I just don't understand. To me, a T-girl should be a sissy, should be submissive, should always GIVE oral pleasure to men and women, and should be the one being fucked -- either with a real man's cock or a dominant woman's strap-on -- not the other way around!

To me, T-girls like Tayla here are perfect. Look at those breasts and the rest of her body and she is pretty and she is just so close to being a real girl because of her little penis or "sissy clitty."

She would make a wonderful wife for a dominant real woman! Or a man's wife too! T-girls, in my humble opinion, should aspire to be a wife, whether to a man or a woman. They should be submissive to their partner in every way.

I guess I just don't get the idea of a T-girl taking the dominant position. It just does not make sense to me. What do you think?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A sissy wife's jobs are never done!

I of course do not use a washboard!
One of the many tasks I perform with great pleasure for my wife is laundering her dainty clothing items. I bet you thought that I was going to say licking out her pussy! But I am talking about tasks now!

Anyway we have a place in the laundry room where she puts her dainty panties and bras and chemises and hose and if I see something there I know that I am to carefully hand wash the items for her and get them back to her ASAP.

This is the type of lingerie my wife wears!
My wife wears mostly silky and lacy undies -- she has the same taste as I have! Imagine that -- a sissy and a woman liking the same styles of lingerie. She will only wear cotton undies when she is working out at the gym, then of course it will be a sports bra and some sort of sports brief. Other than that her undies are lace and nylon and silk and it is my job to make sure they are taken care of and absolutely never ever ruined in anyway.

This is a big responsibility that I do not take lightly and of course it is something that a real man would not do and probably could not do properly. My wife really appreciates it, along with all the other chores that I do so she can relax. Not to mention my cooking and baking!

But anyway: do you take care of your wife's dainty things for her?

Friday, March 2, 2012

It would be great to wear matching dresses!

I saw this photo on Tumblr! It is supposed to be a brother and sister in the exact same dress!

But whether or not that is the case this photo is how it should be between a woman and her sissy wife, don't you think!

Who knows if the woman in the photo is really the sissy's sister or just a model, but doesn't the sissy look just adorable wearing the same dress as her!

People would sure know the situation if they saw this sissy dressed the same way as this real girl! But I could go for that! Wouldn't it just be super if we sissies could really do that in public as a normal way of life!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm the one who does the taxes!

This has been me over the past week!
I have been busy the past week doing the taxes for my wife. She loves that she does not have to waste her time doing them. I sort everything out and do the forms and explain to her what it all means. Luckily we are getting a refund!

I do not spend all my time pleasuring her pussy with my tongue! I do those taxes and take care of most of the other finances such as the bill paying so my wife can relax. I make the appointments to have the cars taken care of or the furnace tuned up.

Like me doing the taxes!

This is all in addition to the regular housework to make the house nice and clean for her. If you are like me you put in a full day of maintaining the home. And oh, did I mention, I also have an office job as well! I know that stay-at-home moms say how tough they have it -- and they do have it tough -- but I pretty much do what they do -- except I have not given birth -- and I also work a full-time job!

But getting back to the taxes -- what a colossal pain in the behind! I admit that I do NOT use tax software because I want to know all the tax rules and reasons behind the math. And I have never taken my taxes to a tax preparer. So I guess I am a glutton for punishment, but I'm glad I know the tax rules and laws I need to know.

And this was me afterward!
The federal taxes are done but I still have the state and local forms to do. Those are pretty much straight percentage taxes and pretty easy to do.

And the wife appreciates so much that I take care of this for her! I know she will give me some extra pussy time as my reward.