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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My wife and I would both enjoy him!

I wish that were me on the
left and my superior wife
on the right after we met
this beautiful man at
 the beach and were
about to enjoy him!

My wonderful, wonderful superior wife!

I have been cuddling a lot with my superior wife lately to help her deal with some
tough family matters and she told me just how lucky she is to have me. Nice!
OK, things have settled down here a little bit on the home front. My superior wife's father is back at home after a stay in the hospital and rehab center. He still is not doing that great and is going to chemo every week as well as a doctor visit. A visiting nurse comes to their house.

Anyway, my superior wife is still trying to deal with all this and all the extra duties placed upon her. That means I must keep up our own house even more so. She told me how lucky she was to have a "wife" like me. She said many masculine men would not be so helpful, especially with all the domestic chores that must be done.

Sure, my brother in laws are taking care of things at the inlaws' house. Keeping their cars running, moving furniture around, building a wheelchair ramp, etc. I went over one day and did the laundry and the dishes and vacuumed, got their mail at the post office. Did domestic things. Even filled the bird feeders. My mother in law, who is also dominant, told my superior wife how wonderful I was for taking care of her birds because it has been cold and snowy.

But back at home I have been giving my superior wife extra attention. More back rubs. Cooking dinner or taking her out to eat. Keeping the house tidy. And oh yes, pleasuring her beautiful pussy with my tongue. 

And what is funny is, she has been losing weight because of all her worries -- not that she really needed to! -- and that is making her even more incredibly sexy and all I want to do is get between her legs and give her glorious pleasure over and over again. And cuddle our smooth naked bodies together and hold her tight.

But I guess the bottom line in all of this is that it so fulfilled me when my superior wife praised me for being the way I am. Oh she has praised me before and even expressed it to her girlfriends. But here I am, a sissy wife, smooth and girlie. Having taken hormones for years, I have breasts. I wish I had a pussy. Always have wished that. I am so submissive. Always have been that too. In my teens and 20s, I gave many blow jobs to guys my age. That still excites me even though I have been loyal to my superior wife. Strong men with beautiful cocks really make me melt.

And there's my superior dominant wife, almost in tears, telling me how lucky she is to have me. Does not get much better than that for a sissy wife, does it? 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

There is no better way to be!

The perfect life is shown above!
I'm not sure where I found this caption, but I have to say that there is nothing truer than what is says there!

I know there was a time after college when I wanted to be with a man, but I found that maybe a sissy T-girl did not fit into the gay lifestyle. Well, I did not anyway and I ended up being submissive to women and eventually the woman who would become my superior wife!

Now, I cannot imagine it being any other way! I am girlie and submissive to a wonderful superior wife and so lucky that she loves me that way. Other sissy T-girls are not so fortunate as some of you reading this may know.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Scolded for not keeping up with my sissy wife duties!

I spent this morning doing all my regular housework, as usual, but I'm afraid I got myself into a little bit of trouble with my superior wife.

Hand-washing your superior wife's bras and other dainty
lingerie items is just one duty that a sissy wife must do!
I do the laundry, the dishes, the sweeping, the dusting, the toilet bowls -- well pretty much all of the housework -- but I got in trouble because I let my superior wife's dainty things pile up in the laundry room. I mean, they just got covered up by some other things and I did not see them. My superior wife went looking in her lingerie drawer for a particular bra and could not find it. Turned out it was still waiting to be hand-laundered.

So I got in trouble. She lectured me about what my duties were. And they are to lick her pussy whenever she wants to be pleasured. And to do all the things that make her life easier and more pleasant, whatever they may be. That's just what sissy wives do, right?

So for me not to have all of her dainty lingerie items hand-washed and put back in her lingerie drawer so they are ready to go for her, well she said I was neglecting my duties! And I got a nice scolding!

So in addition to all my other chores this morning, I hand-washed my superior wife's bra that she was looking for and her other dainty things. And of course I did this and the other chores wearing a nice matching bra and garter belt and stocking set -- all in white -- and also white heels!

Now how many women out there are lucky enough to have a sissy wife! One that will take care of ALL of her needs and lick her to ecstasy any time she wants! I know my wife, even though she scolded me for this -- really appreciates how I perform all my sissy wife duties to make her life easier and pleasurable!

Friday, August 30, 2013

A cat's purr, a woman's orgasm and babies!

We have this beautiful cat. She only likes certain people though and for some odd reason I am one of them. I guess it's because I feed her and that's a pretty good reason for her to like me!

But when I come home from work she stretches out on the floor and I play with her and rub her up and I like to put my ear to her belly and listen to her loud purr.

I was thinking the other day: What a great sound! So much contentment there! I could listen to it all day! I started thinking about the other sounds that I like so much and besides a cat's purr, this is what I came up with:


Click on the above video!
That is a sound that I take 
great pleasure in producing!

* My superior wife, especially, but any woman having an orgasm! I really really get off on hearing my superior wife in ecstasy. Me, between her soft legs, licking and kissing and sucking on her sweet beautiful pussy! I love the way she begins to coo as I lick her and how her orgasm slowly builds and builds, and she starts to breathe heavier, and then she is panting and screaming until she cannot take it anymore and has to push my face away from her pussy. And how she goes back to cooing again as she cuddles with me and tells me what a wonderful pussy licker I am!

Now, I know that I was born a submissive sissy, but I can honestly say that I do not need to have an orgasm myself when I have scenarios like I just described! I honestly don't. 

My superior wife may be the dominant one, but she is not uncaring. She will often ask me what she can do for me after I give her such pleasure. Rarely, she will suck on my little sissy clitty, and spit the little bit of fluid that quickly comes out into my mouth for me to eat. But 99 percent of the time, I will tell her that I just want to cuddle our smooth bodies together until she is ready for me to pleasure her again. And so I do and I really love that so much.

* Any sound that a baby makes! I love cooing, giggling babies and I don't even care if they are making a fuss or crying. Really! I have such a maternal instinct that I just love caring for babies and kids in general.

I may have mentioned before that as a teen sissy I was very much in demand in our neighborhood as a baby sitter. I know that that is a girl's job, but I started sitting for my oldest sister, who is seven years older than me, right after she got married a couple of years out of high school and started having kids. She told neighbors what a wonderful job I did and soon I was getting as many baby sitting jobs as the real girls!

But back to the sounds I love: a cat's purr, a woman's orgasm and any sound from a baby! If you are reading this as a sissy wife or sissy girlfriend, surely you must agree with the orgasm one!

Friday, August 23, 2013

It is a wonderful life!

Received this great response to a post so I wanted to send it to the forefront:

I am a 60 year old who at 55 went from being the man of the house, to the wife of the house. I love it and will never go back! I too was raised in a female family. My dad died when I was 13 months old, so I was surrounded by my mom, sister, grandmother, aunts and girl cousins. I grew up cooking, gardening, learned to knit and sew. I have a major in art education and a masters In interior design. I taught art at the high school level for 33 years. Once I retired, I became the wife of the household. Nancy and I have been married now for 25 years. Too bad I didn't make this decision at the beginning of our marriage.

I have written before how I had evolved into being a sissy wife, how you cannot just one day surprise your dominant wife dressed in lingerie and tell her that things suddenly are about to change for her.

This is a wonderful silly sissy wife caption,
but it does show just how wonderful the sissy
wife lifestyle is: You can bake a cake, wear nylons
and be told what to do! What a wonderful
way to live! (Oh, do I say wonderful too much!)
My story is similar to Paulena's, only my dad did not pass away; he had nothing to do with me because I was such a sissy. I spent time with my mother, sister and other female relatives doing womanly things. And yes, for a time period, that also included taking care of guys by giving them oral pleasure!

But I was destined to meet a dominant woman who took me in as a I was. The fact that she was dominant was clear from the start, but my role as a sissy wife has definitely evolved in the years of our marriage.

For example, one by one the household chores became mine. I was not an automatic slave. My superior wife loves to cook and bake, so she does most of that or we share. But I do anything to take care of my superior wife and to make her life easier.

Also, through the years my orgasms have evaporated as we discovered how much she loves me giving her oral pleasure. So we concentrate on that and not me. It is also a fact that when a sissy takes female hormones, what used to be considered a cock becomes a clitty and the sissy's tongue becomes her prime sex organ.

There are other things, but the point is, again, that a sissy wife relationship has to evolve. For Paulena, it seems as if it had taken a while, but I bet the last five years have been some of the best of her and her wife's life! Hope to hear more from her!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I dreamed of being girlie; wife dreamed of being in charge!

When I was in grade school, I
dreamed of being a cheerleader
just like this pretty girl!
My superior wife and I were out for a road trip last weekend and we drove through my little home town. I mentioned that my friend's dad drove the firetruck at the fire station we passed.

I said how we got to hang around the fire station and drink pop and sit in the truck when we were in grade school. She asked what I wanted at that time to be when I grew up? A fireman? A policeman? A soldier?

Then she laughed and said, "A princess?" There was a long pause as we drove along. And then I laughed and said, "No, not really. I wanted to be a cheerleader."

She laughed some more and said, "I should have known!"

I continued, "No, really. I would go to the high school football and basketball games. I would sit with the girls and the other sissies up close to the cheerleaders and repeat their cheers. I wanted to be like them so much! They were pretty and got to wear those short skirts. They were the center of attention and after the game the football players and the other hunky boys would give them attention. I tried to never miss a game because I wanted to see them. And that's what I dreamed about being."

So, I wanted to be a cheerleader and my superior wife said that at that age she wanted to be a school teacher. She liked how they were the center of attention in the classroom and how they got to be in charge without question!"

So we pretty much turned out how we dreamed in grade school. My superior wife still loves to be in charge of things and I still love to be a sissy girl!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Why I would want my superior wife to be with real men!

My superior wife spent a lot of time in this position during her "wild child" college years, or so she tells me!

My superior wife has never hesitated to talk about the men she has had inside of her! 

She tells me how she was a "wild child" in her college years and even started giving a lot of BJs in her high school years! Wait! I always tell her, that sounds like me too! And we always have a good laugh and start to compare some of the guys we've been with!

Psychologists try to figure out why someone would want to be a cuckold. I would tell them this:

Knowing my superior wife's past of being fucked by many guys and her love of sucking the cocks of many guys, I often feel guilty that I may be keeping her from that. Well, I am not really keeping her from doing it; she is free to do what she wants. Even though I suspect that she may doing things here and there on her trips out of town, my superior wife has settled into a loyal and loving relationship with me.

I have stated early on how my wife before I met her was in an abusive relationship with a man. The guy wanted to control every aspect of her life, including what job she took and where she lived. Actually, that was her partner just before me. She swore to never be in such a situation again. She loves being with a submissive partner -- that's me! Someone who takes care of her needs without any hesitation. -- that me again!

But, and this is a big BUT: I still have feelings for men and sometimes really miss the days when I was a cocksucker. Good thing I was always submissive to gals as well. I am sure she also misses those days. I could never keep her from doing that is she so desired. I, as a cuckold, would be loyal and denied from also doing that. Unless it was to serve her man, of course.

I think about this a lot. It's one of my greatest fantasies! I am pretty sure she does play around on her business trips, but again, I do not really know how much. I say, good for her!

What are your feelings about your superior wife playing around? Does she ever tell you about the guys she's been with like my wife does? Or maybe you really are a cuckold and how do you feel about that?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This would be how I would renew my vows!

I want to wear this gown
at my renewal of sissy wife vows!
 I just adore this short gown! If my superior wife ever wanted to renew our wedding vows I would want to be wearing something like this!

Obviously, I would wear this to show everyone my status as a sissy wife! I don't know if my superior wife would want to wear something similar, something longer, or maybe even something more masculine like a tuxedo. She might want to wear a nice pantsuit maybe.

But I believe there is only one choice for a sissy wife to wear at her wedding and that would be something like this! 

Wait, maybe some sissy wives would be ordered to stand there in just white wedding lingerie! That would be pretty great too!

Now, I am assuming that such a renewal of vows would include guests who already know of our lifestyle of me being a sissy wife. Included in the guests would be other dominant women and sissy wives.

So, the sissy wive, as a sign of devotion and submission to the dominant wife, should really be dressed as feminine and as possible. But I saw this and this is how I would want to be! How would you want your renewal of sissy wife vows to be?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Need your sissy wife lifestyle responses!

Spanking my sissy behind
is something that gives my
superior wife enjoyment!
I was wondering today how other sissy wife couples do things in certain areas? If you could respond to each area like I am going to do, that would be super!

SEX: It is completely, absolutely controlled by my superior wife, strictly for her pleasure. Since I do have such a little sissy clitty, it is pretty much ignored. I am not saying 100 percent because maybe four times a year she might give me oral pleasure and I have to swallow the little load that comes out, of course. I do not ever penetrate her because it is a waste of time, but we occasionally use dildos and vibrators for her pleasure.

CUNNILINGUS: The main thing is me giving her oral pleasure, as much as she wants it and when she wants it. I absolutely love doing it but  I am so envious because I wish I could be her with the pussy and all and receiving such pleasure. I love when she moans and screams in ecstasy and do not mind at all being denied.

ANALINGUS: I love kissing and licking and tonguing her asshole. But it is not so much the act of doing it, but the fact that the act is occurring at all. I mean, it takes a lot of devotion to make oral love to another person's asshole. My superior wife loves that she has the power over me. Oh, she does say it feels good.

STRAP-ONS: We have never used one! My wife figures, what pleasure is in it for her, except maybe the idea that she is taking me from behind in her dominant role. But she would rather be on the receiving end of my tongue.

DRESSING: My superior wife prefers several ways for me to be around the house, but that fluctuates between being naked, in just panties, in various lingerie, in a camisole or in a short dress. Outside the house, I am to wear girlie items even if they are just jeans and shorts and tops. Pretty much what she wears. But as longtime T-girl, this is the preferable way for me to dress anyway.

B & D: My superior wife does like to spank me, paddle me and crop me on the sissy behind. Sometimes, but not all the time, she will tie me up but mostly I am just expected to lie still and take it. She has expressed to me that she wants to crop my little sissy clitty, but it has been more of a threat because she has yet to do it. She does like to twist and bite my nipples until they are really sore and she has me screaming. She has also said to me that she would like to  try using a bull whip on me just because she said it looks like it would be fun trying to learn how to use it. She has not done that either, but mentions it a lot.

CUCKOLDING: She has not introduced it yet. And I feel it is not my position to do so. But, as I have written before, she does socialize with men,, has gone out dancing with men, has gone on business trips with men and has also socialized with men she has met on those trips. We do not talk about what she does when she meets up with these men, but I would have think there have been things going on. I feel, as a sissy wife, it is not my position to ask her about it or even disapprove of it -- and frankly, I do not disapprove. I am afraid that even if I did disapprove, she might give me the boot.

So, I am thinking if would be really cool if sissy wives could address those areas for the benefit and reading enjoyment of the other sissy wives who look in here!

Friday, June 7, 2013

When the sissy wife is the entertainment!

My superior wife loves to relax on the couch watching television after a stressful day at her office being a supervisor.

A lot of times after I have prepared and served her a nice dinner she will put on just a robe and head to the couch. When the robe comes off that is my signal to get between her legs and get to work pleasuring her sweet pussy! I would spend all of my time between her legs anyway, but I give her her space until she wants it. Lucky for me, that is a lot! 

And lucky for us we have that DVR, because when I am pleasuring her pussy she certainly cannot concentrate on her TV show and has to run it back to where it was before I started licking her! So I give her a glorious orgasm and we cuddle up so she can watch the rest of her show.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Why don't you see sissy wives-to-be?

Why don't you see couples like
this when a state approves
same-sex marriage? Oh, that's the
beautiful Vaniity!
I was wondering something: When you see on the news a happy crowd of gays or lesbians when a state approves same-sex marriage, have you ever seen a couple consisting of a man and T-girl? I was thinking about it and I have not.

You see the two men. You see the two women. But I have never seen a man with his T-girl wife-to-be! His soon to be sissy wife! It could be the crowd is so big I just have not seen such a couple. But you would think that the news networks would end up finding one and showing them.

Now, of course, if a woman marries a sissy T-girl, that technically is not a same-sex marriage. Even if the T-girl is wearing a wedding gown, that still does not make it a same-sex marriage. And you don't see too many pictures from weddings such as those either, do you?

Actually, I have seen a man and his obvious sissy wife in public only a few times. Much more common is seeing a woman and her sissy wife! I know because we are such a couple and I have been out in public with my superior wife. And it is so obvious that I am indeed a sissy wife! 

I can spot sissy wives like me out there! I guess it's like "gaydar." Of course, when a sissy wife is wearing shorter shorts than the woman she is with, well, that's easy to spot!

But getting back to the original point: I searched photos of "same-sex wedding" and have yet to find a photo of a man and T-girl. I will keep looking!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Replacement for useless little sissy clitty!

Besides my tongue, of course, my
superior wife enjoys when I give her
orgasms like this! I be sure to keep
my nails ultra short so when I finger
her I do not hurt her precious pussy!
Since my little sissy clitty does not
get hard any more anyway, it is not
even thought of when my wife is
receiving her pleasure! So we are
like two girls! Which I love so much!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Doing my housework in thigh highs!

These are nice items to
wear when a sissy does
her housework!
My superior wife expects me to be in various states of undress or in various female clothing when around the house. 

And this is true depending on what company we have as well. If it is one of her close friends, for example, someone who knows what is going on with us, she will have me wear just panties or a mini-dress. If she does not want the company to know about us, then I will wear normal drab attire. 

But back to when we are alone! I have found that something that I enjoy wearing around the house when I am doing chores for my superior wife are those thigh-high stockings with the elastic top. And a pair of heels. Most of the time I will wear panties or a thong because my wife does not particularly want to see my little sissy clitty. Sometimes I will wear a bra.

My superior wife
loves to smack
my sissy behind
when I am doing
my houswork!
My wife likes me working in lingerie because when I come by she can smack me on the behind! She gets great enjoyment from that!

Now, I also do my housework in just panties or a thong. Sometimes in a chemise. Sometimes in a short dress. But the thigh highs are a favorite. I think I like them more than stockings with a garter belt because I find they fit me better. The sheer stockings do not seem to long enough.

What do you wear when you are doing housework for your superior wife!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A sissy wife's problem: Whose panties are they?

A sissy wife's problem: 
Whose panties are these?
I spent yesterday doing my regular chores but also washing my superior wife's dainty things. And well, my dainty things as well!

I guess I let her dainties pile up because she went to look for something in her dresser drawer and it was not there and I got scolded for not keeping up with the hand washing!

So I headed right down to the laundry room to get her dainties hand washed right away!

But what was funny was there was a pair of lacy panties that did not have a tag on them nor a size printed on them. Being a silly sissy, I did not know if they were my wife's or mine!

Simple solution though: I just tried them on and though they almost fit me, I had to figure they were my wife's.

While I am doing this I had to laugh to myself! And I was thinking, how many real men come across the problem where they do not know if a pair of panties that were laundered belong to their wife or are theirs! Not many, I would imagine! And I bet not many even do the laundry, let alone hand wash the dainty things!

But I have never really been a real male! I have just had that detested extra body part! And I have been into panties since I was about 12 or so. Wearing them myself, now taking care of my superior wife's! So I know a lot about panties! And other lingerie!

I have a least one other panties story that popped into my head, but hopefully you may have one you might want to tell us about!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Forced sex reassignment stories?

Anyone know of any story sites that have stories about a dominant wife requiring the sissy wife to undergo sex reassignment surgery?

Maybe because she has taken a lover who is a real man?

A man with a huge thick cock that brings her to ecstasy over and over and over and over.

That's compared to your little sissy clitty that is more like a peanut!

And after the surgery, the sissy wife in the stories is forced to serve the happy couple?

I find such a story idea quite exciting!

Hopefully there are some stories out there on such an exciting topic!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dressing for my sissy wife duties!

This is often me sitting at our kitchen
table, having a cup of coffee and
maybe writing out some bills or checking
the "honey do" list that my superior
wife has left for me.

Sometimes my wife will take some
time off from her busy schedule and
and come home and take me in
her arms and hold me and tell
me what a wonderful sissy wife
I am for her! We'll spend the
afternoon with me between
her legs giving her a nice long lick!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The controlled life of a sissy wife!

I try to avoid scoldings, so I do
what I am told!
It just sort of occurred to me today that I really do not have much control over my life, if any control at all. Now, do not get me wrong -- I am not complaining!

But for instance, my office has me for 40 hours a week. I am just a worker, so I have to take orders from the supervisors. I just do what I am told, but I am good at doing that.

At home, my superior wife controls just about everything. She makes plans for both of us. I simply do not make any plans for me. On the rare occasion that I do want to, I certainly check with her first and she will either OK my plan or veto it. But mostly, I just do not make any plans for me. I just go with what she wants.

My superior wife makes a list of things that I am supposed to do each day: such as my household chores and running errands and taking care of the bills. She plans our meals so I must get to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for her and most of the time I cook the meal so she can relax. I also perform all of the cleanup duties around the kitchen.

I just do things automatically for my superior wife, such as making sure she has her clothes cleaned and pressed; making sure the house is in order for her; her appointments are noted and checked. Well just all the things that have to be done to make her life easier. 

Of course, there is all that time spent between her legs licking and sucking her to glorious orgasms and sucking on her tits and licking her asshole and giving her massages!

And that really leaves little time for me to think of me. But then again, being a sissy wife is the thing that gives me the most pleasure! So that is why I say I cannot complain about not having control over my life. Deep down I appreciate the structure that my superior wife gives me.

Is this making any sense? Anyone else living like this?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

I want this so badly!

The thought a man like this sucking on my
superior wife's tits while his throbbing cock
is deep insider her pussy is just
so overwhelming! I want this so badly!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Do not cry over this, sissies!

Sissies should not cry if their
superior wives crave this! After all,
a woman cannot do this on a
pathetic 1-inch sissy clitty!

Friday, March 15, 2013

What would you do?

What would you do if you walked in on your superior wife -- who said she was  going to be out shopping with her mother -- and you found her in this position?

Look at the expression on her face! It's sheer joy. It's naughty. It's devious. She loves having that big black cock up her ass! It's already been in her mouth and in her sweet pussy. She certainly is not going to run and hide as you look into her bedroom.

But the thing that really caught my eye in this photo is the look on her lover's face! She did not tell him about the sissy pansy wife. The one standing there in her short shorts with her shaved legs and little titties showing through her tank top. He says who the fuck are you? Get the fuck out of here! What do you do?

I say get the fuck out of there! That man could looks like he could really hurt me! He looks mean! And my superior wife likes the way he is! Sometimes she craves a real man after being around a sissy girl so much who is only good for licking her to orgasms.

I would shut that door, but I would listen as that beautiful man pounds my superior wife's asshole. Listen as she screams in ecstasy. Listen as he groans loudly when he pumps his load into her ass.

I would strain to hear them make small talk as he takes my superior wife in his strong arms and holds her after their hours of love-making. Listen as she grinds her beautiful body against his his. Listen as the talk becomes about me and she tells him that I am just her sissy wife and to please not hurt me. Listen as they make plans to meet again and again.

I do my housework as they continue to cuddle and kiss and when her man must leave he scowls at me on his way out, making me feel more so than ever like the weak effeminate sissy that I am.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ha ha! Be careful what you ask for!

A duty a sissy should perform for the dominant wife!

I have just always felt that drinking your superior wife's or your man's pee was something that you did for them to show your submission to them. Licking their asshole would be another thing. I don't know if they get much pleasure from getting their asshole licked, but the idea that they have a sissy girl doing that for them has to give them a power surge, I am sure!

So it was many years ago now that after I licked my superior wife to a couple of orgasms she naturally said she had to pee. I stopped her from getting out of our bed and I said something like, "Don't go, I'll take care of it for you."

Of course, she said, "What? What do you mean?"

I said, "Give me your pee."

She said, "If that's what you want ..... " and she proceeded to move her pussy up to my face and she peed in my mouth and I managed to drink it all down except for a couple of spurts where she missed my mouth!

I have to say that the actual drinking of the pee was not the greatest thing, but the fact that I did it certainly was! And I remember the next day after the first time how my superior wife was so much more dominant in our relationship and how I was so much more beneath her. I had, after all, just drank her piss!

So, moving on, my wife said she did not need to have me drink her pee every time. That that would be a bit much. And of course she was right. But through the years she has quite often had me drink her pee. Often, after I lick her to incredible orgasms, she will do it because she is so turned on. Sometimes, she will just say she is too tired to head to the bathroom and that I should take care of her. And other times, I have been so turned on that I ask to drink her pee and she gives it to me as a reward for giving her several great orgasms with the same mouth!

So does anyone else drink pee from their superior wife?

Pleasuring wife makes tough day worthwhile!

I've been just sweeping away
like Jonelle Brooks all day today!
I've spent ALL DAY today cleaning the house for the superior wife! I don't mind that at all, but I also spent a lot of time doing our taxes. Local, state and federal. And the local is separate returns. The federal is complicated as you know and I could not even finish because I need some other form.

My mind is fried and I cannot wait until the superior wife gets home from her office so we can have some dinner and some wine and I will take my place in front of her sweet pussy and lick and suck her to some wondrous orgasms and then just have her hold me because I've had such a tough day!

I have to confess that I look for sympathy so she will hold me and caress me like a weak little girl after I pleasure her! All the while I am telling my superior wife what I tough and busy day I've had!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I just love doing housework!

Love to have dinner ready!
Like most sissies, I can sew! I have made only a few things from scratch and mostly with the help of my mother when I was a young sissy. But I can definitely repair hems and sew on buttons and things like that!

Sissy wives can sew, of course!
Because I had a day off I found myself trying to catch up on my domestic duties! As I sat there sewing in my short skirt and sweater the feeling came over me that I really do love housework! In addition to the sewing, I took care of the bills, ran and emptied the dishwasher, ran the washer and dryer, folded laundry, cleaned the toilets, made the bed, vacuumed, took care of the cat's needs and the kitty area, make a quick shopping trip, went to the liquor store to buy some of the superior wife's favorite wine.

Oh, I also cooked dinner because my wife has an even appointment. So she will stop home just long enough to eat and I will warm things up. I also baked some cookies! (Mostly for me as my superior wife really does not like to eat too many things like that!)

I love even housework like this!
While she is at her meeting, I will shower and shave smooth for her. The wine that I purchased will be ready for her when she comes home again. And I will be ready too! We'll have some wine and I will lick her to a couple of orgasms!

But getting back to the housework, I love doing it! I have such a wonderful life! I am so lucky to live my life as a sissy wife! It is such a small sacrifice for my superior wife to keep me as her sissy wife!

So how do you feel about doing housework? Like hit? Hate it? Put up with it?
And of course my No. 1 duty around the house! And my favorite of all!

Monday, February 4, 2013

I owe my superior wife everything!

I owe my superior wife this kind of pleasure!
I would like to explain why I would be happy if my superior wife wanted to be with real men -- or if she already is doing it:

You see, I have always been a sissy as I have said earlier. I have always been attracted to men. But I also found that I was submissive to women.

Still, there was a point after college when I knew that wanted to be with men very badly. I had two flings with men who liked the fact that I was sissy T-girl. They like getting blow jobs! But they were just flings. One man was married. The other fling ended with I changed jobs and moved.

So  I ended up in a big city and started going to gay bars. I found that the great majority of men at gay bars were looking for manly men, just like I was. They were not looking for sissies. There were no more flings.

I thought was I going to end up alone, I really did. Then this woman took an interest in me, She had just come out of an abusive relationship and had pretty much had her fill of macho men. She herself was a confident, assertive woman, and did not want to be dominated by such men.

We started talking and spending time together, then going out. She liked how I treated her -- actually how I submitted to her! It was a chance for her to dominate and she loved that. So I ended up as her sissy wife, as you know if you have read previous posts!

The point is: I owe her everything! I was so fearful of ending up alone, like I said. I have no problem submitting to my superior wife and obeying her and just giving myself to her. I have always agreed to anything, just to keep her from leaving me.

So, the point is, if my superior wife has ever or wants to ever be pleasured by a real man -- to be driven to ecstasy by a real man's big cock -- I totally submit to that desire. If she has already done it on her business trips, well, we do not even talk about it because she knows that it is fine with me.

If she wants me to do all the housework -- which I do -- that is fine with me. I want to pleasure her in any way possible. I will gladly lick her over and over and over, as much as she wants, without thinking of any reciprocation on her part.

So that is how much I owe my superior wife! She pretty much "took me in" when I was shunned by the gay men. She gave me the opportunity to live the life of a submissive sissy. Do I still think about men? Of course, I do! But I can fantasize all I want! I am happy being a sissy wife!

Monday, January 14, 2013

The situation with our superior wives?

Not sure if this is happening,
but could never blame her. Could you?
"Gary" posted this comment based on a previous post:

"I have read most of your posts, and I'm wondering if your superior wife has ever had sex with another since you've been married. It seems to be appropriate and something you want. So if it hasn't happened, I'm wondering why it hasn't."

Well, the answer is complicated and I will tell you why. Do I really want that? No, not really. Would I blame my superior wife if she wanted that? No, not really as well.

Has it happened? I'm not really sure. My superior wife is a businesswoman. She often goes on trips for days at a time. She likes to go to hotel bars for a glass of wine. She likes to talk to men. She likes the company of men. I'm not that silly that I can't put 2 and 2 together.

Would she have the desire to be taken by a real man and taken to ecstasy by a real man with a big cock as opposed to no penetration with her sissy wife? I could never blame her if she did! (And yes, I do have cuckold fantasies!)

Seriously, I consider myself so fortunate that somehow I ended up being her sissy wife. Things do not work out quite so well for most sissies, T-girls and cross-dressers -- whatever you might be. I would just accept it if she wanted to be with a real man.

My wife for some time now has also gone out dancing a few times a month with several real men. Simply put, I cannot dance and I have no desire to dance. So she goes out to clubs with these men and seems quite happy about it. I have never had a problem with it.

The bottom line is: Yes, I think she has been fucked by real men. She has had too many ample opportunities for it not to happen. Call it my own woman's intuition!  I can just tell. Do I think she has been doing it really really a lot. No. My superior wife is actually very loyal to me. She always says how much she loves me. And how wonderful I am. And how good I am to her. wBut she is only human.

How do I feel about it? As someone who had been with males before I met her and still fantasizes about men, I am excited for her when she has opportunities to dance with or drink with or do even more with real men.

Am I worried about anything? Well, hopefully she is using a condom. I am not really afraid of losing her, but then again, I am. But that sort of thing can happen to any couple.

I told you it was complicated!

So what about your situation?