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Monday, January 14, 2013

The situation with our superior wives?

Not sure if this is happening,
but could never blame her. Could you?
"Gary" posted this comment based on a previous post:

"I have read most of your posts, and I'm wondering if your superior wife has ever had sex with another since you've been married. It seems to be appropriate and something you want. So if it hasn't happened, I'm wondering why it hasn't."

Well, the answer is complicated and I will tell you why. Do I really want that? No, not really. Would I blame my superior wife if she wanted that? No, not really as well.

Has it happened? I'm not really sure. My superior wife is a businesswoman. She often goes on trips for days at a time. She likes to go to hotel bars for a glass of wine. She likes to talk to men. She likes the company of men. I'm not that silly that I can't put 2 and 2 together.

Would she have the desire to be taken by a real man and taken to ecstasy by a real man with a big cock as opposed to no penetration with her sissy wife? I could never blame her if she did! (And yes, I do have cuckold fantasies!)

Seriously, I consider myself so fortunate that somehow I ended up being her sissy wife. Things do not work out quite so well for most sissies, T-girls and cross-dressers -- whatever you might be. I would just accept it if she wanted to be with a real man.

My wife for some time now has also gone out dancing a few times a month with several real men. Simply put, I cannot dance and I have no desire to dance. So she goes out to clubs with these men and seems quite happy about it. I have never had a problem with it.

The bottom line is: Yes, I think she has been fucked by real men. She has had too many ample opportunities for it not to happen. Call it my own woman's intuition!  I can just tell. Do I think she has been doing it really really a lot. No. My superior wife is actually very loyal to me. She always says how much she loves me. And how wonderful I am. And how good I am to her. wBut she is only human.

How do I feel about it? As someone who had been with males before I met her and still fantasizes about men, I am excited for her when she has opportunities to dance with or drink with or do even more with real men.

Am I worried about anything? Well, hopefully she is using a condom. I am not really afraid of losing her, but then again, I am. But that sort of thing can happen to any couple.

I told you it was complicated!

So what about your situation?


  1. Hmmm. I understand what you are saying. As a sissy you are, indeed, fortunate to have a wife who loves you, regardless. But what Inwonder is whether you may have, ah, you know, ever tasted her after, she's, ah, been out dancing?

  2. I am probably like the secret majority!! My wife has no idea that I wear panties and consider myself a sissy or that I have cuckold fantasies. She thinks that I am a dominant alpha male and she would be shocked and horrified to learn otherwise. 30 Years I have kept the secret and I guess it might be another 30 more but, ouch, it is so frustrating!!

  3. This marriage is only six years old. We both married before. We both experienced other men. Whar we have togther is beyond most understanding and probably unbelievable to the rest.All the secrets are on the table so they are not secrets. Every facet of our relationship is well ralked out and and we have become fanatics about fidelity. We only share our mind hearts and bodies with each other.
    Thanks again Stevie

  4. I found your post very interesting because of what was absent - which is have you ever asked her if she's been with another guy? Would she tell you if she had?

    Much like you, my wife has ample opportunity to stray and I would never know. I'm at work from 7-7, and she works from home and looks after the kids, who are all in school for long periods of time. In other words, she can go wherever she wants, or have people at the house and no one would ever know.

    She has repeatedly stated that she has no desire for sleeping around and denies ever straying, but I've asked the question before. Not in a accusatory way.

    I do totally understand your complicated feelings though.

  5. My superior wife has never told me specifically that she has been fucked by a real man since we've been married. But I know she goes out dancing with a couple of men, one that I have known for some time. She also tells me about interesting men she meets in her business travels.

    The thing is, it's don't ask don't tell. She is free to do what she wants. I have always been so happy that she chose me to be her submissive wife. And I have also had that fear that she may change her mind and jettison me. So I do not ask.

    I am just a lowly submissive sissy wife. Just today she told me to remember that she owns me. And I am happy for that! Does anyone understand what I am talking about?

  6. I think the sissies married sooner or later understand that marriage is led by his wife. So we sissies, we should never bother to wife with what she doesn't want to answer.
    I am Sissy and my wife is a women with needs that I can't satisfy, so it is natural that she have sex with another man. Only have a right to know if she want me to count.

  7. Well said, Claudia! Like I have said, I am so fortunate that my superior wife wanted me! She had her crazy reasons! So, I do what she says and she does what she wants. I am happy with that 200 percent!